U2360° TOUR

Aug 25 2010
Moscow, RU / Luzhniki
with Snow Patrol

Given the weather tonight, it's no surprise that Bono spends a lot of the time extemporising about 'singing in the rain' - and despite the inclement conditions, this first ever U2 show in Moscow turned into a party.

The set list was mixed up again with The Return of the Stingray Guitar the only new track on show. But then none of these fans have heard any U2 songs played live on their home soil, so every song was making its debut tonight.

'What a time we've had in this extraordinary city of yours,' reflected Bono before 'Still Haven't Found'. 'We've spent some time with dancers, artists and singers. An amazing singer, Yuri Shevchuck, is with us tonight. What a great man!'

Adam has been checking out 'The Garage', he explains , referring to an art gallery in the city. 'Have you been hanging out in karaoke bars?' he asks Larry, receiving confirmation with a smile and a bow. 'Larry Mullen Jnr moving to Moscow!' (That went down well..) 'Edge,' he continued, ' Edge has been hanging out with astronauts in Moscow, they're really cool. He's our rocket scientist.'

Bono mentions that 'President Medvedev could not have been more gracious to me', referring to their meeting yesterday and then has a shout-out to a C20th political legend, who is at the show tonight.'I'd like to introduce a great hero of ours - he has been a friend of mine for ten years - Mikhail Gorbachev is in the house!'

There's also a big shout-out from the stage for the Irish Ambassador to Russia, Philip McDonagh.

Despite the moist conditions, the atmosphere is electric amongst this, the biggest crowd at a rock show in this country here since Pink Floyd played two nights in the 1980's. And whatever album the songs come from, this is an audience that knows its U2 and knows its music.

It's a moving moment when the Declaration of Human Rights spools across the screens during MLK and when the Amnesty International lanterns spotlight the plight of Aung San Suu Kyi and the people of Burma. 'From Burma Action and Amnesty International, let's hold her up. Let's tell the powers that be that they can't touch her, she belongs to us..'

The stadium doesn't have a roof, just as well. With or Without You would have taken it off. 'I wanna thank everyone, every artist, every President. People who let us into their lives. Thank You Moscow.'

And that's the cue for something a bit special.

Yuri Shevchuck, no stranger to this audience and a household name here, arrives on stage as Edge and Bono begin strumming the chords to Bob Dylan's Knocking on Heaven's Door. 'You might know this man...' explains Bono. Yuri sings in both Russian and English and this audience is not just knocking - it's in seventh heaven.

Before Moment of Surrender brings the show to a close, Bono takes a pause to speak of Frank de Winne in the Space Station, an emblematic feature of U2360, and the people of this country.

'There's this beautiful country of Russia, ancient and modern,

People who've fought their fires and people who've lost their lives,

And we play this under the Milky Way for the people who died in those fires...'

A special night in Moscow. Were you here? Write your own review and post your photos below.

If you weren't here tonight, see what everyone else is saying.

