Boots On In Glasgow

18 Aug 200973

Wild crowd in Scotland tonight - were you there? What was it like? How did it compare to the last time you saw them? First time? How did it compare to other gigs you've been too lately. Surprises? Shocks? Unforgettable moments you'll never surrender? Here's what they played. Let us know how it was for you.

No Line On The Horizon
Get On Your Boots
Beautiful Day
I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For
Stuck In A Moment (You Can't Get Out Of)
Unknown Caller
Unforgettable Fire
City of Blinding Lights
I'll Go Crazy If I Don't Go Crazy Tonight (Remix)
Sunday Bloody Sunday
Pride (In The Name of Love)
Walk On
Where The Streets Have No Name
With Or Without You
Moment of Surrender

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Glasgow goes crazy tonight
I have first saw U2 live in 1987 and have been lucky to have seen every tour since.They just get better and better I saw them in Dublin this tour and this was just as good.From the moment Major Tom started I knew we were in for a great night.There were too many highlights to mention , Breath -hairs on the back of my neck ,Unforgetable fire (one of my all time fav`s),SHFWILF ( the Scottish crowd did us proud!) Ultraviolet ( still cant believe they play it was a Zoo TV moment) Crazy remix ( oustanding and a bit of fun )The group put so much into it and still seem to really enjoy it themselves, you can see it from the huge smiles on their faces.Was in the inner circle with my wife and brother after doing the usual queing to get in there, but soooo worth it . Have to mention my pal who joined us later in the inner circle ( without queing ...Jammy sod!!!! ) it was a moment that will live with me for ever. What makes me want to see this group over and over again,they just do it live, keep changing it night after night and geting bette r and better. Came out of the inner circle for the last 3 songs and stood in wonder at the sight , the mirror ball over hampden was beautiful, just like the barrowlands ballroom all those years ago.The Scottish crowd always makes it , thanks boys, hope its not another 4 years until I see you again.
u2 rock!!!
Excellent gig. The guys rocked it!! I have to agree though, why hampden?, i think the sound quality isnt that great there. But the show was fab anyway! i lved ultraviolet, i have nevere heard it live as i am realitvely new to the whole u2 live thing! i've only seen them 4 times now! Even my other half enjoyed it and he doesnt like the band that much! I loved it! Dont leave it so long next time guys! please?! U2 ROCK!!!!
planes trains and automobiles...
Great gig...the band, the crowd and the company were top notch. Saw them in Dublin so just had to go see them again it was that good and to experience the full 360 instead of the 270 in Dublin!!!. The atmosphere in the stadium was amazing, it was a pity the sound went during 'walk on' but never the less great night, one slight disappointment was they only played 22 songs (and 'bad' was not one of them) instead of the usual 23/24, 'mysterious ways' was to be on the set list (same list as london 1) but yet didnt make an appearance - maybe the sound going pissed the lads off or knocked them out of sync, anyone shed any light on why only 22 songs? not complaining though, had a great time and well worth the trip, the scots are always great...
we were at U2 in Glasgow- WOW 14th time I have seen them starting back on Unforgettable Fire tour! but this concert beats them all!! amazing songs- so many fab old ones - our fav MLK was a huge surprise. we queued early and got amazing 'rail' spots right by The edge in the inner circle!! such a brilliant crowd tonight think Bono was blown away by it ' we have so much history here, Scotland you make such noise!, thank you' and his wee rendition of Flower of Scotland much appreciated! crowd singing was awesome made me cry! 'I'll go crazy' was simply the best and unforgettable I am such a huge U2 fan and will never ever forget this night and the Edge winking at me!!! feel so sad its all over .
