30 Sep 202018


It's live… the debut episode of 'Xtracts', ninety minutes of U2 on the airwaves, capturing conversation and music from the opening weeks of U2 X-Radio

Cait O'Riordan, who presents the station's weekly 'Rocky O'Riordan Show', is our host as David Byrne tells Edge about his Broadway stage-show American Utopia, Matthew McConaughey and Phoebe Robinson spin their favourite U2 tracks and Chris Rock addresses Seven Questions - and three interjections - from Bono.

One of the key topics of conversation in Episode 1 of Xtracts is racial injustice and the Black Lives Matters Movement. Writer and comedian Phoebe Robinson explains how 'Pride (In The Name of Love)'  'changed my life' and Tom Morello of Rage Against The Machine and AudioSlave talks with Edge about this 'historic moment'.  'This country is born of racism and has never reckoned with that…'

But something is changing believes comedian and filmmaker Chris Rock who says this year's worldwide #BLM protests have 'given me some optimism about institutional racism.'
'When I see the mix of people out on the street… this dedication… every day out there…  I'm more optimistic about white people in general… especially the young ones…'

Maybe that's because 'the real action' as Bono puts it, reading his fan letter to Patti Smith, 'lies in the hearts and minds of the people.'

What kind of people should we be interviewing, is the question asked by broadcaster and writer John Kelly, presenter of the channel's Sunday show Elevation, which celebrates the worlds of science, medicine, faith and the arts. People, says Edge, like campaigning civil rights attorney Bryan Stevenson.

'I'm just persuaded that there is something better waiting for us,' explains Bryan,  'Something that feels more like freedom and equality and justice... that is still waiting for us if we have the hope and conviction. But we can't do that without the struggle…'
The struggle usually finds a song, and in the civil rights movement the C18th hymn Amazing Grace became one of those songs. Judy Collins tells John how she realised the power of the song when she campaigned with voting and women's rights activist Fannie Lou Hamer. 'A song that drew many people together...'

Hope you enjoy this first highlights show from U2 X-Radio - here's more about the channel's 24 /7 U2 programming. Tell us what you think in the comments below.

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I only have one wish for Christmas
To get this amazing radioshow in Europe. Pleeeaaase, Santa!
Great stuff!!!
Love it! We need, more, more..., more... of this! Thank's a lot to U2 for this beautiful idea. Deeply hoping to get access to U2-X-tracts in Germany. Guess your fans around the world are waiting! Walk on... U2!
This is Bone-Oh...
Honestly, these guys are way funnier than anybody gives them credit for. That intro was hilarious. Love it.
Huge U2 Fan
Love Bono Forever Natalie
U2 Dominates!!!
Totally epic!!! Love it so wish I could get Sirius but my husband had a bad experience with their pricing. Please U2 make this available on another format to subscribe to? So incredible and extremely interesting to hear these stories! Love you guys always!
what a great idea!!! Tue show was amazing, really really amazing !!! So happy to hear your voices...great way to feel you closer in this bad period...Hoping to have the chance to have access fron Italy too...it's a great way to wait for your next concert!!! I love you so much!! God bless you and your families!!! Hoping to meet you very soon, keep safe guys!!!
The snippets and intros/outro are gold
Thanks for posting. It's good to hear the familiar voices in these times. Well curated!
My new obsession
I can’t get enough of U2XRadio! I’m so glad that there is a highlights show so those who missed out on the first few weeks can get a taste of what they’re missing. Great concept, great station, great everything! Keep up the good work!
With Love all things are possible
Arguably the best hours radio I have listen to in a lifetime. Why ? ..well from Chris rocks hilarious "The Ten commandments KINDA makes sense, to the truly humbling yet  Inspiring Bryan Stephenson recounting his experience of meeting a death row prisoner. This u2 xtracts has somehow brought a sense of clarity to what had thus far been a muddled damp day. As somebody who often suffer from crippling anxiety inertia and a deep-rooted sense of uselessness, ( though not always or at least not always obviously some how parked here in my old  banger I feel absolutely grateful to life, inspired and even brave enough to ask, "HOW CAN I HELP " Positivity needs as many people as possible of that I'm positive. With love . Colm. Ps.. A thoroughly enjoyable show
Thanks for sharing this! I would have been great to get also full access from Europe though. We feel a bit put aside.
Great to hear!
Nice to hear those tunes! Hope the station gets a European broadcast.
Great interviewees
Thanks guys, really enjoyed this show. The guest interviewees were great, in particular Tom Morello and Bryan Stevenson. Looking forward to the next one!
The first time
So good to hear this. It's been immensely frustrating trying to get this from the UK - and not being able to do so - and then hearing from U2 fans in North America about how great the shows are .... There's so much variety and content from people I'd never even heard of. Fascinating. Look forward to the next extract (please don't let this be just a one-off).
Thanks for posting this!! I love the new channel, it's so great having this documented.
Scott Cleaver
Hola from NZ
Long time fan from NZ - we don't get U2 x-radio down under as yet so anything like this is more than greatly appreciated and thanks for thinking of us on the other side of the world too. and may your dreams be realised - God bless - Scott Cleaver (Palmerston North NZ)
I am soooooo thrilled about this! Every U2 fan knows that patience is key and booom (cha)! THANK YOU!
Thank you
Thanks so much for a taste of what has been happening. From Australia and we can’t listen so this is greatly appreciated. Much love
conor kavanagh
David Byrne wow
Close to The Edge wow The Edge’s 1st guest David Byrne the genius behind Talking Heads, American utopia. it’s so exciting U2 having there own radio station. will be tuning in very frequently.
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