U2360° TOUR

Sep 18 2010
Paris, FR / Stade De France
with Interpol

Opening with The Return of the Stingray Guitar and featuring North Star and Mercy, tonight's show included three of the five new tracks the band have premiered on the 2010 European dates.

'Great show, such energy,' as one of our first reviewers puts it. 'Really good to get 3 of the gorgeous new songs, Wonderful set list'.

MLK was also back, in place of Mothers of the Disappeared, and Hold Me Thrill Me, in place of Ultraviolet. The white balloons blanketed the Stade de France tonight and we had a record-breaking concert audience here of ninety six thousand. Bono introduced the band in French much to everyone's delight.'The guys were at the top,' says another of our reviewers. 'The sound was great, the set list too, the audience and the energy were fantastic, it was simply magic and amazing. What a show, what a band, what a night in Paris. It was only rock'n roll, and I've liked it... '

Plenty of well-known names here too from fashion and the arts - Fabien Verschaere, David Guettta, Helena Christensen and Marion Cotillard, Petra Nemvoca - to politics, including French Minister for Culture Jack Lang and Minister for Finance, Christine Lagarde as well as Irish Ambassador Patrick Kavanagh.

'Multiple highlights,' writes another fan. 'The new staging of Walk On is wonderful and affecting, B-Man calling out the French Government in SBS reminded me why they are the last relevant band on earth, Mercy and Amazing Grace / Streets. What a segue...' A big, bold, bright Saturday night show, third and final time in Paris for the 360 Tour and a memorable way to sign off. But if you were there tonight, you'll have your own special surprises and highlights.

More news on tonight's show on the way - meantime, if you were at the show add your own review and upload photos below.

