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Aug 15 2010
Horsens, DK / Casa Arena
with Snow Patrol

Was special for several reasons tonight: we had one of the loudest audiences of the tour, we had the Crown Prince of Denmark, we had supermodels and we had Snow Patrol in the house.(It felt a bit like a reunion, after all the shows they joined us for in 2009.)

The Return of the Stingray Guitar is proving an inspired way to open the show followed by Beautiful Day and, like Glastonbury, the other new song embedding itself in the set list, it's getting a sensational reception.

Hard to match the reception for these words though: 'Thank you for having us back to your land of islands,' explained Bono. 'Always a thrill for us, not just because we have so many friends here but because you really are such generous people in your welcome to this band and in your support of the poor and vulnerable in far off places'.

'Plus we like the way your royals carry themselves - welcome to Crown Prince Frederik and Mary.'

Special mention also tonight to 'our friend and hero' Helena Christensen: 'She has been working tirelessly for the ONE campaign as well as the Chernobyl Children's Project... please let me, in front of her family, toast Helena.
'I mean, what is it with rock stars and supermodels? We've so much in common - tall, thin, good-looking'

All the way to With or Without You this show was something else, and by then we had the band on stage with the audience singing to them. By the time we reached Moment of Surrender, no-one wanted to leave. Quite a night.

We'll leave it up to those of you who were at the show to tell us which tracks you thought were the stand-outs.

Were you there? Add your own review of the show and post your photos.