what a show my second time seeing the band and what a great light show. From Breathe to Moment of Surrender a great set. Getting the crowd going with Space Oddity wooow cant wait to they come back
I Have Found What I'm Looking For
This was my 10th U2 gig and wow, did it not blow my boots off. The stage set was incredible and the atmosphere was electric. Set list was great with my highlights being Vertigo, Elevation, Streets, W or WY. When the band started playing ISHFWILF Bono sat the mike down and the crowd sang the first verse and chorus, it made every hair on my body stand up - it was an emotional feeling to experience that. Only blip was the loss of sound on Walk On and the usual idiots that seem to go to gigs started to boo but as usual the guys kept cool and played on - they knew it would be fixed and had to due to the light show being choreographed with the music. Wee bit disappointed they didn't play Bad but hey, maybe next time. The boys were back in town and they rocked the house - sterling peformance and only a Scottish crowd could give them that was Magnificent! Role on next time.
Saw the guys in Glasgow and they we phenominal.They are like a good whisky they just keep getting better with age.Cant wait for the next tour or the next album keep up the good work
Thank you very much. Thought the show was amazing, loved the claw and all the effects especially Bono's jacket. The crowd was amazing singing "I still havent found what I'm looking for" Would have prefered to hear more of the older songs but I guess they have an album to promote. Come back 2 Glasgow soon.
I haven't stopped humming the words to Magnificent all day. The concert was absolutely brilliant. I have been a fan since the early 80's and it was my fourth time of seeing them. It was the best. I took my daughters aged 17 and 13 as they have grown up with U2 music. They loved it. It was a night we will never forget. Thank you U2. Please come back to Scotland soon, hopefully to Edinburgh next time! I missed the last train back to Edinburgh and had to take a taxi ... but it was worth it.
A Class Act
The show was truley awsome one of the best i've seen,been a fan since 83 so hard to say which tours been best so far,but for stage set up and lightning it has to be the 360 tour.Felt the crowd were a bit flat,only coming alive during Streets,Still Haven't Found and Vertigo(to busy trying to catch band on there mobile phones)The new songs where perfomed spot on,loved Crazy remix and how professional the band were when the sound went down during Walk On (singing and playing there hearts out even though they knew we could'nt hear them)
The whole thing was brilliant. Loved every minute of it, even when the sound cut out. Worth every penny and more. Those who chose Celtic over Bono missed out on a real treat. And please no more Hampden - torturous journey back to the city centre to catch the train home - my third visit here and none has never been plain sailing.
They Just Keep Getting Beter and Better
Another top night from the lads who were on fire in Glasgow. It was a strong set, with all the new songs sounding really good - 'New Line....' especially. The stage is amazing and the lightshow and the screens are immense. Seen U2 every tour since Z00 TV and they still rock better than anybody else. In a word - awesome. Also, Lance Armstrong was in Glasgow to see it as well - he saw them play a great show.
best ever
Best concert i have been to the atmosphere was brilliant it was a pity about the tech difficulties but cant wait till next one
At Hampden last night, brilliant gig! Last night was my 6th gig, and they just keep improving with age. Where the streets have no name was out of this world, the crowd joined in so much that Bono stopped to listen to the crowd. Crazy was excellent, a single in the making! Why wasn't Snow Patrol the support?? Anyway I paid to see U2 put on a smashing show, and they did the job! See you next time, just don't leave it so long the next time!
U2 at Glasgow - FABULOUS Shame about the sound cutting out (and wasn't 100% after it did!) - not too sure if U2 knew as they carried on regardless, I am guessing that they didn't cos many people were expecting an apology which didn't come! or perhaps an extra song at the end. Whoever the sound guys were they messed up, no pay for them! But that aside a brilliant gig and we had a great position right by the right hand side of the stage, definitely up close and personal! Crowd were brilliant.
