'You're a big smash..'

22 Jan 201327
'Our nod to Glam Rock,' explains Edge in his sleeve notes to 'From The Ground Up: U2.com Music Edition'. 'You only get one...'

The penultimate of the 15 tracks on the limited-edition CD 'Edge's Picks', 'Hold Me, Thrill Me...' was a stand-out moment on U2360° with Bono soaring across the stage on his own illuminated steering-wheel microphone. (You remember the one...)

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I took my 10 (at the time) year-old son to his first U2 show in Toronto in July 2011. He was desperate to hear 'Hold Me, Thrill Me...' live as it's his favourite song. I kept on telling him it might not be in the show, so as he might not get too disappointed, but he was determined that it would be sung that night. Lo and behold, it was (oh me of little faith!) and his night was complete! Thanks, U2, for making one little guy happy!
in all seriousness
i have always loved this song. it always sounded vanguard to me. rock n roll meet experimentalism. which makes me think of what followed. POP. whatever may be said, what an album,what a bunch of great ideas. fantastic sounds, fantastic playing. i really wish U2 decide to re release POP as soon as possible. and make a great exciting collection of songs! _ this next march it ll be 16 years to the month of original release date. How long must we wait?! is it really that much out of purpose to re release POP these days, 6 months before the new album comes out......support ONE.org. make a difference.
santiago the best live version of the to
I think the best live version of this song was played in Santiago, Chile. Check it out on youtube. Saludos desde Chile
Received my gift in the form of book & cd , excellent as it was a Xmas gift from my partner, along with u2 subscription ,from Scotland I travelled to Italy , Germany ,Paris & Wales to see these guys ,, on the 360 tour and every one was amazing and different in their own ways & I shit u not ,, if U2 still own the claw ... Then they should do it all over again & keep the best ever tour on record ,, thanks guys , hope to see u very soon
14 years ago!!!
02.12.97 Foro Sol - 11, 14 y 15.05.11 Estadio Azteca
From the Ground Up just arrived! What a wonderful gift! The book is amazing, only had the time to listen to 2 tracks but so far the CD is stunning. The Edge sure knows how to pick em! Many thanks to all at U2.
A moment of surrender.
This is a fantastic gift it is insightful and colourful an incandescent moment. I would like to see the Glastonbury set as a DVD and CD as the next promotional item.
Edges Picks are full of such an Energy..
THANK YOU...for this beautyfull Book...what an Eyecatcher... What a great live CD...Electrical Storm in my blue room... This 15 Songs never sounds better ! Lets Dance and I will follow to the next Gift..
p e r r r f e k t !
Best gift to date and all of them were great. Wonderful package and a great selection of songs that are not obvious choices. One wish remains: bring on the stingray as a Download, please...
Perfect tour,rock band! I saw in Milan, Vienna, East Rutherford x 3. No1.surprise!
Believing in yourself
Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill me definitely belonged to the greatest surprises of the 360 Tour. Listening to it on the cd, I am always amazed by its mindblowing power and heavy guitar sounds. With lyrics clearly mocking stardom, this song is a stunning example of Bono´s preference for irony during the 90s, revealing belief and self doubts at once. This masterpiece is glamorous, raw, uncompromising and loud.
The Edge is a mad genius
Love the selection, I have never heard In Your Blue Room before. I hit repeat on that, Breathe, Hold me, and Sunday.It was well worth the wait Thank you again. I received this early in January but I didn't open it because I got the flu. I just open the package three days ago and finally got around to listening to the cd.
I received my "From the Ground UP" book/Cd and OMG, I devoured it! Ifelt like I was right there again! OMG! 6 shows, 6 cities, 3-2009, 3-2011. I posted it on FACEBOOK to all my U2 friends, I played the CD/EDGE's picks over and over. then I went up and constructed an IPOD listing of my fav 2009 concert from U22 and Edges picks AND my fav 2011 show! Now I soar back to those over and over, LIVE! OH THE MEMORIES. THANK YOU SO MUCH.
~Don't Have To Go Blind, Takes A Crowd T
EPIC! You don't have to live to die either :p
What Next! Full length concert on DVD in
How can you top that. Thank you for an amazing gift. Next up a full length concert on DVD in 3D- either Sydney concert would be great. THank you again and heres hoping for another 30 years of love....lol.
I love your selection The Edge
what memories! I want to go to another concert soon.
Breathtaking! Empolgante Demais!!!
09 April, 2011, Brazil ... also were there ... beneath the sound of this powerful song ... unforgettable! Dia 09 de abril de 2011, Brasil...também estávamos lá...debaixo do som desta poderosa música...inesquecível! Obrigado U2!
I was thereeee
U2 is the best!!!
It was the best concert of my life, my brother, my friends and I had traveled from Peru to enjoy the best band in the world and ended up very excited. It was wonderful, impossible to describe in a few words. Viva U2 carajo!!!
MARCH 25, 2011!!!! The concert of our lives!!!!! Me and many Peruvians flew down to Santiago (and ONE of us traveled by bus for about 5 days, round trip:):):)) .........THANK YOU, U2(PARTY OF 4)!!!!!
father ted
thank you edge
A fantastic live album with all the tracks i wanted to hear after what was picked for u22.
karl 20
what time in the world SHOWTIME thanks u2.com for a trully brilliant gift and thanks for giving us a great life
Absolutely awesome!
To have it heard it at Azteca Stadium, to be able to remember those years back when it became a success cause of the video and the movie, to listen to that music only Edge can create and the accompaniment from Larry and Adam all along. Watching Bono flying, hahaha. Favour? What about another fantastic, great, superb DVD as amasing as the 360 in USA? Please, "it takes a crowd to cry..."
In your face!
This song was truly a surprise on the setlist and it made the crowd go wild and beasty! It's raw, it's unpolished, it's great!! Greetings from the Netherlands
Great Song
This is and your blue room are my favourite tracks on the CD
It really is an amazing roaring of rock that U2 have provided us with in the past. Those heavy bass and guitar riffs with pounding drums and cheeky lyrics is what I hope U2 reinvent themselves with once again.
the title?
Whau! impossible to forget this song live! I saw in rome 0.8-10-10, the most beautiful concert of my life! U2 SPERO DI INCONTRARVI UN GIORNO!!! VIVA ITALIA,VIVA U22222
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