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Aug 30 2010
Vienna, AT / Ernst Happel Stadium
After the briefest of five day breaks and the journey from Russia, the 360 Tour is underway again tonight in Vienna, Austria and the ninth show of the 2010 summer leg. Attendance records are broken at the Ernst Happel Stadium: 'On a Monday night - that's very rock and roll of you.'

Larry Mullen is a Friday night man, explains Bono. Edge definitely 'Saturday night' and Adam? ' Adam Clayton is definitely a Sunday night man... watching the Discovery Channel.'

Every Breaking Wave makes another appearance in the set tonight, after Still Haven't Found and there's a sweet lyrical twist in 'In A Little While' - 'when you've known her 28 years' - as Bono references his anniversary with Ali. And a tantalising burst of Discotheque at the end of 'Crazy' before the politically potent passage that features Sunday Bloody Sunday, MLK and Walk On with spoken or visual references to the people of Israel/Palestine, the Irish flag and Aung San Suu Kyi:'The Nelson Mandela of this time, she is in danger this night.'

That's a pretty broad-brush sketch of the set from us but if you were there tonight you'll have your own highlights and memorable moments. Add your reviews and upload your photos to below.

Beautiful Day in Melbourne
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The Unforgettable Day
The concert was awesome. I went to Vienna from Szeged, Hungary. That was my second U2 show during the 360° tour. Thanks for the memories, Larry Mullen Band! :-)
Flew from Chicago to Vienna for this con
And last year it was from Chicago to Berlin...and I must tell you, every single show is perfect...you walk away feeling like each and every time, on the 360 tour, that each show is the best I have ever seen....the sound, the visuals, the amount of time in the GA queue with the fans...is utterly perfect and legendary, and one for memory...Plus the band is absolutely spot-on musically....you will walk away, no matter your age, or anything else, thinking, wow, now that's the best! Thank you to the whole U2 organization, for the opportunity of tickets...
South Africans rocking in Vienna
Mates and I came all the way from sunny South Africa to see U2!! Awesome, mind blowing concert!! When are you guys coming back to SA!!!??? "Where the streets have no name"...no words to explain!
Greetings from Slovakia
It was a very good show, i want more.....maybe in Dublin :-)))
it was.....
good by U2, a foto from the end of the show. hope you come soon back at vienna
From Holland
We traveled to Vienna especially for the U2 show and a couple of days off. Great show. Still haven't found and One where definitely the highlights for the crows around us, right in front of the VIP stand. My personal highlights were Miss Sarajevo and Streets. Missed Batman :( Hopefully it's back for Brussels.
The concert was magnificent
Thank you for unforgettable vening. We love U2 forever !!!
The concert were magnificent
Thank you for unfogettable evening. We lov U2 forever !!!
Victorious Vienna
I thought nothing would come close to a home coming gig of U2's but Vienna came very close. It was a glorious evening, the atmosphere created by the crowd was amazing, a mexican wave that seemed to go on for ever and ever. The show, the music, the displays were all amazing and it was fantastic to hear some of the new material live, " Breaking Dawn " this will become a classic and equally has the potential to become as a big a hit as " ONE ". I would like to thank the locals for their hospitality and making the night one that will not be forgotten. Voctorious Vienna !
Never disappointing
It was freezing in Vienna, but the guys made it so worth it as usual. I wish I could follow them around the world on tour. Thank you U2 for another AMAZING show! The world loves you.
Very, very happy
Dear U2.com, thank you very much for showing this great video with the fans singing along during "Sunday Bloody Sunday". As I already said in my review, I found an amazing place on the right side of the front row very close to Adam. Being so near to U2 gave me the feeling to be part of an adventure that "took me to that other place where I wanted to be" and I particularly loved repeating Bono;s lines together with so many others. I will always remember the moment when Bono put his hand on his chest and said before singing "I Still Haven;t Found...": "I am just very happy to be here. Very, very happy."
hope you come back soon! Since I was 14 years old it was my biggest wish to see you, I love your music, there is nothing better! great show!!! thanks
After Berlin and 2 times in London Vienna was great as well! Hope to catch you guys in the US in 2011!!!!