Saw the concert last night in Glasgow with my family and it was absolutley brilliant. Last saw U2 on the Pop Tour just after my 18th birthday. I was 30 this time - what a brilliant birthday present!! Great mix of songs from so many albulms. Haven't danced so much in ages! Thanks for keeping the world smiling guys and enjoy the rest of the tour x
still got it guys
Another U2 gig in Glasgow, will I give away my age if I mention gigs at "Tiffany's" ? I have now lost count how many times I have seen the band live in the UK, Ireland and USA over the years and each one is special. Unforgettable Fire was the highlight for me and the crowd singing the opening verse of Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For Ultraviolet is my second favourite song on Achtung Baby after One, but if I could possibly offer some constructive criticism here? please bin that steering wheel on a rope microphone and the strange behaviour that went with it. I thought the "Mirrorball Man and Mr Mephisto" were making a comeback from the Zoo TV and Zooropa gigs in the USA and Europe in 92 & 93. It was still a great version but....I wish you had left that ruddy microphone in the flight case! The stage was absolutely immense and the sound up until Walk On was fantastic and I must be honest, it never sounded quite right after that and I dare say the sound engineers may have some explaining to do because the balance wasnt right and the volume was not at its peak as it was when the show opened. (perhaps the local residents association had something to do with that?) The gig was brilliant despite these minor dissappointments and it is still a pleasure to see these four guys go at it full tilt for two hours. I look forward to the next gig, I still hanker for another Barrowland with a set full of the old favourites from Boy, October and War (my age showing again) but with a capacity of 2000 then the guys would need to play every night for a month to satisfy demand for tickets Surprise of the night was the remix version of "Don't go Crazy Tonight" - absolutely superb and completely unexpected So, thanks again gentlemen and your crew for another night of great live music and more cherished memories......
MAFNICENT - HAMPDEN! What a night, amazing atmosphere, amazing, stage and truly amazing music. View of Bono obstructed by bit of equipment set back at the end of the pitch which was a shame but we had a fantasic night, sang the whole nite and have no voice today, my legs are also sore from dancing and jumping!! I forgot I'm not a teenager. This was my 5th U2 concert and my husbands first, he wants to go back so I'm lucky he has caught the bug too. If you get the chance and can afford it go and see U2 live in your life time.
Three of us travelled down for Dunvegan, Isle of Skye to see our second U2 gig at Hampden, and what a night. The crowd, the sounds, the lights, just an amazing gig all round, despite a wee sound blip in the middle. There is nothing quite like the biggest band in the world turning a 60,000 people event into a stunning shared experience! We loved every minute, U2 are simply the best. If you've not seen them yet, and your off to a forthcoming gig, you're in for a rare treat. Just Magnificent!
HAPPY HAMPDEN :O) - U2 Rocked Hampden -
Last night was FANTASTIC - have been a Fan for over 20 years and that was my 1st Gig - WOW from Breathe to Magnificent - onto Beautifil Day and Elevation, then " I still havent found" HAMPDEN BOUNCED :o)) dont get much better ? Oh yes then Unforgettable Fire, and Blinding Lights ROCKED !!! "Crazy Mix" was sensational !! and into the best version i have heard to date of Sunday Bloody Sunday or maybe it was because i was there to experience that ? The Claw, The Edge, Larry Smiling HE WAS SO ! Adam being Adam and the Man himself Bono were all fantastic - Set List 10/10 - Lighting 10/10 - Sound 09/10 - HAMPDEN CROWD 10/10 - Think the lads were surpised at the noise from the Happy Hampden Crowd last night - ALL IN ALL 15/10 Dont think i will experience anything like that again in my life - Guys thank you for the GIG you really are LEGENDS OF ROCK - HOPE TO SEE YOU ALL AGAIN VERY SOON - i THANK U2 - FOREVER IN MY MIND. STILL RINGIN IN MA EARS :o)))))))....................................................................................
On A HIGH!!!