Beautiful Day in Melbourne
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Blowing my spirit
I was there and I had rare unforgettable moments...Perfect sound,perfect setlist! Such a power and pure energy and all those vibes electrifying the air...I feel like I felt from a dream and I've already miss you,guys!Thanks U2 ,waiting to see you again!
u2 was ace as allways but the security need to no how to be security how someone did not die that night i will never no me and my mates will never set foot in stade de france again it should be closed down
Thank you U2
Thank you so much!!! It was a magical night in Paris with Miss Sarajevo, a fabulous night with I will follow and absolutely genious with until the end the world!! It was the best concert I had ever seen in my life. I have a dream: see you in Dublin in 2011 with all your irish fans. It was a great great concert, I would be stay with you again and again and never return in my ordinary life if I could!! Thanks thanks thanks!!
Out of this world - again
Just arrived home (England) from Paris after an amazing U2 weekend with my Wife. Went to the fan party on Saturday afternoon and met some great fans, from Australia and the US. Concert was just amazing even better than last year Bono and co on top form, they just get better and better. Thanks U2.
What a night!!
What a great night we had in the Stade de France with U2! This show was amazing!! Having been at Hampden in Glasgow last year, where I left disappointed at the quality of the show and more so the sound, this more than made up for that. Being our first time in Paris as well made it an even more exciting event!! The set list was amazing - possibly the best set list I have heard since the Zoo TV Tour of 1993. It was just a list of great, great U2 tracks with a few newbies mingled in for good measure. It was also great to see Bono back to his best. I'm not sure what the comments about crowd control and organisation are all about, but we had a beautiful and thrilling experience at the Stade de France throughout the evening topped, of course, by the band putting on an amazing show.
Still hearing your voice
Bono's voice has returned to its best! What a fantastic concert! Miss Sarajevo and North Star my personal highlights. Really looking forward to the new album beeing released! The French were the only disappointment of the night, no manners at all! Next time it will be London or somewhere in UK again like 2009 (Wembley).
I would have travelled twice as far for
My wife and I travelled from Victoria, BC in Western Canada to see U2 .. my 8th time, and her 4th show ... our entire journey was planned around that as the last night pinnacle of our trip. The show held, lifted, soared and left me reeling for more with some of the classics like the anthem empowered Where the Streets Have No Name .. the new, Get on Your Boots and the surprisingly wicked, Return of the Stingray Guitar .. but nothing could have prepared me for the power and strength of Miss Sarajevo live, and done to perfection vocally by Bono. Thank you for the exquisite and perfect finale to an amazing trip ... see ya all at concert #9.
Walkaway..I will follow
What a night, what an atmosphere, what a lot of balloons?? Stylishly late on stage,promises of playing into sunday morning, plenty of old favourites and a couple of new ones.Truly moved by the warmth of the crowd..You boys never fail to deliver a fantastic show. Thanks for the memories,.... I will follow xx ps Just what did Bono say about Larry during his intro in French?
So beautiful!!!! Perfect show at Paris! I see you again at Brussels :)
Paris -18.9.2010
It's Monday and I'm back home in London having had a flying 36 hours in Paris of which I was up for 30 of them. I took my beautiful 21yr old daughter Sophie to Wembley last year where we had the night of a lifetime. Having had the dismay of no UK dates I set my sights on Paris. U2 have been my No. 1 band for 28 yrs and first saw them at Liveaid - 1985. This time I found myself going with three 21yr olds who obviously weren't alive in 1985 which seemed slightly strange but fun. Could it be better than Wembley. Oh yes!!!! For me the boys were as good as ever. The setlist, the performance and Bono who had probably benefitted from his enforced layoff was magnificent. The committment and energy superb. Highlight probably lets go crazy but how do you choose? Lastly a new fan in Charlotte, my daughters best friend was born. What more in life could anyone possibly want. P.S Agreeing with other fans the exiting of Stade de France and total lack of organisation and help from the police was woeful. Lets give the wembley police and organisers a big cheer.
We queued for hours, I never want these concerts to end... Some of the hard core fans carried on partying outside Stad du France until 2.30AM singing U2 songs non stops. Great times, a couple of videos were taken, I hope someone who was there can upload some of these....
Fantastic...shame about the crush!!!
Seen U2 every time they have toured since 1983 so I am no spring chicken!! However I can still queue all night and jump about with the best of them. I think enough has been said about the terrible organisation in Paris. But this was compounded by the fact that we had to be fed water by the security at the front as we could not leave the inner circle. Thanks to all those that refused to allow us to get a drink or use the toilet! There needs to be some come back on the stadium-I will certainly never go again to a show here. The show on the other hand was one of the best performances that I have seen. Bono in full form and the band obviously enjoying every second. The highlight was Miss Sarajevo-amazing.
Just you, Adam...
Crazy Tonight. Adam stops his walk on the catwalk and read my placard. Read into my eyes. Oh yeah ! You guys have forgotten the anniversary of Jimi Hendrix's dead's day. It was been '40' year's, this night.
The Divine Note
About jazz, we know The Blue Note. Now, there is The Divine Note. Christophe Duron - A French Photographer
Security, shame on you ...
I was three times in Paris for U2shows ... We have seen the lads everywhere in Europe and I must agree 'Paris is a nightmare for queueing' ! Five (5) years ago it was the same shit ! We saw fighting people at the gates on a U2 concert ! ... One reason: BAD organisation in France ... too many gates for the GA ... last year same story and you think they have learned something ? NO, 3 times NO !!! I predict victimes in the future ... The show was amazing, great audience and atmosphere !!!
