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Twelve timeless tracks, twenty years old next month. But which is the one song from Achtung Baby that will always have a special place in your life ?

The single releases from the album colonised the airwaves in the early 1990's while tracks like Ultraviolet  and Until The End of the World have become live mainstays.

The Fly will always signal the moment when The Joshua Tree started toppling, Mysterious Ways has that unforgettable groove and One... what else is there to say about One?

But there are twelve tracks on this album and maybe your own Achtung Baby moment is none of these.

Which one song will always make it onto your U2 greatest hits collection - and why does it means so much to you ?

Who does it make you think of? Where were you when you first heard it? What is it about for you...  and why can you never let it go?

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Acrobat, Until The End Of The World & So Cruel.
Why to chose ONE song ....
Why do you have to chose one book, one writer, one actor, one director, one movie, one singer ... ONE band and ONE song.... Don"t ... directors like to make more movies, actors like to play in different movies and plays, writers like to write more books and singers and bands like to make more songs,... albums .... EVEN BETTER THAN THE REAL THING ;-)
With the Fly U2 proved that they still were the best, but One is a song which touch my heart and even today it can bring me to tears! So I have to choose one
Eljay in Rocky Oz
Definately 'One'... In so many ways it has, and continues to make this world we live in so much better in it's so many ways ... so many meanings and moments to so many people. I wonder if U2 knew when they were recording this song that it would become their 'Imagine'. Thank you for the gift of 'One' guys. Second pick ... Ultraviolet.
I was truly at a low point when this album and this SONG saved me. I have analyzed it many times, and to me it is a prayer. Edge's guitar is the voice of God to Bono's plea. Amazing live version on the Zoo TV tour!!!
Couldn't live without Mysterious Ways or Ultraviolet either (for different reasons) but ONE is at the top. Evokes so much emotion and is relevant in different aspects of life. Everyone has had a moment when these words spoke to them personally and profoundly.
ACROBAT ~ YOUR time is coming round
And you can dream, so dream out loud You know that your time is coming round So don't let the bastards grind you down. Words cannot describe how this song has helped me through some pretty bad stuff in my life. My dream is LOUD. My time is coming ROUND, and NO ONE will grind me down! This is a song of HOPE for me. THANK YOU !!!
The lyrics mirror the ups and downs of most relationships in life. One Life.. One love.. We get to share it... Did I disappoint you... Will we hurt each other.. Do you have someone to blame... We have someone to share it... Love is the temple to everyone's sanity and spirit.
Can I pick them all?
If I have to pick just one song... ...it has to be - "Unitl The End Of The World" :)
Sophia's choice
After much thought.... One.....undoubtedly!
ultraviolet and so cruel...love is blind
i can hear this beautiful songs every day...
Until the End of the World
I'll probably wear the part of my harddrive where this song is stored! Edge's guitar and Bono's vocals just awesome together ... raw ...
So Cruel
My all time favorite U2 song.
I like all songs of the album, but Ultraviolet !!!!!!!!
For me it has to be "One", no contest.
Can't choose
Was gonna say "Even Better...", then "One" or what about "Mysterious ways" and "Wild Horses". Can't I just have them all, very very loud, PLEASE! What an Awesome Album, can't wait to get home and play it over and over again!
Can't choose
I started thinking "even better..." was the one, but then "Wild horses" and "One" and ' Mysterious Ways' and... AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRGHHHHHHH! Please can't I just have them all, over and over again as loud as possible. Man, what an Album.
Oh, child wipe the tears...
When I left Brazil in May 1992, carrying a discman and a copy of Achtung Baby in my hand luggage, I never thought one song could turn out to be so prophetic about the journey I was embarking on: nobody needs to know that Prince Charming turned out to be a frog. As I walked the streets of a small town in the Loire valley, the strangeness of each sound, the beauty of Bono's voice and words comforted my soul and lent my hope. All through the years, different relationships have developed and songs have evolved with them. Do I have to choose one single tune for my life's soundtracK?
Definitely one! It is an eternal song :)
So Cruel and Mysterious Ways
Soooooo hard to choose, but the sound of Mysterious Ways really grabbed me the first time I heard it, still does
The fly, Mysterious ways
Because "Every artist is a cannibal, every poet is a thief" and "If you want to kiss the sky, better learn how to kneel (on your knees, boy)" are unforgetable lines.
So Cruel tied Ultraviolet
So Cruel got me through a lot of heartache, but Ultraviolet ways always gets me. It is one of those "stops you in your tracks songs"! I took this tape on a road trip from Vancouver to Puyallup...and back. It was everyone's favorite tape, and I felt cool. I bought Zooropa without blinking, because I loved Achtung so much.
Can't pick between Acrobat and Ultraviol
Both songs just mean soooo much to me. Actually, most of U2 songs are linked to many small and great moments in my life.
These songs were incredible! I was about 15 when I listen to this cd! I used to listen to it over and over! I still love it! It's one of my favorites! In fact, it's really hard to choose only one favorite song!
You guys are SO CRUEL to ask this question, When I'M TRYING TO THROUGH MY ARMS AROUND THE WORLD you treat me like like ONE of those ACROBATS and their MYSTERIOUS WAYS. But they say LOVE IS BLINDNESS so UNTIL THE END OF THE WORLD we are stuck like a FLY on the wall between my choices of SO CRUEL and ULTRAVIOLET
my fav is who's gonna ride your wild horses, beautiful song, just sings to me, second fav is so cruel. love it. this is by far my favorite album of all time. nothing has ever topped it!!
Who's gonna ride your wild horses
This song was the last single to be launche from Achtung but the song was so impressive and had a truth that no song ever ('til that moment) could reach me! When Bono says "Well you lied to me 'cos I asked you to.Baby, can we still be friends?" I couldn't stop crying again and again... thanks Bono and guys for making songs that resist for so many years touching us very deeply!
Pia D'Alessandro
Until the end of the world and Ultraviol
Love the entire album but these two songs are always stuck in my head! I was a teen at the time and just fell in love with Bono's look and amazing voice! "Your love was a light bulb hanging over my bed, baby baby baby light my way". Achtung Baby is my favourite album! Love U2 FOREVER!!!!!!
Todas las canciones buenisimas, pero Ultraviolet is the best. Besos (Kises) U2. Since México
It's too difficult to pick one... One is so pretty and Who's gonna ride your wild horses is lovely... But when I found Acrobat... this song is full of fellings...
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