U2360° TOUR

Aug 21 2010
Helsinki, FI / Olympia Stadium
with Razor Light

Bit of a damp start to the proceedings tonight but the rain held off once the band arrived on stage and there were lots of firsts in Helsinki with 'I Will Follow' and 'Pride' making their bow on this leg and the arrival of another new song, Every Breaking Wave - the fourth new track debuted on the European dates.
'Like every breaking wave on the shore, this is as far as I can reach...' A beautiful acoustic number, evidently still a work in progress, with Bono saying to Edge as they jammed towards the end, 'break down the chords to the middle eight again...'
'No-one has heard that before,' he added, 'Not even us.' We'll all be hearing it again.
For the non-Finns among you, Aleksis Kivi is the national author of Finland and everyone here knows of his legendary C19th novel Seven Brothers. But there's only four brothers in U2, observed the singing brother. 'On my left, on bass guitar, the Aapo of this band, Adam Clayton; behind me on the drums, Lauri Mullen Jnr; to my right on lead guitar, The Eero... and who does that make me, I'm somewhere between Simeoni and Juhani...'
Special thanks to Razorlight, out in Finland for these shows. 'Sorry it has taken us so long to come back to your country. We won't take so long the next time.'
Were you at the show in Helsinki tonight? Post your own review and add your photos below.

