U2360° TOUR

Aug 21 2010
Helsinki, FI / Olympia Stadium
with Razor Light

Bit of a damp start to the proceedings tonight but the rain held off once the band arrived on stage and there were lots of firsts in Helsinki with 'I Will Follow' and 'Pride' making their bow on this leg and the arrival of another new song, Every Breaking Wave - the fourth new track debuted on the European dates.
'Like every breaking wave on the shore, this is as far as I can reach...' A beautiful acoustic number, evidently still a work in progress, with Bono saying to Edge as they jammed towards the end, 'break down the chords to the middle eight again...'
'No-one has heard that before,' he added, 'Not even us.' We'll all be hearing it again.
For the non-Finns among you, Aleksis Kivi is the national author of Finland and everyone here knows of his legendary C19th novel Seven Brothers. But there's only four brothers in U2, observed the singing brother. 'On my left, on bass guitar, the Aapo of this band, Adam Clayton; behind me on the drums, Lauri Mullen Jnr; to my right on lead guitar, The Eero... and who does that make me, I'm somewhere between Simeoni and Juhani...'
Special thanks to Razorlight, out in Finland for these shows. 'Sorry it has taken us so long to come back to your country. We won't take so long the next time.'
Were you at the show in Helsinki tonight? Post your own review and add your photos below.

Beautiful Day in Melbourne
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21.8.2010 Helsinki
The Show was great!!! I don´t never forget it!!! It was memorable to hear people to singing songs that i have heart meny times.I was singin too and LAUD! Ofcause the new song,EWERY PREAKING WAVE was great !!!
Best concert of 2010!
Went to both shows and the one in Paris.... but this show was the best by far!, just by including a few new songs made it become a great show even though it was drizzling. And the amazing picture underneath says it all :D
I was in Helsinki Olympic Stadium sat. 21 August on your GREAT SHOW with my common-law wife and we was very flattered all night.WOW!! It was first time when we saw your show and especially to me it was very, very, very unforgettable happening, which I remember rest of my life. I have been U2 fan from 1984 and I have wished that I sometimes to get see U2 in live concert. And now it finally happened. I'm so very very happy your rousing show and my common-law wife too. Any words don't enough to say what that your show left to ours souls. Thank you very much. I hope that your come very in Finland. Best wishes Eki&Hanne
Helsinki 21.8.2010
I was faund wat i am login for. Bono,Edge,Adam and Lary.
I felt amazing vibrations tonight...incredible show...I love I Will Follow! and I love to sing in the rain... ;-)
U2 forever
I´ve been three times in the inner circle of the stage, once in Gothenburg and twice in Helsinki. Every time something touches my soul. Something joyful, graceful, hopeful... I can´t explain what it is, but I miss to be back in the inner circle and sometimes tears comes to my eyes when I remember the atmosphere and the joy I had with my friends. The song Where the streets have no name is so powerful that it is impossible to stand still. It goes through me.
4 brothers,
Thank you for an amazing concert here in Helsinki!! I love your music, in particular the last three albums! I'm a student of world politics and really liked how you referred to human rights issues in your show. Keep up the great work you're doing!! -E-
Out of words again. You're so great guys. Thank you so much. I'll wait for you 'till the next time...
The knowledge during his first visit to Chile during the Pop Mart tour and I fell in love. Until 2006, when at last I could see live, live during the Vertigo Tour.Son you a professional and everything was just perfect, excellent acoustics, good show, scenic rhythms are just a few teachers. So they improvised a song with a charango President Michele Bachelet our gift to them and that was very exciting. I look forward to seeing them again.
magnificent in finland!
thank u for two wonderful evenings in helsinki! 20/8 was really great! and 21/8... that concert makes me totally speechless....it just cant be better than that! ill keep this in my heart. "Only love, only love can leave such a mark"
Helsinki 1 & 2
<3 Thank You Thank You Thank You!!! <3 GREAT concerts, GREAT shows! Please, come back soon!!!
