'U2 Take On The World'

23 Oct 201411
The band are on the cover of the latest edition of Rolling Stone - on newstands now.

Here's some highlights from an enthralling feature by Brian Hiatt.

'Making this album, we went back and listened to all the music that had brought us into ourselves, then we said, 'Now let's misremember it'.

'I was feeling really good at the beginning. Shit, this is going to really work. We're going to fly through this stuff. Boy, oh boy, was I wrong!'

'We love taking risks and working with new collaborators because that's how you carve out the next chapter in the story.'

'They exhaust you. You're wrestling four guys coming in rotation and then all together at the same time... it's unbelievable how they work.'
Jimmy Iovine

'Even after years of working on stuff, the guys won't stop trying to make a song better all the way up to the end, and I admire that.'
Brian 'Danger Mouse' Burton

'These digital, online companies cross borders. They have infinitely more power than any traditional corporation. From our point of view we got our record out to as many people as possible...'

'In a great song you can be as naked as a streaker singing acapella. I'm embarassed next to someone like Carole King, unless I can come up with something that's as raw as some of her great songs. So that was it. Songwriting school!'

'We're hoping Songs of Experience will be less about intimacy and more about a celebration of sorts.'
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Your songs awake so many different feelings and are truly the highlight of my life right now. You probably hear this all the time, but you have made a difference in the lives of so many around the world. Hearing you talk about your struggles and your victories....you deserve to celebrate. DON'T APOLOGIZE EVER for taking chances and wanting to do things differently from all other musicians. That's what makes you 4 unique. The ability to take a leap of faith and jump right into the fire with no safety net. We will always be here to catch you. Thank you for these songs...can't wait to hear them all live in the city of angels ;)
The new album
Is a sort of homecoming. I like it very, very mutch. Song for Someone is my favorit. Love and Light, DetleVertigo-Hunter. Miss you sugar. ...
I Will Follow!!
Anticipating new U2 music and the opportunity to see you live is the 2nd best thing to listening to your music. My iTunes account has182 U2 songs.....and then there is everyone else. Bring on the show!! Can't wait!
God Only Knows...
Just heard that live version of California on Jools Holland and... I absolutely love it. Feeling excited for a Live show with these songs.
Amazing album
I received the c.d's two days ago, & have listened to both discs. Now I'm looking forward to getting the magazine. If anyone is debating what version of the album to get, do yourself a favor and spend a few dollars more and get the deluxe version. Disc two is breathtaking. It shows exactly how great a band U2 is.
Songs of Experience & Songs of Ascent
Great article, just read on line version. Highlights for me: Songs of Innocence with small venue tour. Songs of Experience with stadium tour and wait for it.... Songs of Ascent will still happen after Songs of Experience. Woooo hoooo! =0)
You guys make me feel young
At the end of every tour, I think to myself, "I'm getting too old for this. This is probably going to be my last U2 show." Then 3-4 years later a new album is released, and I wonder if I'm really going to see their next show. And I buy the tickets and the countdown begins. On the night of the show, I forget everything except how their music makes me feel. It makes me feel like a kid again. For a few hours, I remember exactly what it is like to be young. Cheers guys, can't wait to see you next year. Rock 'n Roll is for everyone; all you need is faith.
Don't be shy to celebrate
There must be plenty of U2 celebrations and highlights to sing about. Otherwise refreshing/finishing the The Ocean would be awesome too. http://www.u2.com/media/index/mediaplayer/mediaId/437/type/video/setId/69 There are perhaps even more old unfinished songs that need your experiences to be completed.
Avion Espia
Great cover...!
I think this is one the best magazine covers in the history of the band. Ever!
We will follow
always ! Since 360 , been anxiously waiting year after year for what was next And boy they didn't disappoint,, can't wait for info on the tour side of things , what have they dreamt up this time ? Sounding absolutely amazing guys roll on the spring / summer
Quite a celebration of sorts
Its great to see the you still, rocking the world over, i was knocked off my tiny little feet as a small boy at a gig in Gateshead in 1981 when U2 supported the Police, i went home and my journey started there, i have religiously followed your journey ever since, Thank You
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