'What have I done to deserve this?'

Those 'U22 Unwrapped' clips are arriving on YouTube and on the boards of Zootopia. Here's a couple of smart ones.

Not got a copy of U22 to unwrap yet ? This should do it.


22 July, 2012
got my U22 in Winnipeg
Got my U22 and what better way to enjoy it than to upload it to my Apple Ipod. great set list I was at the Montreal show on July 8th 2009 sadley I did not attened the july 9th show where out of control was recorded glad they put a Canadian date on the cd.see you next tour.
13 July, 2012
These guys keep making me happier and ha
Awesome giveaway! How happy does this make me??
13 July, 2012
Endlich!!! Ich hab sie!!!
Gestern war U22 in meinem Briefkasten! DANKE! Soooo schön! So beautiful!!! All I want is U22... This is what I'm looking for... And not BAD... Danke! David, Gensingen, Germany
10 July, 2012
Man those guys still make my hair stand
All I Want is You - wow the B-man and The Edge just make your hair stand on end... this song will remain their best for me... so many happy memories of listening to this over 20 or more years... wow......... why did they not play it at any of the 5 gigs I went on on 360..?. maybe next time!!! can't wait...
09 July, 2012
Absolutely awesome!!! I did feel like the wait was never gonna end... And this video pretty much expresses this desperate angusty and anxiety towards the most anticipated album of the year.
08 July, 2012
U2 Zombie
the best one and should win the video competition hands down!
08 July, 2012
Beautiful U22
U22 is just amazing. It gives back all these beautiful feelings during the tour. Every single song has a special place in my memory. Video clips are a very nice idea but in my opinion Zombie video is a violent one and I would never connect U2 and my happiness of receiving U22 to the violence…It is also scary. In my opinion violence should never be included anywhere. Natasa
07 July, 2012
I received my U22 cds last week!! Awesome!! I think that this may be the best member give-away yet!!
06 July, 2012
What a present !
Hey guys ! I'm listenning again and again these amazing cd's. Had a 3h30 trip yesterday and U2-360 was inside the train the whole trip ! Look forward to see you back -in Paris, Nice, Dunblin or wherever you want- on tour ;)
05 July, 2012
U22 Unwrapped
The videos are amazing - especially the Zombie one. Did I see Canada Post on the postman's arm? These fans, we fans are just as fantastic as this incredible band we know and love so very much! Good Stuff brothers and sisters!
05 July, 2012
fantastic U22
amazing cd! i've received my copy and I love it! clips are very funny!!congrats! moreno
05 July, 2012
Excitment levels shooting through the roof as I race to the post office to pick up my copy of U22!!! Racing back to my house and smashing into the cd-player, cranking up the volume and inviting my children and their friends to join the party!! It's almost as thrilling as being at the concert 3 years ago!! BUT, it also makes we want to go again, so how soon can I get tickets?? Not soon enough I'm afraid....!!
04 July, 2012
I haven't Got U22 Yet !!!
Amazing Teasers for me....especially the Qatar one....Zooropa is a Miracle !!!!
04 July, 2012
U22 arrival
Hahaha, the zombie-vid does it best, I can recall this feeling :D U22 still sending me showers every time, didn't expected that the recordings would be so intimate :) It's really like standing in the front of stage, where I saw them 3 times on this tour...
03 July, 2012
The zombie had Bono's moves down! Great video!
03 July, 2012
Thank you!
The Zombie one is very funny! Thank you for putting mine up there this morning - that was a nice surprise!!!
02 July, 2012
It's Official
Having watched these videos, clearly I am not as obsessed with U2 as I thought! Very cool
02 July, 2012
Both of those videos are absolutely amazing!
02 July, 2012
Awesome to hear One Tree Hill again and Bad!!! Thanks for the tracks. When's the DVD of the U22 tracks coming out???
02 July, 2012
Hats off to the guy who made the zombie video...
02 July, 2012
02 July, 2012
Hahaha those clips are amazing!! I'm so proud to be called "U2 fan"
02 July, 2012
U2 video unwrapping...
congrats, both!
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