Dear Lauri, Eero, Aapo and Juhani/Simeon
I absolutely loved both of your Helsinki gigs!! My top 3 songs were North Star, In A Little While and Every Breaking Wave. The ballads worked especially well! I hope to see you soon again in Helsinki!! :-) With love, Eveliina
Let it rain!
Thank you, U2, for blessing us with your music two nights in a row. I have been a fan since the 80's but these were my first live shows. What an experience! There is something very special about the atmosphere at a U2 concert. I'm sure it is felt on stage as well as in the audience. I've gotten a glimpse of it in concert videos, but now, having felt it live - - WOW! From the brilliant sunset during Beautiful Day on Friday to Saturday's sudden pouring of rain from the heavens at The Moment of Surrender - it was inspiring, exhilarating and deeply, deeply moving. Thank you!
One of the best weekends ever. :--)
We waited over 34 hours outside the Olympic Stadium but it was so worth it. One of the best bands in the world and I have to say, despite the fact I've seen many bands live, U2 is definetely something special. Now I'm so sick and tired but happy. Great music, great company, first row, great new friends. <3 I didn't go to Saturday's gig, 'cause I was broken but Pride and I Will Follow, omg I'm so resentful. Heard them outside the Stadium, but still. D:
On Helsinki 21st of August
THANK YOU FOR THE MAGNIFICENT CONCERT! We enjoyd every second regardless of the rain. We were hoping to hear Sunday bloody Sunday but maybe next time?
Magnificent... Singing in the Rain
Simply Magnificent! Even the rain could not dampen the spirit of the magical night and the fantastic concert. U2 was in top gear and kept us spellbound, and I just loved Bono when he was "Singing in the Rain". The entire show was completely mindblowing, this was the best concert I have been to in my entire life! From start to finish with all my favourite songs: Magnificent, Mysterious ways (GREAT graphics on the screen!!!), I still haven't found what I'm looking for (I sang my heart out!), Vertigo (Uno, Dos, Tres, Quatorze!). The song "With or withour you" has always been special to me, it's my all time favourite. Thank you for playing it, I was really moved... Loved also the brand new song "Every breaking wave". I have been a fan for over 20 years, and U2 are like a good bottle of wine: they only improve with age :-)
Saturday in Helsinki
It was the most magical concert I have ever been to! One of the most amazing moments of my life. Unbelievable. I was at the Friday's concert as well and it was great, but there was just something very special about Saturday's show. The rain, the light grey clouds.. And then the music.. It is impossible to describe. There were some funny moments as well, such as Bono singing “Singing in the rain” and excitedly kicking the rainwater from the stage. I miss U2 already... Come back soon!!! :)
Singing in the rain! ;-)
Lot of rain between Razoright and U2, kind of nothing during the show, except the shower at the end, and the stadium going with Bono "singing in the rain" to end this crazy wonderfu show, so cooooolll!!!! :-) Plenty of images still coming in our mind 2 days later, and it will last for long.
Helsinki 2
Great concert. 360 really is a Magnificent spectacle. I was in Sheffield exactly 12 months ago - that was the best U2 gig I have ever been to (personal preferences with the set list all fulfilled!!) However the crowd noise/reaction after Streets at Helsinki 2 was awesome - I have never heard anything like it. Keep up the good work and keep on touring.... Hope to see you again soon Cheers Alan
Helsinki, the second night
Here's a panorama I made of one of the finest moments of the evening.
Helsinki 2 = MAGIC
This was the best U2 concert I have ever been to. No other word than MAGIC does justice to this evening. Thank you U2!!!! Plus it did not hur getting a picture taken with the Edge
Olympiastion Helsinki
I`m a viking from Denmark that went to Finland to see both U2 shows in Helsinki. I love U2 and it was a very magnificent to be there. I must also say that the finnish people is awsome.