Il m'a fallut plus d'1h30 pour redescend
Concert magnifique en trois parties.......que du bonheur....J'ai voyager durant plus de 2 heures...que d'émotion...merci pour toutes ces vibrations......en cadeaux 3 nouveaux morceaux au plaisir de vous revoir cette fois à DUBLIN en 2015.....YAYAYAOUUUUUUUUUUHHHHHHHHH!!!!!Merci U2 without you
Thanks U2
Thanks for the amazing show. What an unforgettable night for Mat & Levi !!
Thanks U2 for these emotions... but ...
The organization of the Stade De France was one more time catastrophic ! I saw all the U2 concerts in France for many years, and the management of people like me who arrived on Friday, was again dismal. Saturday, I thought my daughter and my sister are both crushed against intake screens at the Stade de France at 17:45! Then again at the entrance to the pre-pit. No safety device has been set up outside the gates of the Stade de France. Security officers finding themselves overwhelmed when hundreds of people pressed the first like us outside the gates, we have dealt with "wild". A shame knowing that I had warned these safety officers since the day before of what has inevitably produced. For my part, I will no see any concert ever at the Stade de France in the future. And I would go into other stadiums in Europe where the organization is serious. All of this, despite the fact that I attended Saturday night at the best U2 concert ever!
Fantastic concert, lousy crowd control..
It was a night of contrasts. Compared to last year's pleasant experience of queuing for hours outside Croke Park, the security setup at Stade De France was a complete disaster. When crowds started ganging up on the gates some four hours before doors, security guards promptly removed the barriers that had been set up. The result was a complete clusterfuck, leading to episodes of panic and chaos. In 2010 this is unneccessary, and nothing short of a disgrace. U2 on the other hand, were in rare form - even for them. When I Will Follow kicked off, the pit went haywire, and the band, apparently sensing the energy, proceeded to deliver the tightest, most energetic show I have seen in a long time. Magnificent. Moment Of Surrender is such a bittersweet song - hauntingly beautiful, but also a stern reminder that it is now all over. For now. I can't wait until June 4th and Qwest Field, Seattle.
Amazing night
It was also my 4th gig on the 360 Tour and it was surely the best one since Slane. I still can't believe it. Can't wait to see them back at Brussels on wednesday... and thursday! Thanks again for this magical evening. great band, great crowd!
It was a great saturday evening in Paris, with friends and U2. The concert was so perfect, the weather, the 90.000 people in Stade de France, the perfect setlist and the voice of Bono!! Thanks!!
Terrific show - terrible organization
What a TERRIFIC show: the band was on fire, the setlist was great, the crowd was perfect. Thanks U2 for this awesome concert, and for being U2. Unfortunately, I also have to report that the organization was terrible. People stood up in front of the gates at 1.45 pm, i.e. 4 hours before they were opened. When they were opened, people started pushing even more, like crazy. Some were injured, some fainted. This is exactly how people died in Germany some weeks ago. It was extremely dangerous. I have been to shows in Britain and the Netherlands, and THIS DOES NOT HAPPEN. In Britain there were poliecemen since the early morning. They made sure all went well, and all went well - very well. In Paris, the security didn't do anything. GO TO BRITAIN AND LEARN. Before someone gets seriously injured. They were kids in the queue, and some of them started crying like fountains. What a terrible sight. I'm sorry to say it, also because I'm half French. But: NEVER AGAIN IN PARIS.
It's only rock'n and i like it...Amazing
It was my 11th show with the band and the 4th of the 360° tour, and i have to say that it was the best i've ever seen, fisrt of all because i was closer than i've ever been, but also because the guys were at the top, the sound was great, the set list to, the audience and the energy were fantastic, it was simply magic and amazing. What a show, what a band, what a night in Paris It was only rock'n roll, and i've liked it... Thank you guys, thank you for the great life you're given us each day...
I have just to woke-up. I made a dream where I was in the Stade de France, listening, singing and dancing on the song of U2. It was not a dream it was true and it was terrific. Thank to Interpol, to Adam, Larry, The Edge and Bono for this wonderful gig. Thank also to sing Elevation the favorite song of my 12 years-old daughter. Take care and give people all over the world the same feeling.
What an amazing night with a great atmosphere. This is the 5th time I've seen U2 on the 360 tour and this was the best ever. I felt completely overwhelmed by such a fabulous band. I was so emotional the tears kept flowing and I didnt want it to end. The setlist was wonderful - 3 new songs, what a dream. Thank you U2 for a fantastic night I just want to do it all again!
Many many many thanks for this great night !! And thank you so much for Miss Sarajevo !!! You gave us a wonderfull show !! Please come back !
Never felt so much positive energy! Absolute fantastic show! Thank you for a saterday night I will NEVER forget! -XXX-
Thank you Thank you Thank you after the concert of the last year this one has still made me vibrate... Why no concert next year I shall get to like it to see you every year for me, it was "Beautiful Day"
This was my sixth show on this tour and was possibly the best though Cardiff was fantastic. Favourite has to be Until th End of The World. I have been waiting years to hear this live. Thanks to the guys and the Parisian crowd who made it such a magical night!!!!
aly baby
Simply The Best
Saw them twice last year and many times before...and they never disappoint!! Miss Sarajevo and Bono's voice was simply incredible..... They are truly Masters of their Craft and thank you for making my families night unforgettable... Absolutely love Mercy.!!!!!
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