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07 January, 2012
want to relive the concert
If u went to any of the concerts then im not sure why anyone would want a studio version on a live album.I want to put headphones on crank it up and close my eyes and be able to relive that concert in Pittsburgh and a studio version just would not do that.To feel that thrill of being there and hear the sounds of the crowd Some of my fav albums are queen,foghat,journey,head east and rainbow live albums and a U2 live album would really make my day because that concert was probally one of the best highlights in my life and wanna recapture that over and over
02 January, 2012
Don`t Like
Its better Studio version
31 December, 2011
I hope the live album is really a live album and no remixes or anything,i went to pittsburgh and i want the live feeling i had when i went there none of this studio versions
21 December, 2011
My perfect U22 Album!
Picking only 22 songs was incredibly difficult. But in my perfect world, this would be my selection for U22 in this order: Breathe, Stories for Boys, Beautiful Day, Lemon, Unforgettable Fire, Mothers of the Disappeared, Sweetest Thing, Gloria, Exit, Two Hearts Beat as One, Out of Control, A Sort of Homecoming, Drowning Man, New Year's Day, Mercy, All I Want is You, Ultra Violet, BAD, Running to Stand Still, Streets, Spanish Eyes and it would have to end appropriately with "40". AAAhh, I get excited just thinking about it!
20 December, 2011
I was at the Chicago leg of the 360 tour...all I can say is WOW!!! I hope you guys include THAT mix on the CD. My wife & I celebrated our 18th anniversary at Soldier field that night!!! Very special to us!!! (^___^)
18 December, 2011
The right to appear crazy
With Larry drumming on the walkway, this stunning remix version of I;ll Go Crazy offered one of the most ecstatic live moments of the 360 Tour. I would love to hear it on the cd. The right to appear crazy is something I hold dear ;-) !
17 December, 2011
Oh Crap!
I loooove the original version, this "remix" is not the soul of the band, ok its a good song to shake on the concert , but not in the album. WTF
17 December, 2011
It's my favorite! I hope it will be on the CD!!
17 December, 2011
This song is fantastic. I didn't know what they were up to when I first heard it in Chicago 2009. And it was one of the main reasons I went back to another show in Chicago 2011! Hope it's included on the disk. It's much better than Boots.
17 December, 2011
not this version
i don't think this version will make it, but if you took the original and not the remix it would be great...
16 December, 2011
I have to agree with mich40 on this one. This song defines the whole 360 tour. This is the 'Elevation' of the Elevation tour, the 'Vertigo' of the Vertigo tour......
16 December, 2011
No Way!!!
I really HATE this version! In fact that song is the greatest song of the last album... I was deeply disappointed with the way it was "played" live... Sorry guys, not that one...
16 December, 2011
I agree with ruthmel, stay away from club mixes
16 December, 2011
I really enjoyed the live version during their concerts in Berlin + Hannover - I hope it gets included, as well as NLOTH !
16 December, 2011
I loathed this one! I hate any 'club' sounding mixes. The album original is far superior. It was just a good ploy to get Larry off his drum kit and running around the set.
15 December, 2011
Wish they would have played the original recording.
15 December, 2011
Not for me
This was a fun part of the show, but it's going to date really quickly! I loved the single version, a triumph I though. Vote for Zooropa!
15 December, 2011
New Year's Day
Please do not forget to put that music, what I most wanted was to be heard in concert April 13 "NEW YEAR'S DAY" But I would be very happy if I had "THE FLY" "Magnificent" "THE FIRE unforgetable"
15 December, 2011
loved it
turned the stadium into a club, awesome energy. loved it!
15 December, 2011
Please no!
Hated the remix during the show and wished they had done the album version. The only redeeming factor was the Discotheque snippet.
15 December, 2011
Defining moment
Crazy represents the 360 tour for me and it means so much to me. I love this song and have many fond memories of the outer rail with this song. And I agree with the person that said this song, along with all the other NLOTH songs should be included with 22.
15 December, 2011
better be on there, that´s all I care about as far as this CD!
15 December, 2011
Yes! Yes!
This song is goooooooood!!!! I love U2!!! Juliana Fortunato - Caxambu/MG - Brazil
15 December, 2011
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15 December, 2011
NOT Crazy
No, the song totally lost it's soul in the live version. For once with U2 the album version was far superior.
14 December, 2011
The song rocks !
The guys look like they are having a good time when they play this song !
14 December, 2011
I'm Going Crazy for this
I think this is one of the best moments of the concert, it is amazing, hopefully the U22 version will have the Discotheque end in it.
14 December, 2011
No, please just hurry up and release the CD!!
Amidala Skywalker
14 December, 2011
No more alaways same songs...
I'm with you peach23... And Stingray Guitar & electrical storm also...
14 December, 2011
Yes! Definetely!
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