U2360° TOUR

Aug 25 2010
Moscow, RU / Luzhniki
with Snow Patrol

Given the weather tonight, it's no surprise that Bono spends a lot of the time extemporising about 'singing in the rain' - and despite the inclement conditions, this first ever U2 show in Moscow turned into a party.

The set list was mixed up again with The Return of the Stingray Guitar the only new track on show. But then none of these fans have heard any U2 songs played live on their home soil, so every song was making its debut tonight.

'What a time we've had in this extraordinary city of yours,' reflected Bono before 'Still Haven't Found'. 'We've spent some time with dancers, artists and singers. An amazing singer, Yuri Shevchuck, is with us tonight. What a great man!'

Adam has been checking out 'The Garage', he explains , referring to an art gallery in the city. 'Have you been hanging out in karaoke bars?' he asks Larry, receiving confirmation with a smile and a bow. 'Larry Mullen Jnr moving to Moscow!' (That went down well..) 'Edge,' he continued, ' Edge has been hanging out with astronauts in Moscow, they're really cool. He's our rocket scientist.'

Bono mentions that 'President Medvedev could not have been more gracious to me', referring to their meeting yesterday and then has a shout-out to a C20th political legend, who is at the show tonight.'I'd like to introduce a great hero of ours - he has been a friend of mine for ten years - Mikhail Gorbachev is in the house!'

There's also a big shout-out from the stage for the Irish Ambassador to Russia, Philip McDonagh.

Despite the moist conditions, the atmosphere is electric amongst this, the biggest crowd at a rock show in this country here since Pink Floyd played two nights in the 1980's. And whatever album the songs come from, this is an audience that knows its U2 and knows its music.

It's a moving moment when the Declaration of Human Rights spools across the screens during MLK and when the Amnesty International lanterns spotlight the plight of Aung San Suu Kyi and the people of Burma. 'From Burma Action and Amnesty International, let's hold her up. Let's tell the powers that be that they can't touch her, she belongs to us..'

The stadium doesn't have a roof, just as well. With or Without You would have taken it off. 'I wanna thank everyone, every artist, every President. People who let us into their lives. Thank You Moscow.'

And that's the cue for something a bit special.

Yuri Shevchuck, no stranger to this audience and a household name here, arrives on stage as Edge and Bono begin strumming the chords to Bob Dylan's Knocking on Heaven's Door. 'You might know this man...' explains Bono. Yuri sings in both Russian and English and this audience is not just knocking - it's in seventh heaven.

Before Moment of Surrender brings the show to a close, Bono takes a pause to speak of Frank de Winne in the Space Station, an emblematic feature of U2360, and the people of this country.

'There's this beautiful country of Russia, ancient and modern,

People who've fought their fires and people who've lost their lives,

And we play this under the Milky Way for the people who died in those fires...'

A special night in Moscow. Were you here? Write your own review and post your photos below.

If you weren't here tonight, see what everyone else is saying.

