U2360° TOUR

Sep 30 2010
Seville, ES / Olympic Stadium
with Interpol

At the Estadio Oli­mpico de la Cartuja in Seville and what a fine audience for another very fine show.

We have North Star and Mercy back in the set tonight, along with New Year's Day, after a short absence, and the always euphorically received Ultraviolet.

With 77,000 in the house, we're breaking records again and this audience are singing along like their lives depend on it - the sound is particularly crisp, thanks to Mr Joe O'Herlihy entering his 33rd year of service.

With just three more shows to go on this European summer leg of the tour, Bono reflects that it was here in Spain that we began this tour, way back in June last year, so it's great to be in the country again. But that's not all...

'There's somebody special here tonight,' he says, 'Who gave me my first guitar lesson. My big brother and it's his birthday tonight and he's come to Seville to celebrate.'

And we all joined in with a deafening chorus of Happy Birthday to Norman, to celebrate. 'Wonderful night, something very special...'

Was it wonderful for you as well? Let us know if you were at the show tonight - add your own review and upload your photos below and we'll see you again in Portugal on Saturday night.

Beautiful Day in Melbourne
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a blood red sky over Sevilla
the last of the 360 tour for us after Paris and Gelsenkirchen in 2009 and Brussel and Sevilla in 2011. Now made it my U2 360 Iphone 6 case called a blood red sky ! looking forward to Amsterdam and Koln
Magnificent from Mexico to Sevilla
From Mexico to Sevilla and definitely worth it, wonderful event, greate atmosphere and the prttiest girls in Europe. Sevilla thanks, U2 thanks. Magnificent
The end of the tour (for me)
After five 360º shows (twice in Barcelona, Cardiff, San Sebastian and Sevilla), that was a great show to say "see you soon!". Never thought I could see you live 5 times in a year... amazing guys. It was already brilliant to have you openign the tour in my city, but having the chance of seeing you again after a year... Great surprise to have Ultraviolet back and amazing Miss Sarajevo. Then... Beautiful Day, Streets, I still haven't found, Until the end of the world, Sunday Bloody Sunday... Can't pick one! I'll see you on the road soon, Barcelona loves you, remmeber we're best friends ;) Here's a picture of a t-shirt we created with a friend. You should consider having it in your merchandising, everyone was asking where did we buy it! ;)
John Palmer
Flew in from South Africa to watch U2 and the show absolutely exceeded itself. We had such a blast and no voice for the next two days thereafter. BRILLIANT!!!!!! and now waiting for the Cape Town show in February.
great show, sevilla 2010
thanks u2. for visiting our city
One of the best shows ever!
We came from Los Angeles for the show and it was one of the best U2 shows ever!! We were on the floor and never stopped dancing throughout the show. The energy of the crowd was fantastic and U2 reciprocated! We can't wait to see the show again in Sydney and Anaheim! A huge highlight was the performance of the new song 'Mercy'. It was overwhelmingly beautiful!
What a wonderful night; the music,the sound,the lights and the crowd - Magnificent. We came all the way from Croatia, me and my 10 years old son and it was worth. Again you guys proved to be the best rock band ever. The song list was amazing, and Bono's performance on Luciano's stretch in "Miss Sarajevo" was delightful. And again the wonderful crowd; when 77,000 souls were singing "One" like there will be no tomorrow (even my voice was hoarse two days after the show). We were One, we are One and we will be One. Larry, Bono, Adam and Edge THANK YOU!!!!!! See you again on a next European tour (hope very soon). All the best and God bless you. Viktor & Phillip
simply INCREDIBLE!!!
this was such a wonderful concert, the best I've ever been to (and surely the best I'll ever be to)! I enjoyed it so much, I jumped and sang and shouted and laughed, and kept jumping and shouting... at the end I was totally broken, but it was really worth it!! THANK YOU GUYS!!!!! and a great moment, when Bono introduced the band as players of the Spain footbal team, who won the world cup... so intense!! Gracias Bono, qué grande eres!!!