Beautiful Day in Melbourne
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A Family Experience
I've followed the band for 30 odd years, I have a love for Russia from learning history in school. I went to Russia in 1997 and loved it, this year I went to Moscow with my wife and brought my 3 kids, aged 12, 10, and 3, we all went to the gig and were on the pitch....what a night, i loved the show and i loved the city, my kids loved everything they experienced in Moscow.....memories for all of us for years to come... derek mollison
U2 in my heart
The greatest show I've ever seen! The greatest example of true friendship, inspiration, creation, glory & successful transcontinental business! Waiting for you in Saint Petersburg. We love you!
the only way to get wet
Moscow gig security it is great to read willie's account of the enormous number of soldiers at the venue.... i was in red zone A -completely loving the whole thing despite/because of the rain...U2 excellent, exhilarating and all things amazing.. had to get water -left the zone, walked back to the security chess board of soldiers for my water bottle purchase -began to dance, a 20+ stone, 48 yr old welshman in an achtung baby t-shirt- soaked and dancing -to be greeted by a soldier who'd broken ranks to stop me -i stepped back 2/3 paces it was fine to dance -i stepped forward 2 paces -no dancing -it was all done with a smile but the knowledge that he had the authority to decide that the sodden space i stood in was or wasn't a dance zone -glorious SPACIBO!! loved it
Rock - best music!
My most favourite band ever!!! Tthank you for this MAGIC concert!I really felt outspaced!!!I don't know English (and this message is translated by the girl Lena who was at concert as well), but it didn't really matter! Gig was so sincere and soulful! i've got urge to get to another gig but there's no possibility to follow you on tour! Please, Do come again to us! We need you lotta! Be healthy,exited and inspired by life! P.S. Bono is the man with big heart!! p.p.s there were ppl from many places of CIS at U2 in Moscow who are still outspaced))
Wonderfull night
Thanks a lot for Moscow show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That was a unique concert!!!!!!!! I still see it when I close my eyes :))))) U2 is just a magic !!!!!!!!!!!!
U2 rocked in Moscow
There is no distant to far to see U2 live, but coming to Moscow and see the band for over 80,000 people in the former Olympic stadium was very special. I have seen U2 in many cities around the globe, but that evening was memorable. Even so the rained poured from the moment U2 put foot on stage, the band played their heart out for their fans. Thank you! There is no other band that would do it like they did - "Where the streets have no names". Wherever U2 plays, streets do have names. I came with my 72 year old mother and she enjoyed the concert as much as I did. This was a special concert in unique place in an interesting city. Thank you - U2 - Fan of over 30 years and counting.
Thank You! Thank You VERY MUCH!!!! It was AMAZING!!! It was the most beautiful show in our country!!! It's true! No words, only crazy emotions! Special Thanks for Miss Sarajevo... All songs - the best! Milky Way was so touching... We love You very-very much! All of our ONE big heart! Please, come back in our country sometime! We will be waiting for You...
Thank You! Thank You VERY MUCH!!!! It was AMAZING!!! It was the most beautiful show in our country!!! It's true! No words, only crazy emotions! Special Thanks for Miss Sarajevo... All songs - the best! Milky Way was so touching... We love You very-very much! All of our ONE big heart! Please, come back in our country sometime! We will be waiting for You...
I love you so much Bono! Thank you for what you have in this world!!! Just Sing .... sing your angelic voice ... And please ... come again .... we will wait
Thanks for the dream come true
Oh, guys, I have waited for you for 15 years... Thank you so much for this grandiose show!! Thank you for everything you do for our world! God bless you! You are the biggest love of my life :) Kisses, Tanya
singing in the rain
So beautiful.. night, music, people, rain.. Rain! Fantastic, magical rain... I have been to many u2 concerts over the world but it was my best. Thank you guys for the first-ever russian show. Thank you for one of the happiest days in my life. It's a great memory.
Not probably briefly to describe all those feelings which overflow me after a concert! It was simply fantastic show as if all stadium has left a planet the earth and it has appeared somewhere in depths of space. Setlist was simply remarkable, I have heard old (Beautiful Day, New Year's Day, Mysterious Ways, Elevation, With Or Without You, One), and new favourite songs (Magnificent, Moment Of Surrender). Separate thanks for Miss Sarajevo - I was on the top of the world from radosti:-) Thank you very much!!!
Thank you very mach!!!
The magic concert, it for a long time remains in memory)))))))))))))))))))))))0
thank you very much!!!!!!
Show grandiose! Especially when all stadium has lit screens of mobile phones... The stadium has turned to the star sky under a song one
It was unforgettable!
Thanks for such invaluable gift. One positive emotions Come to Moscow again!!!!!!!!!!))))))))))))))))))
Fantastic concert!