Croatia loves U2 - again
Great set list, great performace, Bono was on fire, really lifted up the place. Every fans dream! Every Breaking Wave was magic, hope you release it soon.
Thank you U2
The best gig ever for me. Drove from Annecy France on Sunday 680 miles.Got to hotel and had to take roof rack off the car as it wouldn't get into the car park (very un rock and roll). Prayers answered it didn't rain -PTL. unlike Tuesday!!! Our youngests first U2 gig...He loved it -nearly fell off shoulders moving to Vertigo but City of Blinding Lights was best moment for him... For us (mum and dad) it was all brilliant - Amazing grace - Thank you
After the CONCERT
We were out of control. :-)))))))))))) Thank you boys!
WOWY - Magic Microphone
Thank you Guys for being the best Band in the World.....Come back soon! :)
Magic Moments.....Thank you for beeing the best Band in the World! Hope you´ll come back some Day!
what can I say; there is always light at the beginning and end of the u2 tunnel in Vienna
We went from Frankfurt to Wien - only to be with you. The show was great, Bono was extraordinary (...cool, sexy, famous...)! But we missed Glastonbury, maybe we can get it in Zürich 1 or München ;o) Thank you!!!
it's very rock'n'roll of you
thanks for playing on Monday night . You should come to Prague again tho :-)
Hello hello I'm at a place called Vertig
Peter Nordsmark
Alone in pit
First in the pit after a messy queue was quite an experience in my U2-gig nr. 37. I was alone in the pit for aprox 10 sec and found front row in front of Bono. And what a night for me little Dane and my whife from Iran. Again the band was amaizing playing with nerve and intensity without limits and Bono grips us in front row (foto). Being in front row with U2...no words can tell... thanks to U2 for being aLIVE. And a special thanks to Adam who seems to like my white Popmart cap. San Sebastian next one... LuvU2...Nazita and Peter-DK
What a night in Vienna!!!
My first show outside Scandinavia and it was amazing. A little bit cold but the band and the audience made it feel like a sauna. Best song without a doubt- Ultraviolet. Thanks a lot for this memorable evening.
Magnificent Gig in VIENNA
It was really Beautiful Day in Vienna,my 8th U2 live gig and I must say my favorite so far!!! Bono was estatic and full of energy and the rest of the band was on the highest level possible...I'm still shakeing after 2 days! Thanks Guys and God Bless You All!!!! See you in about two weeks from now at Stade De France in Paris!!!
Wien ist rocking
Second show of the tour first being Sheffield last year. Different Atmosphere (Sheffield was a bit wilder Vienna a bit more emotional, probably just me :0 and may be related to the different quantities of beer consumed lol) but just as awsome. Ultraviolet was fantastic made my night to hear it again, this live version is genius. Bad into Streets (ala Elevation tour) should be mandatory its just one of the most magical combinations in music history :)
The wave
Wow! What a night to pick for my very first live U2 experience after being a fan since 1987. The wave and rhythmical clapping about 20 mins non-stop before kick-off, crowd going absolutely bonkers from second one - from inner circle up to the nosebleeds. The joy of the audience spreading to the band, who were in the best shape. Emotional highlights: Bono asking Edge if he was ok when his guitar went out of tune due to the cold. Bono showing appreciation for German. Bono singing and acting his heart out as if there never had been an injury. A 75000 souls strong choir singing "I still haven't found what I'm looking for" and Bono listening and watching with his arms drawn up to his chest in awe. Bono singing the high notes in Miss Sarajevo making a real opera singer proud. Edges solos. MLK from my personal wish list was played. And the claw, looking like a heavy spaceship, but when it comes alive it acts gently like a ballet dancer. A true piece of art. The wind and stingin cold? Who cared anyway at the point of "Ground control to major Tom"... I'm sooo grateful for this memorable evening. A night for a lifetime.
This evening was more than fantastic, great show, great music, great people. Thanks to all new members of one.org!
Great concert in Vienna ... terrific, amazing, excellent. I am happy I could be there !!! Thank you guys :))))
Great, great show!!!
Best Monday night in my life! Bands great mood was all over the place! Sound was much better than 2009 leg. Thanke you U2! And thanx to Kity from Canada and others who were working on queue organisation, it almost worked! :) Best regards from Zagreb!
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