In Moscow this week Larry and Edge had the flipcam running when they bumped into some of the locals ahead of the show..


22 September, 2010
Russia says "Spasibo!!!"
What a marvellous gig it was in Moscow!!! And the Rain... Wanna thank all of the U2 members and the crew for making dreams come true!!! Thanks for turning the globe into a much happier place!!!!!!!
Samara Nagle
02 September, 2010
A happy fan!
Damn I just wish I was there! To all the guys in the band, I just wanted to thank you so very much for making the last 23 years of my life so much happier. I may be just another stranger to you but your music and energy are with me 24/7. Thank you so so much and may God give you many more years of health and good work.
27 August, 2010
Next Album
Hey U2! I would like to make a suggestion for the next album you'll make, from me and the fans. Can you guys please go back to those cool punk days of boy, october, and war? even some of how to dismantle was that cool punk rock that we really love from you. It would be awesome if you guys could just strip down your sound and make it sort of garage-rock-esque. We know you can write, so hell, you'd make some truly fantastic stuff, oh wait, you already have...But anywho, even though i love you guys, you should really cut down on the cheesy pop ballads and get back to your roots and distinguish yourself as the coolest rock band out there
26 August, 2010
Rock their world you do...
That's the next best thing to being a rocket scientist for certain. Great way to capture hearts and smiles for certain.
26 August, 2010
Florida 2011
:) thats really cool i hope you guys do that in Florida! we love you!
26 August, 2010
I still havent found what I was looking
It was an amazing thing when Edge went out for us with cam..But it's SO pity that me and my boyfriend are not in this version of video. You even asked for my name, Edge,,remember?! Gosh.. I hope, there is some possibility to get a full version of your video. Dear Edge and U2 crew PLEASE do it.. In the name of everything great, you've already done Sincerely, Aksinia and Sergey. PS. YOur show was awesum!
26 August, 2010
We are love you!
You I don't know, do you know what kind of effect you was made with your concert in Russia. I hope you absolutely understand! You give for a lot of Russian people Hope for better feature and I suppose this is exactly what must be done by music! You did it and I would like to say for you really big thanks and respects. Your song with Yuri Shevchyk it's amazing and really big surprise for us. It was amazing. A lot of Russian people really surprised about this and Yuri tried to do a lot of different things to make our life is better. During this day a lot of people discuss about previous evening. Everybody want's to look at you again! Here! In Russia! In Moscow! I really hope you are planning to release DVD record of this awesome concert in Moscow! It's unforgettable for us! Somebody waiting you 2,5,10,16,20 and more years!!! Few generation of people listening your music, I was meet with you when you released album POP in 1994 year. Moscow love you all! Russia love you all! Please come back to Russia soon as possible! Get up, stand up, stand up for your rights! ;) We just want to be part of other world, who can listening you! Спасибо Вам за столь прекрасный концерт! Мы Вас любим и с огромным нетерпением ждем Вас в гости! Мы всегда будем Вам рады! First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they attack you, then you win. - © Mahatma Gandhi PS: I'm so sorry for my english... I know it's not perfect, but I just would like to explain my feelings.
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