WOW got home after 1pm-sprang out of bed at 6.30am fully refreshed & still buzzing from U2!!!! Loved this band since way back but life has always gotten in the way so this was my first very VERY long awaiting concert. The set was just amazing – great light show!! took my breathe away even though I was way up in the seats, had a great view. They sounded fantastic, every song was just perfect. What a live band!!! My favourite moment – so many - Sunday Bloody Sunday was super special for me. A song that always makes my hair stand on end & one that I thought I had left too late to ever hear live. Still can’t believe it. With or Without You – completely forgot my hubby was stood next to me & alongside every other woman there.. I just died!! And Magnificent was well..just that! My only regret…at the time of booking I only got 2 tickets not thinking that my 13 year old daughter would fancy it. How I wish I had booked 3! She would have been blown away. Big thank you to hubby who braved the crush for T shirts at the end. Will wear mine till it falls to bits. Is it possible for a 38 year old woman to revive her teenage crush on U2 er…YES! Never gonna miss another show ever ever!!
This was as good as it gets!
What a great night last night was, the guys were in great form. So what the sound went during Walk On- it was a live gig and not some idiot miming! Took my 7 year old son along to his first concert and he had a ball! Bono was brilliant, did just enough serious stuff and spoke to the crowd really well. Highlight of the night for me was Unforgettable Fire. Roll on the next one.
what an amazing night. loved it all, Bono rocked Hampden again!
fuck me
Been to every u2 tour since 1990,the one thing that sticks in my mind from every other tour is the energy,the anticipation usualy explodes into the opening of the show,the crowd rush forward,just didnt happen for me,first 4 songs felt realy dull,set list didnt seem to hold any continious energy,elevation great,vertigo,streets,awesome,just too quite in between.Have heard better set lists at other tours.Stage was interesting,band ,what can you say,it's U2,must have been made by CARLSBERG. WHY HAMBDEN AGAIN,worst place in Glasgow for parking.Bring back 40,still really enjoyed the show,cant wait for next tour.
Brilliant lads, thanks for playing Unforgettable Fire, it made my night. Other highlights included keeping your cool during Walk On after an equipment malfunction. I hope our singing in the heart helped you along!! Superb, looking forward to seeing you next time. Please make it a Friday night-there's no way Celtic will play that night!!
MAGIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what a night, been waiting 5 years for that night , my first night .......even though the sound cut during walk on u2 held it together BRILLIANTLY and it was more atmospheric because the crowd were carrying on singing the song with no music and then it kicked back in at the perfect moment......glad to say the crowd were louder than the eejits booing..........5 stars without a doubt
Magnificent in Glasgow!!
You cannot beat it, 65000 Scots and the worlds biggest band U2 in one place. Stage setup out of this world. It is as big as it looks in the youtube footage. We had tickets for the Red Zone 2 which we payed only £30 more than the normal standing tickets and it was £30 well spent. Brilliant veiw of the stage and also some up close moments with the band on the walkway. Sound was brill apart from the break up during Walk on much to my wifes discust. Once someone put the plug back in we where back to normal. New tracks off the album where brilliant and the old stuff was out of this world. Stand out tracks where :- Breathe, Magnificent, I'll go crazy (remix), Where the streets have no name and With or without you. Please dont leave it that long till you come back to the best place in the world for gigs.
First Gig
Shamefully this is the first concert I have ever seen, but who else better to see than U2. It was simply phenomenal! Where The Streets Have No Name and City Of Blinding Lights were my favourite songs of the night, the climax and lighting effects of it just made the songs even more powerful. I thought Space Oddity was a bit of a strange start but it worked really well!
What can I said that hasn't been said here or in the Scottish press today. What a superb gig and a brilliant night. I have seen them twice before and this was the best in my opinion. Not as "over the top" as Zoo ( that I thought was best ) so made it more enjoyable. I know a tour of this nature is a huge undertaking, but please do not leave it too long till the next time.
Long Journey but well worth it!
A horendous journey of nine hours which should have only taken four but every second of it was worth it! Gig was absolutely MAGNIFICENT! "Crazy" was fantastic. Shame about sound on Walk On but we did our best to sing along! Thank you, thank you, thank you Larry - you are the best - I love you! Thanks guys for making two 40 year olds very happy and reminding us of seeing in you at the SECC Glasgow all those years ago! When will we see you again???
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