Viva Italia!

8 Oct 2010
'Thank you for this welcome€¦ We're on stage tonight and a lot of people thought that was impossible. And I for one feel very fortunate to be standing on this stage with my three best friends...'

Two months and twenty two shows after U2360 opened up again in 2010, the  European leg ended  in the grand setting of the Olympic Stadium in Rome tonight and thanks to the good folk from the Italian U2 community made it a  night to remember with an extraordinary set of choreographed flags.

 'Still Haven't Found' brought the reveal - a  dazzling Irish flag, Italian flag and the word 'ONE' in red on white. It was a breathtaking visual moment, for the band, as much as everyone else in the stadium. 'Viva Italia!'

That segued into another great moment with a rare appearances for 'Bad' and, even more unusually, a snatch of 'All I Want Is You'. And then came 'Mercy' one of the six new and unreleased tracks that the band have surprised us with at different shows  this summer.

Dallas Schoo got a special shout-out before Bono thanked everyone on the crew ahead of In A Little While. This audience was pumped all night long and  delighted to hear Bono speaking so often in Italian. 'I wanna thank all the people who helped us build this dream of ours€¦'

As this European leg came to a close all the phones came out and the stadium was transformed  'into a beautiful piece of jewellery.'  Everyone  felt just as fortunate as the singer to be here tonight€¦

Were you at the show ?  Let us know what your own highlight was - or if you took part in making the flags? What was the moment you'll never surrender, the memory you'll keep for ever? Add them to our tour page and upload your photos.


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