Wide Awake in London

3 Nov 2015

Wide Awake in London

'If you twist and turn away
If you tear yourself in two again.
If I could, you know I would 
If I could
I would
Let it go...'

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No finer way to close a run of six great nights at the O2 in London than with 'Bad' and '40'.  Opened with 'The Miracle' and went straight into 'Gloria', it was, said Bono, 'Great to be the house band here over the last ten days, we don't want it to be the last night...' 

'A gig with GLORIA is perfection-bound! In Te Domine, Exultate!' (@MariangelaVcc)

'OMG A Killer Slide solo from THE EDGE!!! It must be GLORIA !' (@KevinS2U)

With October now firmly established in the European set, it's not often you get two songs from the band's second album in the show... but there was more. On the e-stage we had a champagne-drenched performance of 'Party Girl' and to top it all, as Bono sang in Beautiful Day, 'Steve Lillywhite right in front of you.'

According to @U2gigs, Party Girl's appearance was it's 190th, soon to become the first b-side to top 200 live performances - and it was followed with Edge and Bono performing 'Every Breaking Wave', one of seven songs from the latest album, an ever present on the tour to date and as good a bet as any to hit the 200-mark sooner than most. Special mention to Declan Gaffney - 'DeckChair' - for bringing this song into being - and what a song.

'Every Breaking Wave and October, with just Edge&Bono on stage... Most intimate moment at a rock show ever?' (@U2start)

If you were at the show tonight tell us what it was like - and add your photos here.


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