Beautiful Day in Melbourne
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a bit sad
The show was awesome, no doubt, but i'am a bit sad that the band didn't sing their most powerful and "brains out" songs like Gloria, Surrender, I will follow, Another time..., Twilight, Electrical storm, Drowning man etc.. I think there are a lot of "old" U2 fans who like to hear those songs live. Also Paul and guys should more sing than talk about politics.. Nevertheless i love U2, this band changed my life, the guys have a gift from space to write such music, good luck in the tour and promise Russian U2 FANS to come back in the new tour!!!
Welcome boys in Athens.We hope to give us a magnificent concert. Of course we like to hear the best song. Ultra violet. Come on boys play r'n'roll Giannis
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
Dearest Bono, dearest U2! Thank you very much for your visit in Moscow! It was an incredible show! Lot of us (and me the same) waited for this day all our life. And it happened!!!!!!!! I am so impressed – now is Saturday but I still in the front of my computer watching the clips from this show and have not power to go out. Special greatest thanks for appearance in the screen the Declaration of Human rights! We, Russians, long time ago forgot that the Human Rights exists and that we all have it. Thank you for reminding! Sorry, that you Russan fans and visitors of the Concert not so force and active resized your sets like your fans from another countries. Believe – we love you not less but most Russian people doesn’t know English so good to join in singing. Dearest Bono, please bring our love and gratitude! Thank you for a few hours of a pure happy!!!! And please, come back to Russia again, PLEASE, PLEASE! God Bless You!
Beautiful ...rain!
When you "singin' in the rain" you realy burn my heart and brain!
It was the best show ever!!!
Thank you so much! It was a miracle show. Thank you for coming to Russia. Thank God for you guys because you make this world better!!! :)
15 years of waiting for U2 in Russia are nothing now. It was magnificent. Thank you for your love!
We are waiting for you and hoping. We have spent all their money in Europe. I hope now you understand how we loved you all this time. You are the only ones who can make a musical revolution in Russia, where one of pop music. Come back soon, we need you like air. Russian and Irish - we're very similar, we - one family!
Meeting of Generations :-)
It was just a great show. One of the best group in the world shared the best show with fans in Moscow (waited for so long by so many people :-)) One of the amazing thing to notice was number of parents coming with kids and teens :-) Adults waited a lot for U2 to come to Moscow and were able finally to show young generations what the real quality of the modern music world is about (yes, show is important - but quality of the music goes first :-)) Everything was just perfect! Thanks, guys, for festival and a GREAT SHOW!!!
Awesome show!
Dear U2! I waited your arrival to Russia fro 8 years and has been massively enjoyed your show as never before! All songs were choosen with your unique manner and BONO`s voice makes me feel love & freedom! I was really surprised, that our tickets goes to charitable contribution for protection from AIDs! It's a great deal from your side. Light performance was unforgettable and colorful! Russian subtitle of BONO's speech is a respect and it's very important to us! We would very happy to see you again here and will wait for new songs from you! GREAT THANK YOU FROM ALL RUSSIAN ADMIRERS!!!!!!!
Tnank you, U2
It was the best concert in my life!!! In spite of the shower rain during the whole show. The rain just made it more beautiful, and a little bit fantastic. Thank you! For the show, for the music, for the songs, for your work for protection of human rights, for supporting Greenpeace and Amnesty and other organizations; for bringing our Russian hero Yuriy Shevchuk on the stage. On Sunday rally «In defense of Khimkinskiy forest» I was listening to Shevchuk's songs (he was singing for five thousand people without any loudspeaker equipment, because it was prohibited by russian officials), I was dreaming about how cool it could be to see Shevchuk and Bono singing together. So it was a dream came true. The concert itself was a fulfilled dream. So thank you again and again!
Thank you!
I'll never forget this day!
Thank U!
I especially appreciate all those Russian-style little things: Bono tried to pronounce the Russian "r", very cool in "riot", paying tribute to Mr. Gorbachev, bringing Shevchuk (an artist and an activist) on stage, commemorating people who lost their lives in the conflagrations. The show was awesome. Thank you!
Unforgettable show!
The show was amazing! Smiling all their song Gary, wave on the tribunes, rain and YOU, guys! Your live music more than just sounds and words - it makes fly. We are waiting for you again, we need you!
Thank you so much!
We came from Yaroslavl, bought tickets 4 month ago to come and see this heaven on earth! I even can't imagine that this is happening in reality. Thank you so much! This is the only thing you can dream on.
It was amazing!!!
Hello, Hello Thank you for unbelievable live show! It was a beautiful day, beautiful night, beautiful perfomance! Rock'n'Roll can change the world! God bless you all! I hope, I can see you soon!
Thank you from the bottom of my heart