Thank you very much! The dream came true. It was outstanding, ours first U2 live gig, even rain couldn't spoil it and only added dramatic effect. You are absolutely the best "stadium" band in the world. After a week I still couldn't forget this night. Incredible! Also we heard Bono's back hurt during show, he's the man. We are so sorry about poor weather which may effect his recovering, but that's life. Anyway we hope you enjoyed our crowd as much as we enjoyed U! You know some people arrived from distant part of the country - Magadan, Habarovsk, Vladivostok, only to be at this concert. I know some pregnant girls who was there. Awesome, isn't it? So, once again, huge warm thank you! And see you soon! From Russia (and all USSR former republic) with love!
Just awesome! Thanks to the Almighty!!!
Oh, I don't have many words to describe this show:incredible, magnificent, wonderful! We'd waited for this for so long and finally it happened. I was blown away by how energetic the band was and how they all made us just forget about everything and feel the amazing U2 music. The fact that some songs were dedicated to such great people as Aung San Suu Kyi or the moment when Nelson Mandela appeared on the screen made this show awesome and this show can justly be called the best of the year!!! Long live U2 and you're always welcome in Russia!!!
Athens tomorrow!
We'llbe there tomorrow! we married 21aug! u2 concert will be our honeymoon.our baby in the belly'll hear u tomorrow! BONO remember us!!! pierfrancesco e francesca from italy
Thank you!
Thank you very much for coming to Russia! I came to Moscow from Saint Petersburg to see you, but it’s not so far away. I know that people all around the country even from Siberia and Vladivostok went to the capital just to see your show. We couldn't even dream that you can come to our country. As many fans here I bought my ticket 9 months before and counted days until your coming. I was lucky to be in the first row of the circle (its another story how i got in, because we waited since 7 a.m. just in front of Luzhniki to be there and then at 4 p.m. police came and kicked us out (more than 350 people) of the area and to the huge crowd of people who waited in the front gates, and we had to wait and then had to run about 2 kilometers from the gates to the stadium to the circle and then wait again... But it was worthy. I really wanted to see your eyes, wanted to see how natural and sincere you are. And it was indescribable! Beautiful, sincere, you're not faking, thank your for that! And the rain, the sound... In a Little While + Miss Saraevo were especially beautiful! And "One" of course. I've always respected you for your stand on issues and your dedication to helping others. It was not just the show, it was act of kindness, love and mercy. Thank you for the "Amazing grace" at the stage, it was so important for me! In our country of 70 years of atheism we lost our faith, our priest and authorities use faith to their advantage, they can only talk. But you’re not only talking, you’re doing a lot of great things! Thank you for all of those volunteers who gathered signatures for the drug against HIV. You teach us how to be and how to act like a human, like an image of God. Special thanks for inviting Yuri Shevchuk to perform with you. It was… just amazing! I think no one, but he could only sing with you in Russia. He is great musician and what is amazing not only your voices match together, but your views and beliefs. I hope you’ll have an opportunity to get to know him better. Thank you so much! IIt's been more than a week, but i'm still exited! You’ve changed me. You’ve changed all 75 thousands people who were there. Thank you for sharing love and light with us! Please, come again soon!
Many thanks for you and for your FANTASTIC show in Moskow!!!See you in St.Petersburg)))
Thank you guys! It was amazing! We were waiting for you many years and we got the best show! The rain couldn’t stop you and it became a part of show. I think you must create the DVD “360 under the rain”. I hope we will see you in Moscow again. God Bless You!
Beautiful ...rain!
When you "Singin' in the rain" you realy burn my heart and brain.
Dreams Do Come True
The show was very touching and sincere, I feel as I know you guys personally now, not a shadow of arrogance, impeccable performance! We have come from the south of Russia for this show after waiting for you for 14 years, have made a vast campaign to leave our small kid at home, bought tickets 8 months before the show and I'm happy to be there that night! But Russia is not that simple, is it? I would give a lot to know what you really think of the concert in Moscow. We were at the stands and not everybody was dancing and singing there but I saw people, men, with wet eyes, not able to embrace all those emotions, when it was over and the lights went on people just could not say a word! And this deed with Yury Shevchuk, special thanks for that, I hardly know a person who does not respect him in Russia. Larry, Edge, Bono, Adam and all people who created and are supporting this huge show - THANK YOU!
I've arrived from far far away city of Odessa which is in a neighbour to Russia country - Ukraine. I made 1300 km just for the special occasion to see U2 themselves, an event or better say - a meeting, that i've never ever could dare to dream!! And it was MAGNIFICENT!!!!! Pouring rain made the show sparkling and the music extremely sensetive!! I lost my voice for two days and still could not recover from the cold, but it is the happiest illness i've ever had!! =)) GREAT THANKS from me and all ukrainians that were present in Moscow that day!!! Bless you!! Nina
