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'In luck or in song, you just have to be right one more time than you're wrong…'

The band have released a banging new track, 'Atomic City' just hours before opening night of their U2:UV shows at Sphere in Las Vegas. 

Listen here

Produced by long-time U2 collaborators and friends Jacknife Lee and Steve Lillywhite, the band recorded 'Atomic City' at Sound City in Los Angeles. The single comes ahead of the band's run of Las Vegas dates between now and December 16 — a celebration of their seminal 1991 album Achtung Baby in the massive, state-of-the-art multimedia Sphere.

Atomic City is a three-and-a-half-minute homage to the magnetic spirit of the 1970s post-punk era with a nod to Blondie, whose pioneering work with Giorgio Moroder inspired and influenced the band. 

"It's a love song to our audience," Bono says, adding “'where you are is where I'll be'.”

While Las Vegas is perhaps better known by its unofficial nickname 'Sin City,' in the 1950s it was known by another moniker: 'Atomic City'. At a time when nuclear fascination swept the nation, the city promoted itself as a centre of atomic tourism due to its proximity to the Nevada Test Site. The infamous mushroom clouds could be seen in the distance from the Vegas strip.

Ben Kutchins directed the 'Atomic City' video, with creative direction by Tarik Mikou of Moment Factory Music, which captures U2's late-night surprise performance of the track on Fremont Street just last week in downtown Las Vegas' historic section (including 'Glitter Gulch') and is the same location where Bono,  Edge, Adam  and Larry. filmed that unforgettable video for 'I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For' more than 36 years ago.

When the band kick off 'U2:UV Achtung Baby Live At Sphere' tonight, they'll be launching the world's brand new most state-of-the-art venue. The shows celebrates 1991's Achtung Baby, and its industry-defining ZOO TV Tour, which established their reputation for consistently pushing the boundaries of live performance, with stage shows that embrace the latest in technology and innovation.

Tonight, they'll do it again inside the 580,000 square-foot, 366-foot-tall, Sphere surrounded by 1.2 million LED screens and 17,000 fans... ready for what's next! 

'I'm front row in Las Vegas…And there's a big one on tonight.'

'Atomic City' is available as a digital single in Standard audio, HD audio, and also in Spatial/Atmos; and as a Limited Edition 7-inch Vinyl and Limited Edition CD single.

Listen to U2's New Song 'Atomic City'

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Explosive Night 1
Thanks for writing a love song to your fans, hearing that song drop before getting on the plane for the two opening shows in Vegas was heartwarming. It takes a lot of time, effort and money for many fans to get to an event like this, let alone floor seats on opening night. Fan for 38 years.. that song will always be "a celebration".
Absolutely love this song!! It sounds incredible and fiery. Perhaps my favourite U2 single since Vertigo! Well done, boys! WOW! What a sound!
Another Great Song
It is always great to hear new music and can't wait to see them in The Sphere in 10 days!
Front row in Las Vegas
So the lyrics say "I'm front row in Las Vegas, and there's a big one on tonight" We were literally front row on opening night (still floating from the experience) ..and there definitely was a "big one" on.... a big EPIC show!!! Thank you for this love song to your audience! ❤️Atomic City❤️
Kaboum - thumbs up!
"And if your dreams don't scare you, they're not big enough" What a quote, what a song, what a band, what a show! It was worth the waiting... Thank you U2! CU in Vegas. :)
From Portugal. Thank you very much for t
I love Atomic song. I can't be in Las Vegas. Hoping fora new album in the same direction of Atomic City.Savage r&roll.
Atomic City
Meeeeega. Congrats.
History being made
Sprendle Spruct! A new saying for a moment in history.
Love it!
Goodluck with the shows, i’m a fan for over 40 years now. I wised to see it live. What a special place to performance. Special to Bram,: veel succes!! Greetings from the Netherlands
Cedarwood road
I grew up right next to Bono and can’t wait to see U2 at the Sphere tomorrow. I’m so proud of them all.
U2 new single
Sounds brilliant just wondering if they are going to Tour the uk anytime it’s been a long time seem to be the us all the time what about the other long awaiting fans would be great another Tour
Atomic City
Great sound, riffs, heavy Bass, Larry punishing that snare. Just fn raw. Luv it. Keep it going Lads. CU in Vegas! Larry, heal Bro. ✌
Sounds fresh
Song is great, gives us what could be an interesting direction the band are going to take. It sounds fresh
New song
Love it, hope to here it live tonight at the sphere
Atomic Energy!
Woke up to the sound of this great new tune! The Edge’s solo- Wow! So happy to get a taste of what’s to come! Can’t wait for the concert!! Well done lads!
Awesome song!
Great rock 'n' roll song! As always, U2 is giving us amazing songs, you’re the best!!! Thanks for your music!! Love U2!!!
Love it - can’t wait to see ye in Vegas and hear it live.
Great new song!
Great new song, with a clever video, not only celebrating the band's concert "residency" in Las Vegas, but alluding to their earlier video performance on The Strip so many years ago. I also like the way Bono sneaks in a quotation from his autobiography (p.448) in the lyrics: "If your dreams don't scare you, they are not big enough," a line he learned from Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, who became the first female president in Africa. Bold, and very smart!
This is not a rehearsal
The Edge is right about U2's music. On my third listen I heard it. Good tune. Will be on rotation all day. Thank you for the new song. See y'all in Nov!
Viva Las Vegas!
Keep it going boys!
Jonathan De Souza
So many speakers
There are no speaker stacks at the sphere because the entire building IS a speaker. As U2 prepare to open the Sphere, here's a picture from the music museum in Paris. An early sphere prototype perhaps.
Well dance music it is! Wow!!
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