Beautiful Day in Melbourne
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The best show ....ever! Between "City Of Blinding Lights" and "Vertigo" Mr. Bono saw our banner and made a comment..... the man has a sence of humor......;)
Must be the best ever
Once more, by car to the other end of the world, or Denmark, to see these guys perform there ass of on stage. Whi needs drugs, once more you gave all you had, and we took it all in, I was high for a week after this concert, and I am already looking forward to the next time our way crosses. Bono you make me feel proud to be a Dane :-)
His Bonoship
Who´s gonna ride your wild Horsens?
Well, U2 certainly did!!! It was my 6th show since 1987 in Gothenburg and this time I brought my 2 sons (19 and 14); we had Red Zone tickets and that was quite amazing til be so close and up front! My sons too thought it was a FANtastic concert! Highlights for us: NYDAy,The Unforgettable Fire, Vertigo, I´ll go crazy and Hold me, thrill me.. Please come back to Denmark next year - now that you have at least 2 new fans in Denmark :-)
Thanks for stopping by....
My first U2-concert... but not my last :-D
Peter Nordsmark
A happy birthday
My daugther Judit cellebrated her 16 year birdsday august 15 in Horsens in redzone with me. She was very happy and agree with me that U2 are the best band this world ever seen. I shot a kind of wiard picture with Judit and Bono, but in fact Its a real birdsday dream comming true. (Now with foto...)
Peter Nordsmark
A happy birdsday
My daugther Judit cellebrated her 16 year birdsday august 15 in Horsens in redzone with me. She was very happy and agree with me that U2 are the best band this world ever seen. I shot a kind of wiard picture with Judit and Bono, but in fact Its a real birdsday dream comming true.
U2 in Horsens 15-08-2010
U2 came, saw and gained the hearts and souls of the Danish audience, who lost track of time, place and space for 2 hours and 20 min. As a sign of the support of the Danish audience, a journalist said on the Danish national television "it would be easier to get away with criticizing Jesus than cirticizing Bono & U2" !! This is not an over statement - simply just a signal of the strong, strong support from the Danish audience and the Danish people. The best track that night was Magnificient & Miss Sarajevo - and the when nobody would stop singing I still havn't found what I'm looking for. An unforgettable U2 summer night. Best Regards Helle, Denmark
What a night, what a show
What to say - You guys rock my socks... (My 4th koncert with U2 and the best ever)
Front row in horsens
Thanks guy`s for giving me one off the best times off my life, fab. show standing at the front row. Your music have had a special place in my heart for 25 years, please com back soon.
Inner Circle
Another incredible show sunday - was there in Berlin last summer... Hold me kiss me Thrill me Kill me was the best surprise We where in the inner circle front row - amazing ! Here's my best picture from that night.
Fantastic show......
You made us proud to have known You for so many years......26 years I have followed You, and have went to 7 concerts along the way, with Gothenburg 1987 as the first one.....;) I saw You in Dublin last year, and knew this concert would be different because of the much smaller stadium.....but I wasn't dissapointed.....You always manage to make the crowd feel as one, and that's huge.....;) The only thing I missed was, that You didn't get much around the circle, and we missed your entrance at Adams side.....I was a bit afraid that Bono's back made him take it slow.....c",) Thanks again for a great show, nearly 6 stars out of 6.....:)
The Shrangi-La of Rock
I have listened to the band in 25 years, I have all the albums, I have seen more than 10 concerts, I have used U2 an an inspiration in my life - to laugh, to cry, to move on, to reflect, to be a better person. But I have never felt the soul of the band so close to me, as I did in Horsens, never felt the music stronger and closer, and never heard the voice from the best rock-vocal in the world so strong. This was the Shrangi-La of rock. Standing close to the stage and the band, the lights shining on me as from Heaven, the sound hitting me as if angels where hammering their fists into my head. For the first time, I took my loved one to the concert, somehow hoping she would be able to understand the addiction of U2 as a basis in my life. It worked - we cried together during "I still haven´t found..." The unforgettable fire is still in me, and will always burn. Thank you and good luck with rest of the tour. And to all who is waiting - ShrangiLa is coming to you.
From the front row
I was standing in the front row between Bono and Adam it was magnificent. Adam was so cool.. playing the bass with a big smile on his face. It was amazing to see the four guys having a good time on stage. I loved the whole concert - but i missed ultaviolet. Thank you so much for a fantastic show. See you in Paris ;)
U2 Horsens Densmark 150810
Amazing koncert. Picture is when U2 enters the stage in Horsens, and you can see some dansih flags between the audience.
Lovely to see you again!!
Thanks ever so much for a fab fab fabulous Sunday night in Horsens, with an optimal set list where one could just Go Crazy on a Lovely Sunday With You guys…. Million thanks for a great experience once again
Michael Hartoft
Magnificent Horsens August 15th
Hello everyone at U2.com. How do they do it? Why is it, that U2 just keep getting better and better? I first saw them back in '93 in Copenhagen and Horsens was my 6th U2 concert, and I have never seen anything like the 360 tour. And, it's not only the stage (which is breathtaking), but Larry, Adam, The Edge and Bono where better than ever before. I thank you so much for making this night so beautiful and I thank Horsens for making everything around the concert perfect - much better than Copenhagen, even though, we have to drive for hours. Every song was great, but I especially remember the funky "I'll go crazy...with a part of Discoteque". It was great to see Larry walking around the stage with his drum. Also "Where the streets have no name" and "With or without you" stands out as big momnents. I loved the way the guys on stage looked almost embarrassed. And thanks for bringing back "Hold me, thrill me, kiss me, kill me", what a great live song. Having pointed out a few songs, I must say, that the set list was fantastic - and the two new songs fortunately shows, that U2 are ready for the future. I can't wait to see them again. Bono thanked the audience for giving them a great life - well, right back at you Larry, Adam, The Edge and Bono. THANK YOU. Michael Hartoft
