'Two Hearts' on Night Four

29 Sep 2015

'I can't stop to dance
Honey, this is my last chance
I said, can't stop to dance
Maybe this is my last chance...'

All the way from 1983, Two Hearts Beat As One was the set list surprise tonight, only the fourth time in thirty years. 

And special mention for film director, photographer and longtime band friend Wim Wenders who was in the house tonight celebrating his birthday, with Bono leading the audience in Happy Birthday. 

'In Dublin, where we grew up, sometimes birthdays can go on for a very long time.. like if someone's really... something.. it can go on on for a really, really long time… and tonight is actually the official end of the great Wim Wenders 70th birthday party.. and he's here with us tonight and for Wim Wenders we would like you to sing… Happy Birthday…. what a gift dear friends to this country… great visionary… great man... it is indeed a beautiful day... gift to the world.'

It was always going to be a great night, this last one in Berlin. 
'You have made us feel very special, explained Bono after I Will Follow. 'Thank you very much. Maybe you treat all your rock and roll bands like this… its ok... if it's a Summer romance.. just let us know.. but we've kind of fallen in love sort of thing.. we want to take the relationship to the next level.. we are kind of at the moving-in phase… we may not want to move-out phase.. We are liking Berlin a little too-much kind of phase.. but if we are gonna get married then you probably know some stuff about us, where we came from, how we started out... so where gonna take you to where we come from, to our home town… to Dublin, to the North side of the city… to the streets where we grew up.'

Amra, from Sarajevo - also known as @U2_ultraviolet - was volunteering with the ONE campaign at the show yesterday. Tonight she was up on stage for Mysterious Ways, dancing with the band. What a journey. Amra's first ever U2 gig was when the band played Sarajevo in 1997. During the 360 tour she met @harrykantas, another hardcore fan and now her husband. They've been all over this tour…

'I don't even know how this song ends.' said Bono, introducing Every Breaking Wave. 'It's not finished yet.' It's already pretty good, according to @VictoriaDailyU2: 'Excellent performance of Every Breaking Wave tonight Bono. Beautiful as always, no matter how you sing it.'

And we can't not mention that a great show closed with Bad going into '40' - most people seem to think that is the finest ending to any U2 show ever.

'Something big was coming for Berlin closing night. I knew it. And yet, i wasn't ready. Tears of joy. Only @U2. Thank you. Always' @madfl3a

'Two Hearts, Bad, 40 and Amra on stage. What a night Berlin! What a night!' @SilRigote

'Well Berlin, you were blessed. 4 incredible shows, and great song rotation! How loong, to sing this sooong? #40 SING IT!' @MariangelaVcc

'Bad into 40 is an incredible way to close a show.' @trojanchick99

 'How long to sing this song..'

Were you in Berlin for the final show tonight? Tell us your highlights and post your photos here.


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