I want to thank U2 for bringing Yuriy Shevchuk to the stage. It was the biggest thing you could do for us, for the thinking Russian society. By doing this you showed us that you really care about the country and you know exactly whats going on in there. You showed us your support. And its so important to get it from you, it inspires our souls, minds and gives us so much hope. When I saw him on the stage - I couldnt believe my eyes, and then I just couldnt see anything, cause I wasn't able to stop crying. I was so lucky to be in the inner circle and see all of your emotions and share it with you. I want to thank you from all of my friends who really care about their country. We appreciate what you did for us. Youre are great musicians and great human beings. Thank you, thank you thank you!!!
It was a really BEAUTIFUL day
I so much happy...
Amazing nite
Dear Bono, Edge, Adam and Larry!!! Thank you for coming to Moscow! I hope you enjoyed your trip- people, views, food, etc Thank you for the great show! We were waiting for you guys for a long long time!!! Even on such a rainy day you have warmed our hearts and impressions from this gig will stay in our minds foreva! It was by far the best sound ever produced in Luzhniki stadium. I am not even mentioning the lights!!!)))) Simply incredible! Special thanks for Pride, Sunday Bloody Sunday, The City of Blinding Lights and One! Hope to see you here again! Sorry we couldn't sell-out...Next time!))) cheerz!
It was a really milestone and one of the most memorable events in my life. Thank you for coming in Russia. Next time please come in St.Petersburg. You'll definitely be charmed with this city.
It was the live moment of my life! And this water storm and your music and energy inspired the greatest party ever seen here. Waited for 20 years. But I couldn't even dream to see Yuri on the same stage. Now i believe in a miracle and faith, believe in you and your mission and know what the real Thing is. THANK YOU!!!
Great Show
We very long long time waited the given concert. This concert has united more than 60000 persons who have passed more 7000 kilometers from all regions of Russia and Ukraine and all the world. Concert atmosphere has been sated by the energy, radiated from people. Such atmosphere wasn't known by Moscow after concerts Pink Floyd 1988. Thanks a lot!
...not a "360 degrees" show :(((
At last U2 came to Russia! It was a really long awaited event a lot of people had dreamed to see. Performing in spite of the rain is worth admiration! But still there was a fat fly in the ointment. I've expected to see the live show even beeing behind the stage. Guys! Not a video show on the screen! THIS WAS NOT "360 degrees"! I'm very sorry to say that here now. I've seen a lot of disappointed faces around. We all there behind the stage were looking forward to seeing you live. Not your backs! :(((
Thank you!
Like all who were at the concert want to say THANK YOU! Thanks not only for the wonderful and high quality music that you play, but for the fact that to draw attention to the social problems that exist in the world. It seems to me that only at at the concert I was able to feel everything that you wanted to convey in your compositions, all this social problems. It was a beautiful day and I won`t let it get away from my memory! :)
Thank you for the Brilliant Show!
The first sounds of "Beautiful Day" bursted into the stadium's atmosphere with the pouring rain! Everyone had something to hide from it, but there was no time for that! The music thrilled us and got us really excited! I've never seen anithing like this and noone in Russia has! This was one of the happiest days in my life! So thank you very much guys. We hope that we'll see you soon in Russia!
Moscow gig
Thank you so much for an unforgettable night! It was tough playing in the rain but you did so well! Can't wait to see you back very soon!!!
macphisto visits russia
this was unbelievable, from bono doing the mac phisto thing during untill the end of the world, the masses of military, the chaos with the q before entering which left a lot if international fans dissappointed, but luckily most did get in a good spot, the 5 bag checks, the ever continuing waves before the show, the way snow patrol was received, the anticipation, the energy was amazing ~! 95 % of the audience had never seen U2 play .... can you imagine what that felt like ? no cameras in the air, but hands .. bodies pressed together, singing and dancing along, the security guard in front of me at the rail of the catwalk had shivers from snow patrol, end tears in his eyes after U2 finished, they let us put our bags at their side of the mojo barriers and they were in awe, watching the crowd and the show, yes the did turn around, i also made sure the guy did see the untill the end of teh world light show and bono/s jacket and teh mirrorball, ha ha , where do you hear the crowd chant after the show, and in between .. u2 u2 u2 u2 u2 u2 u2 ... ??? the thought still gives me shivers , what a city, what a gig, what a crowd what a night ....
THANK U guys. it was fantastic show. I haven't seen concert like this. Please come back to Russia!!!! We need You.
Greate show!!!!!!
It was unbelievable, unforgettable, beautiful, excellent, amazing SHOW!!!! No words to describe it... You must have been there!!!!! THANKS FOR VISITING RUSSIA!!!!!! BUT..... Arrangements of entering into the standing pitch was a DISASTER!!! A HUDGE JAM OF PEOPLE. The unpolite police didn't pay attention to people's needs. No merch anywhere....
The show was amazing! It was so great to see the band in a new setting, and the Russian audience/fans were great! It was a rockin' night!
For next shows...
Please!!!!! Add Unknown Caller!!!!!! it's a very very beautiful song!!!!!!! and Breathe too.
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