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14 Nov 201128
'Bigwave' - John Noble in real life - is one of the hosts of the buzz in Zootopia, our community site. For the duration of U2360° he gave up sleep -  tuning in to the show on obscure audio feeds, following on Twitter and hosting our own live fan commentary. 

John got to know the tour and the songs pretty well so here's his personal tracklisting for 'U22'.

Has he caught it - or does he need more sleep? Let us know in the comments below.

'Pick your own personal U2 setlist ? Nah never gonna happen.
Have it released as a fan club only double CD ? Yeah, right! In your dreams.
Oh! right. Well... here goes then!
And this is just for me without consideration of any other single soul, it's U2 performing purely to an audience full of me... right?'

1. Return Of The Stingray Guitar
2. Where The Streets Have No Name
3. Get On Your Boots
4. Out Of Control
5. I Will Follow
6. Spanish Eyes
7. Zooropa
8. Miss Sarajevo
9. All I Want Is You
10. Unknown Caller
11. Even Better Than The Real Thing
12. Electrical Storm
13. One Tree Hill
14. Mothers Of The Disappeared
15. Sunday Bloody Sunday
16. Bad
17. Walk On
18. One
19. Ultraviolet
20. With Or Without You
21. I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For
22. 40

All this takes me back to every single show, mainly sitting at my mac following  online with many thousand of others, every setlist, every dodgy audio feed, tweet, setlist update.
Into the early hours and daylight many nights: 'What time is it in the world?'  Showtime!

So this would be me dream setlist. Kicking off with heavy pogo-style artillery then mellowing into the soulful centre, and gearing up towards the almighty spine tingling.

Standout tracks a-plenty. Lots of stuff that truly stunned fans when they heard it coming out of the Claw. Twitter-busting Zooropa perhaps being the most surprising.

Of course, this is what my #setlist REALLY should look like...


1. Stingray 2.Streets 3. Boots 4. OOC 5. IWF 6. Spanish Eyes (whey-hey-hey!) 7. Zooropa 8. Miss S 9. AIWIY 10. UC 11. EBTTRT 12. ES 13. OTH 14. MOTD 15. SBS 16. BAd 17. Walk On 18. One 19. UV 20. WOWY 21. ISHFWILF 22. 40


(Follow John on Twitter: @_Bigwave_  )

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Noble selection!
I have always enjoyed reading Bigwave;s insightful updates on the community page. During the 360 Tour he took a lot of time to post all essential informations for us. He has selected many songs I would love to hear on the cd and the order of his favourite tracks is very coherent.
BAD !!!!!!
any set ending in 40 is a good one! ;) i would dump miss S for UF
I could live with this one!
The essentials for me are on this setlist, but of course I really want all of them lol!!
Good selection
Good selection - Nearly like my own set list .. I didnt have MOTD or OTH....Electrical Storm is such an underrated song....I would love to have seen the band use it as a direction (or musical journey as LM says in R&H!!) to go in....
At last
I will go with that well done Bigwave you have put STREETS in the set list ;)
give us all songs!
Just give us all 44 songs by downloading it from U2.com and a CD with 22. Everybody HAPPY!!!!!
hey ..
at number 7.beautiful day instead of zooropa and moment of surrender at 22.
Where's the Horizan Love
Is it me or have some of you forgotten some of the real gems on NLOTH. I've turned two friends onto it in the past year who love it.
It's funny how every long term fan will ALWAYS revert back to Streets as the true STARTER to a 2's gig. And hey I totally agree, you can't beat it. To see that backdrop go red at the start of the gig will remain in the minds of millions of people,but we're talking about a another time, another place. They didn't do it all tour, so it should be the same on record. Really enjoyed Soon as the intro, into Bowie, into Breathe, was a strong song. Honestly thought Fez should've been the opener, has that drawn out beginning, but maybe they couldn't pull it off, who knows.. Bigwave, love the rest of your setlist, apart from maybe boots being turfed for No Line, to keep the latest album in, and Unforgettable(which MUST be included) for say WOWY which is a magnificent song, but possibly a bit tired.. Also love the fact you booted B.D, Elevation and Vertigo. Can turn on the radio on any given day and hear them. All 3 should've been axed first time around.. Oh and 1 last thing, All I Want into Bad. You can't beat that shit
Mothers of the disappeared must be from Istanbul concert. That was great.
Big Wave always hits big !!
Great setlist for the man who kept us all awake during lovely 360 times !! How I miss them !!! From giving us hints on where to find the feeds to ending it with Elbow´s Dear Friends !! All I can say is Dear friend you rock !!! Miss you, BW. God bless you.
Awesome set list Big Wave!
Many sleepless nights during the 360 tour when U2 crossed many time zones around the globe. Getting up at 3:00 am to listen to the Sydney gig was the hardest for me! LOL Some live streams sounded more like crackling from outer space but you, Max, and XtraSpicy held the Zoo spirit and gave us Zootops a great night of entertainment! Great set list Big Wave!!
I can't love a setlist of the 360 tour without Moment of Surrender. I do agree with some of your choices though.
Bigwave Rules
I happen to know BW has impeccable taste in setting musical moods so his setlist would surely be wonderful. However, we all know that the only way for everyone to be happy is a double CD. (Miss ya, Bigwave! xoxo)
Great list BW!
This brings me back to all those evenings that I would speed home from work to make it into the Zoo just in time to follow along in the live threads. Those were such good times with all the lovely Zootops!
The perfect host he was!
Thanks for keeping us updated and for those details and aaaaall those good vibes. I had a super cool time! :)
until the end of the world
the song who edge's guitar is so well.
Great Set List!
Suits the aging blonde that I am in that I don't have to rifle through all my cd's and then load, download, and queue. Love it when I can just hit the PLAY button.
I love this setlist ! Is not exactly like mine, by I love it too. Specially Spanish Eyes and Out of Control !
Bigwave Rocks!!!
Awesome setlist Bigwave! Love the abbreviated setlist...brings me back to those wonderful nights of spending time in the "zoo" waiting to make out what song we were hearing over the fuzzy audio feed. Thanks for staying up so many late nights. It was a blast!!
No M O S
? but I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For What A NICE Choice ; ) with some N L O H songs ...
u2 ka
Without you!
I like your set list. The only suggestion would be to get rid of With or Without You and replace it with The Unforgettable Fire. The way the claw expanded and came to life during that song was legit. I feel lately that when the lads play with or without you they're bored. That is just me i had to say it:) ACTHUNG BABY......
Does WOWY include “…We’ll shine like stars…”? And does One include "... do you hear me coming Lord..." ? My setlist does. H
Big happy
I spent many afternoons/evenings in the Zoo with Bigwave following shows. He and Max did an amazing job keeping us updated. Love seeing his "setlist" featured.
Bigwave...BIG setlist
Very nice!
That's Right!
I love that setlist.
Tina marie
I'm glad Bono is singing " spanish eyes... " I think that is great that he sings songs to his wife... Wish I had a husband to sing to!!!
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