360 degress WorldClass
There can only be One rockband One athmosphere One live One place and One better and carying world. What an experience! What a concert! What a setup and What an motivated rockband! Screw you - the journalists that focus on themself to get attension. Here's a band, that perform and entertain. And they care. Care about their fans. Care about human rights and those poor persons, that don't have their freedom and right to speak loud and clearly what they think and believe in! Care about the next generation. This concert was the best concert of all time. I want to join the crow - if Im of duty during the concert! I do hope your going on and give the rest of the world this wonderfull experience. Such a night! What a night.
Long lost songs...
I put a comment first here regards to my disappointment in the setlist, the common predictable setlist and how they just don't razzle dazzle it up anymore and do the same redundant songs. U2.com needless to say didn't post my comments,... WHY? Are they all about not being loyal to those who have been loyal to them for so long? I have to say, yes, this stage is amazing and all.. but, the selection of songs was far better in previous tours, more energetic and less predictable. This list was pretty much what they did all last year, minus a few. Time to shake it up boys... LISTEN TO YOUR FANS PLEASE!!
Miss you already
Hi U2 We are two sisters sitting at home talking about the great experience it was to be at the concert last night. Dreamming about going to NY next summer. Loved the Moment of surrender...it´s been on my mind since leaving the concert. And was also really enjoying Glastonbury too. Looking forward to hear more of that :-) My sister cried while hearing In a little while so thats her favorite of the night. Miss you already ...so hopefully we will see you next year.
August 15th...
Cracking show - U2 were up for it, as were the crowd. Best track? Not a simple choice, but will give it to Vertigo (as the album version sounds a bit tame now)...if only we could've sung a bit more of "With or Without You"...
Horsens, us and U2
Your are the greatest band ever! :-) We had a 'Magnificent' night at Casa Arena Horsens sunday 15. aug - a total big 'Moment of surrender'! Our first U2 concert ever and we 'found what we were looking for' and we felt as 'ONE' when we went 'Crazy' that night.! Thank you U2 - your music will 'thrill' us constantly from now on! Michael & Line
Yay! It was a great night last night. Would have loved to see the band again tonight! You´re amazing - I loved everything about the show. The lights were spectacular, the sound was great from where I sat (to the left of the stage on row 8) - and the weather was great. The band needs no further introduction - you´re fantastic as usual! Gotta love those Irish lads!! Perfect! Thanks again for giving me the time of my life! A year ago (exactly on the 15th of August!) I went to the Wembley stadium - that was awesome!!! Where do we meet next year? ;o) Stay cool.
U2 Horsens Denmark
A fantastic performance, whit music in high high standard, whit passion and hearth, i was just blown away........... When they played "Walk On" and Bono at the end of the song turned the song over in " You´ll never walk alone " i nearly stopped breathing, because the crowed responded and we just sang that beautiful song from the greatest foorball club Liverpool.....just fantastic Carsten Denmark
Best birthday EVER
August 15th was my 35 birthday ... and i spent it with you FANTASTIC guys. Thanks for making turning 35 the best day in my life (except the birth of my son)
August 15th was my 35 years birthday - and i spent it the best way EVER .... in Horsens with you fantastic guys , and 35.000 HAPPY people. THANKS for making turning 35 the BEST Pernille
once again u2 performed geniously
Once again I found myself totally in love with music coming from u2! No wonder why I've been a fan for more than 20 years (am 35). My best moment from this Sunday in Horsens was ONE - especially when I once again could share the moment with my husband:-) Unfortunately my cell didn't do well on photos this evening - I keep the pictures in my mind:-) LOVE you - please come back soon!
The stage in shades of gray.
The visual and the sound came together so beautiful.. Thank you..:-)
Horsens 15.08.10
Thank you for a fantastic concert. I think it was my sixth concert with the best rockband in the world, U2. I was in Gelsenkirchen in the spring to see them too. Last night was much better because of a fantastic sound, a more relaxed band with a far better communication with their audience. In Gelsenkirchen I thought the stage was splitting up the band to much and they seemed to have a hard time working with and pleasing the crowd. Yesterday they managed to play together as a band and connect with the audience. They played really tight. It was fantastic to hear classics like Bloody Sunday and With or Without you with a reborn energy. But Streets is always one of the best songs - what an energy! The Unforgettable Fire was so beatiful - that guitar!!! But I Must say that I am one of the fans that misses some of the non-hit singles in the set like Zooropa, Ultraviolet, Acrobat, Love is Blindness, All I Want is You, Bullet the Blue Sky, A Sort of Homecoming, The Ocean, Out of Control etc. I would not mind if some of these songs was in the set instead of Crazy tonight, Get on Your Boots, Vertigo, Hold me, Thrill me... and Elevation. They are not part of their greatest moments to me. They should also play Breathe and Unknown Caller. I think they are great live songs and the 2 best songs from the latest album. Thank you for a great show again - amazing. Lars :)
Thank You
Thank You for a beautiful and fantastic evening sunday i Horsens. Love from Anita
Hey Guys. Thanks again for a PERFECT night in Horsens Sunday. I enjoyed every minute and still I have this wonderful feeling and memory. You guys are DEFINITELY THE BEST. Still going strong. And what at sound. THANKS - looking forward to hopefylly seeing you again soon. Patti
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