I've arrived from far far away city of Odessa which is in a neighbour to Russia country - Ukraine. I made 1300 km just for the special occasion to see U2 themselves, an event or better say - a meeting, that i've never ever could dare to dream!! And it was MAGNIFICENT!!!!! Pouring rain made the show sparkling and the music extremely sensetive!! I lost my voice for two days and still could not recover from the cold, but it is the happiest illness i've ever had!! =)) GREAT THANKS from me and all ukrainians that were present in Moscow that day!!! Bless you!! Nina
From Wales to Moscows
A Christmas present of Tickets to see U2 in Moscow, how do I top that this year? Having seen U2 in Cardiff and on DVD from the Rose Bowl I can say that nothing compared to being in Moscow. Truely a once a lifetime experience. If you weren't their then you missed something very special. We arrived early at the stadium to be greeted by lines of Police and OMON, 2000 extra police drafted in, security was tight but OK to deal with. Straight on to the field and right to the front, how did we end up here? how great it will be. The set list was awesome, the noice from the fans fantastic, even for Snow Patol who were new to their ears. The boys were obviously enjoying every minute as they played their back catalogue, New Years Days, Pride and Bloody Sunday - three highlights. Around us Mocovites that had waited years for this moment translated from the screens for us and explained why having Yuri Shevchuck on stage was so special - need I say more. I need to check Yuri's music out, they guys said I must. Leaving the show lines of police and soliders directed the fans from the stadium and in to the metro - this was so efficient we didnt stand and wait once and we were in the resturant in the North of the centre of Moscow within the hour... how cool is that! Moscow and its people are fantastic - thank you for a great time. If you havent been - Go! We'll be back...
First of all I'd like to remind Bono - you promised not to let us wait for so long next time. What about September 2010?))) As for the concert - a piece of super music + super show, both ultra emotional and of highest quality. As we say sometimes "idiot's dream comes true" ))) Feel myself a bit changed. To wait for this since early 90's and to see something much much more than expected...priceless! It was really cool to listen live to some songs that I qualify as "Unwritable by a human being" - "Sunday Bloody Sunday", "With or Without You", "Ultraviolet" etc. These sound like Bono stole them right from heaven. Well, still no problem with copyright ))) Thank you, thank you, thank you! Go on as long as you feel ok with it.
U2 in Moscow (We were there)
Thanks for a concert!!! Come still! At us class rains:)
Thank you for this fabulous day! But to say "thank u" - it says nothing about feelings that I feel and to say "fabulous" - it says nothing about feelings what we've lived through. It was something supernatural and nothing in my life hasn't changed me so high. 3 days after the concert was like a dream: in my head - words of your songs, that so important for me, in my legs - lightness and sweet pain, smile on my face and tears in my eyes. I know about greek theater a lot, about it's salutary influence and catharsis. But I have never experienced a catharsis in the theaters, where I was. And on August the 25th, I felt myself purified and renewed. You made me pure inside When you arrived to Moscow, we met you at the hotel. And I wanted to tell you a lot, but my whole vocabulary vanished somewhere. I was able to collect with thoughts only when Bono came to us, but still I could only say "you are a great musician" U2 ARE GREAT MUSICIANS
Thank you, U2
The gig in Moscow was the best show I had ever been to in my whole life. I was happy to hear my favourite "Sunday Bloody Sunday", and it was enriched with new meanings compared to those it had in the original version. It is generally interesting to observe how U2's songs sound differently in different times, different contexts, different audiences. And how the romantic, the erotic is more and more replaced by the social, the political, the humanitarian. Those who ignore the latter aspect of U2's creativity, actually ignore U2. We may not necessarily agree on all particular points. For instance, as concerns Russia, is democracy the only answer, especially if it is first of all democracy in the name, and what democracy are we developing actually, and should the personality of Mikhail Gorbachev be regarded in such a categorically positive light, etc. Still, one cannot but respect the effort made by Bono and U2 to make this world a better place. "Miss Sarajevo" sounded very moving. The motif of war intruding upon peaceful life transcends times and cultures, and unfortunately it is still as relevant. In our culture one of the most expressive and known instances corresponding to that motif is school leavers walking around on the night of their graduation, the night of June the 22nd, 1941 when war broke out. A day after the concert I switched on TV and saw a program devoted to "The Cranes Are Flying", a famous Soviet film where war dramas are shown in a most personal, intimate way. U2, thank you for the concert, for your great songs, for a chance to reflect upon some important topics.
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