'You Know You Look So Good...'

16 Aug 201813

'You Know You Look So Good….’

‘The tattooes become about the personal narratives and the stories… how the band helps people navigate their lives.’

Beth Nabi is a professor in Graphic Design and Digital Media at the University of North Florida in Jacksonville.  
And a U2 fan who travels the world to see the band perform. 
For the last three years she’s been leading the the U2 Tattoo Project,  documenting the visual history of the band as it’s found on the bodies of fans.
She told us all about it, in a special film for U2.com.

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Class Act
I’ve met Beth a couple of times & Skyped her into my 6th grade world geography class to discuss U2. She’s a class act and a wonderful representation of U2 fandom. Fortunate to call her a friend.
My coexist tatoo
Hi Beth, great job!
Eu tenho você sobre a minha pele!
I've got you under my skin. Eu tenho você sobre a minha pele!
My tattoo
Great to see you on here, Beth! Congratulations. Here is my tattoo. It is a combination of a Joshua Tree, the buffalo from the One video (and the second greatest hits album) and the logo they used at some MSG shows in 2005.
My U2 tattoo
Don`t beLIEve every word ;-)
My best U2 Memory
Reminder of my U2 360 degree tour & the love of U2 and my children ❤️
Excellent Project but INCOMPLETE
Great work Beth but you did not include me, shame, GaryU2
U2 and Tattoos
No tattoos for me, U2 or otherwise, unless Larry M dropped down on his knees and asked me to marry him!!!! hahahaha!!! :D :D :D. Amazing what subjects professors are teaching these days. I think it's marvellous!
My tattoo
A única bagagem que você pode trazer ... É tudo o que você não pode deixar para trás.
Only love can leave such a mark!
OMG! My three U2 Tattoos are on this video! The opening IE lamp, the heart suitcase + "walk on" and The Joshua Tree. Loving U2 for the last 34 years and they will be forever under my skin. Beth found me at Madison Square Garden GA line last June. I'm so happy and proud for being part of the U2 Tattoo Project. Flávia, Rio de Janeiro/Brazil
My tattoo
My tattoo is the title to the best album ever, Achtung Baby on my back it's a little faded it's 27 yrs old.
This is so great!
I love the U2 Tattoo Project and Beth is a wonderful person that has put in so much time and effort to tell our stories, and for that I am truly grateful! Thanks to U2.com for putting this video out there- and I'm so excited that THREE of my tattoos are in it (ONE on my wrist, the fish on a bicycle and my leg with JT, suitcase and Astrobaby).
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