Beautiful Day in Melbourne
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Beautiful day
Thank U for so touching and moving Saturday night in Helsinki! When the first sounds of I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For came into my head I couldn't help tears coming to my eyes. So classic but so current in my life. Thanks.
Beautiful day
Thank U for so touching and moving Saturday night in Helsinki! When the first sounds of I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For came into my head I couldn't help tears coming to my eyes. So classic but so current in my life. Thanks.
Thank you so much for the fantastic weekend! Saw both great shows and my feet are still ten inches above the ground... Please, come back soon!!
Thank you U2 for 2 amazing concerts in Helsinki!!! I was on both of the shows and they were fantastic!! What a feeling.. and such a magic moment with moment of surrender in the rain on saturday...! :) I also loved the new songs, north star and every breaking wave! Thank you sooo much. These nights will stay in my heart forever!
Waiting for the remaining 98 gigs.
During the second gig in Helsinki Bono said that "there's 1% of the population here tonight... another 98 shows and we have played to the whole country". Sounds good to me! So, when's the next one? ;-) Cheerio.
Helsinki August 21st
A super-wonderful experience to watch you guys. Best song - hard, but I have to vote for "elevation".... Since cameras weren't alloud I have no pictures : C only some films at my cellphone.......
I hope Pride is back to stay??
Sounds like a great weekend i Helsinki, just like the previous weekend i Horsens. Glad to see that Pride made it back into the set-list, please keep it there, at least in Paris.
Fantastic weekend!!!!
I saw both shows and they were just brilliant. Thank you so much!! I was so glad that the setlist changed a little bit. The band really seemed to enjoy being in Finland and the audience liked it FOR SURE! It is so special to hear U2 playing in Finland since this was only third time. Come back soon and can`t wait the new album!
Helsinki2 just exploded the universe...
...but a new universe is a great place to start! :D Whooaa.. Friday - a bit disappointed and the guys were kinda not at their max...but then Saturday happened at the middle of the "Pit" and life will again not be the same (wonder why it always happens after U2 tours?). Anyways, great playing, great spirit and effort on Saturday and giving us I Will Follow was exploding the bank totally! Additional to having one helluva gig on Sat, I was blessed by the universe with giving me 1) Paul McG handing me his personal setlist on Friday eve (got a photo of that too) and then the magic-thing on Sunday, whuuuh: Sorry for the long yaadayaada, but need to share this with you guys and I hope someone would have a photo or two of the encounter I'll describe here. If you do, please contact me, I'll reward your kindness with something nice. Scenario with Mr Hewson on Sunday at front of Kämp-hotel: Sometimes magic just happens. :D For background, I happen (wonder how?) to share similar sunglasses as mr Hewson does... Band was leaving HKI and Bono was not planning any long fan session at front of Hotel Kämp. He was running for his minibus, but: Me: "Bono, check out these cool glasses!" ...Bono stops his walk, turns and notices that he has copied my style :) Bono: "Oh my GOD!" ...Bono comes to me graps my hand, we shake hands a bit and... Me: "Are you copy-pasting my style, Bono?" Bono smiles and draws me near for better hearing: "We have to have a photo of this" Me: "Well, why not, let's" I go for the camera in the pocket, fuzzle a bit with it switching it on.. Bono thinks I'm taking piccie of him and says: "No, not of me, but you and me together". Me: "Yeah, sure, just hanging the camera to my wife and she'll snap the piccie" I trie to settle my self cool next to Bono, but the little Irish guy goes: "Let's put our foreheads together" Uber-cool and clash-of-the-titans-like foreheads together scenario happens with hands on other's lower backs for added coolness...for several seconds (felt like minutes, Bono really had no hurry with the cool poisture) and I just check with Mr vocalist: "Are we now looking cool? - Bono: "Hell yes" (or something similar, I lost track of what we talked at this point). A couple of photos are taken, I say something of thisbeing quite epic and thanks for the wife for the paparazzi-stuff, Bono looks at Anu (wife) with a nice smile (another piccie of that) and I thank the U2-person with something, which I have no idea anymore... Best memory: "Cheers, take care" (less epic, I know, was short on cool oneliners at that point). So, I wasted some 40secs of the megastar's life, whose life should I spoil next :) Please, if you have photos, please share... and sorry, if this story is at wrong corner of the site. Tnx, guys for all those 20+ good years with your music and looking forward to upcoming even better years.
Thank you; see you soon in Helsinki!
The very best show I have ever seen from any artist/any band in my life! It was breathtaking !Thank you very much! Hopefully you come back soon!
21/8 the Olympic Stadium was on fire!!! What an excellent show and a night to remember! Huge thanks for playing "I will follow" and "Pride". Don't be strangers in Finland, pls do come back soon. Big thanx to 4 guys from Dublin, you did great!!!
Helsinki 20.8.2010
The show was magnificent ! Thank you and come back soon !
Had to say that second so was so GREAT! SO MAGNIFICENT! Friday concert was good with all problems, but this concert really rocks! I will follow, no line on the horizon, new song... Band was so relaxed and mystical feeling in rainy stadium was so amazing! And last song, singing in the rain was so funny :)
Thank you guys!
Just arrived home from Helsinki and still feeling like flying. Thank you for two beautiful nights, specially Saturday show was amazing with new Every Breaking Wave and nice changes in setlist. Stadium exploded when I Will Follow started. North Star is beautiful song, i cant wait any longer to get in on cd.
Two unforgettagle nights in Helsinki
"Babe babe babe, light my way. Lift my days, light of my nights.What more in the name of love? You elevate my soul. What a glorious feeling, I´m haaaappy again!" Thank you U2 ! We miss U already. Come back soon ;)
Thank you very much!
Thank you for the shows! The second night was excelent! Thanks for playing I Will Follow, I have always wanted to hear it live!
Singing in the rain....
You all will always stay in my heart, thank you so much - one of the most powerfull experiences in my life 21.8.2010!<3 <3 <3 <3
Come back soon!
Thanks for a really wondefull show! It was amazing! Best ever! Finland love`s hole band! and your music!
The Greatest ever.....
Friday night was stellar, the small glitch with the screen didnt take away from a very loud rock show, Saturday morning my sister in Law gave me and Hanna my Finnish wife tickets to that nights show.Ive seen them from Joshua Tree to Zoo Tv to Elevation to Vertigo but last night was by far the greatest show ever, the stadium was full the music extra loud the claw in full working order, and when the first notes of I Will Follow came so did i ,almost!!, Glastonbury superb, Streets Classic, a night me and my family will remember forever, thanks to the 4 guys from Dublin who did good!!!!
Lovin the acoustic
Lovin the acoustic guitar in no line on the horizon
A night 2 remember
The three days in Helsinki will 4ever stay in my heart. The shows in Turin, Frankfurt and Hannover were all brilliant - but Helsinki was Helsinki. The band was on fire, the crowd cheered their hearts out, the weather was brilliant and bad, the setlists surprised, the band were relaxed in front of the hotel, the city welcomed every guest with hospitality.... THANK YOU U2
thanks for changing setlist..well done!! keep it up!!!!!
Thank you for bringing back some tracks, especially No Line on the Horizon.... GREAT GREAT GREAT version! Thanks for Pride en I will Follow and Every Breaking Wave.
Thank you!
This is the way it goes! :D I watched the videos on YT and read what people at the concert wrote, they were totally blown away! And Every breaking wave sounds so promising! Loved the new version of No Line as well... And now, I can't really wait for Vienna! :D
Front row magic!
My fourth & fifth U2 gig in 13 years - Popmart in Helsinki 1997, Vertigo in Dublin 2005, 360° in Amsterdam 2009 and now these two in Helsinki 2010. Nothing has ever topped the athmosphere of U2's Helsinki gigs, I can tell you that! The crowd here is just exceptional! I was happy to share the Popmart gig in Helsinki with my brother, my sister and her spouse, this time I was back to experience the Friday gig with the same group - and additional two spouses! It's a family thing, you know! Absolutely magical two nights - Friday in the front row of the B-stage, Saturday in the front row of the A-stage. I was absolutely over the moon for Pride returning to the setlist on Saturday, thank you so much!!! One and With Or Without you always make me cry, straight from the first notes... Those two - and many others - go straight through me. Can't wait to have you back here, please keep your promise!
2nd Night in Helsinki
After a stellar first night the lads surpassed themselves giving a trully MAGNIFICENT performance, highlights of the show,well everything, my 6 time seeing them and by far the best, these guys just keep getting better and better, there is no band who can match the sheer brilliance of a U2 concert,Thank you 4 guys from Dublin, come back soon.
What a wave!
Oh wow, it is so great that U2 added a new song to their setlist!!! I have just listened to "Every Breaking Wave" on YouTube! Edge;s guitar sounds so beautiful and atmospheric and Bono sings some wonderful melodies. Hopefully U2 will play that track in Vienna, Austria, too. I am also happy that they decided to play "No Line.." again. I LOVE its thunderous guitar sound , hypnotizing groove and Bono;s intense voice. I can;t wait until August 30th! But time is irrelevant, it;s not linear!!!
Wish I could have been there to see another new song on show. Hope they play Every Breaking Wave in Melbourne when they come here! Subscribed to U2.com to snap up some tickets. But for Unknown Caller, this setlist is complete for me. It's perfect. Lucky Fins!
Singing in the rain
Thank you for another amazing night, the pouring rain during Moment of Surrender only made it more magic! I Will Follow & Pride were an absolutely brilliant add. Lovely small stadium too here in Helsinki.
I was surprised with lots of changes in the setlist compared to the first gig. -I Will Follow (first time on 2010 tour) -No Line On The Horizon with Edge on acoustic guitar -Every Breaking Wave -Pride (first time on 2010 tour) -After Walk On they did a longer version of You'll never walk alone than on friday gig. -Instead of Amazing Grace Bono sang Rain (Beatles cover) before Where The Streets Have No Name. -Hold me thrill me -The band left the crowd singing Singing in the rain when they walked off the stage. There where problems with the screen and sound on the first Helsinki gig. On Saturday everything worked perfectly. Great night, as always.
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