What a magical night
I went to the both shows. Somehow I think that the boys were a bit tired on the first night? There was not that fire that there usually is. Maybe it was the wait because of technical problems with the screen. But the the second night just exploded! It seemed that they were 110% to the show. Pride and where the streets have no name lifted the spirits just to new heights. It was really nice to hear hold me... in a concert after so many years. I'm hoping that you keep your promise to come for a visit sooner than before.
What a great show!!!
Thanks for the great show in Helsinki on Saturday! It was my first U2 concert and I'm more than happy now. The athmosphere was awesome on the sold out stadium and the setlist a positive surprise (it's nice that they have some variation)!! I really enjoyed, it was absolutely the BEST concert I've ever seen! Thank you guys very much and see you soon in Finland! I don't want to wait 13 years...:D
Helsinki 21.8.10
Thank you! Everything was big and loud, maybe little bit too loud for me, I stand near the stage, front of it. It was great concert, but not the best what I have seen in Olympic Stadium, Genesis was better 6/07, sorry!
Helsinki 1 & 2
I'm still totally amazed by the two shows I got to see last weekend! The first one was really good and the second one was totally amazing. I think it's the best one of the five shows I've seen so far. The only one coming close was the first one in Oslo 2005. I think the Irish weather we had in Helsinki on Saturday really made the boys do their very best to make the audience forget the conditions. Already during the Razorlight appearance you could sense that the evening was going to be special. The crowd was in it from the very beginning and nobody seemed to mind the rain. I'd so like to go to some more shows this summer but on the other hand I know that I'd end up comparing them to the one I got to see last Saturday together with one percent of the Finnish population! (Although there were lots of people from abroad, myself included)
Band Clips on Australia Gig
Was watching U2 vid clips and smiling at the band's comments on adventures to Australia. It's wonderful being able to pick up on the variable personalities. There's a genuineness that comes through for all. I was especially taken with Adam's comment about "hitting a couple cricket balls". Love the silly things we sometimes say when we're put on the spot. Thanks, Adam, for allowing my mind to quickly escape to treasured thoughts about children playing cricket in India and the beauty in their genuine (albeit challenged) smiles. Your laid back spirit and projected appreciation of life's simple pleasures was heartfelt. I guess as a member of a team it's important to find solace at times in the things, people and places that help to inspire us. Even if when we blurt them out they don't always make sense to others. I'm sure cricket holds a special place in your heart too.
Amazing night!
What a night Saturday was...even better than Friday, which was my best concert experience ever!! On Sat. I had seating tickets instead of Red Zone so I was able to see the whole stage and enjoy the full show! I really don't have words to describe it, you had to be there.
Best weekend of my life !!
Saw U2 for the very first time in my life 20/8 in Helsinki,25 years I´ve been waiting for that moment.New Year´s Day,my all-time favourite ... got tears in my eyes from the first notes when I realized that it´s coming.Great show!! Saturday I had the chance to shake hands with The Edge and Bono in front of Hotel Kämp,that was a total once in a lifetime-experience and will remember it all my life.Saturday´s show was filled with energy,loved every piece of it (even the rain).Please come back soon,love you all!!
Simply great
No-one else could possibly make a show like this. Was a must. Highly enjoyable. How did you manage to match showtime between rain showers. Magic... Simply great, especially as being first time at U2 gig though been fan since what... '83? Highlights? Whole show. Best track? Them all? "One"? Most memorable moment? Sing-along with 52000 others on chorus in cellphone candle lit stadium + singing in the rain....! Warm feeling shared with your "small family enterprise" was a great experience, thank-you. Saving-the-world message got 1% of Finns at once...some twice....I think....-> We Will Follow. The bonospaceship had to be seen in action...and "bonology" interpretation of 7-brothers heard on spot. All the best for whole team, and for little The Eero thanks for the chords (wishes one other Eero, out of many who were there that night). Looking forward to seeing you again soon.
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