To my favorite band
Thank you for the spectacular night they give me. It was worth going to Portugal to Spain / Seville to live this wonderful evening. Thanks
Sevilla rocked!!
Hubby and i came over from scotland for the show and had the most amazing night in seville, definately the best version of UTEOTW and the crowd were awesome, even eclipsing hampden park and i am a glaswegian! Thanks again u2 and seville for THE best night!
Words don't come easy...
... To explain the great night that I had with U2 this past 30th of September in my city. I waited for this event with a big ilusion. It has been my first show of U2. I was sure that I had a wonderful night, but I never imagined that it would be so much as I lived. Some friends who couldn't go to he show have told me that it was possible to hear the audience singing with Bono, in every corner of the city. To me was specially amazing the moment when they played With or without you at the end, and Beautiful Day in the begining... because is true that it was the best "beautiful day". Thank you U2, even though I have now abstinence syndrome of good live music. I wish to see you again.
Ohhh, what a night in Seville!
Three days after Seville and I´m still on cloud 9. It was a great, great night. Possibly the best U2 show I´ve seen - and I go way back to the Irish tours of 1978! As an Irishman who lives in this city, it was a very proud night to be Irish - thank for that lads! Equally, the locals were amazing! Then again, it came as no surprise as Sevillanos know how to party. The people here invented "Fiesta" after all!! Yip!! As Bono said at the end; "It was a great, great night". It a true mix of Irish and Spanish passion. See you next time for a great band and a great, great audience. Slainte & Salud - Johnny.
Thank you for doing that our lives are more beautiful in this magic night in Seville that will remain recorded in our hearts (Salva, Rocio, Pablo, Alejandro e Irene).
An unforgettable night
It was my third concert of U2 and I think that every day I like them more. I'm still floating on a cloud ... When the clock began to destroy and then we saw the band appear on the screen, we had such a shot of adrenaline that I felt like I was out of control!! I saw the band fully delivered like the audience, and time went by so fast ... It's amazing the energy that is generated ... I have all the concert footage recorded in the mind and I know that I'll never forget. Just wanted to say thanks to U2 for this great great night. Everything was fantastic. I had a very very good time!! I have a wealth of sensations a bit difficult to explain in words but the rest you can imagine it, you know. Barcelona was the beginning certainly and unfortunately for me I could not go to Coimbra as I would have liked but I'm planning to see U2 somewhere next year ... Where are you going?
....what else can I say? Another spectacular show. Was in Barcelona for the Opening night & what an honour to be at the final Spanish show. Seville rocked! City of Blinding Lights was superb - not just for the song but the lighting as well. Loved the old videos of the band during Where the Streets Have No Name - another superb track. But my favourite of the night has to be the remixed version of I'll Go Crazy If I Don't Go Crazy - an inspired remix. But where was No Line on the Horizon & Breathe? Two of the best tracks on the No Line album. Loved them in Barcelona. Missed them in Seville! Just waiting to win the lottery this week to come see you boys in Oz & Mexico. Saw you first in 1985. Thank you for 25 years of super mjusic & even better gigs. No one rocks like you!
Seville betters Cardiff n Boston USA
Super show now with better graphics on the screen and best atmosphere ever in Seville matching atmosphere in Madrid for Vertigo tour date. Highlights Miss Sarajevo, Ultraviolet, Beautiful Day. Show a little short at bang on 2 hours, all the effort to stage the show and fans to attend should be rewarded with extra 3+ songs, but maybe every fan would say that. Miami next show, see you then!
Olé, Olé y Olé!!!!!
From Algeciras (Cadiz). Incredible night. Best song: Where the streets have no name. I waited for it all my life. Best moment: finished ONE (no music) when all people in Olimpic Stadium sing ONE!!! and you look yourself astonished. Thank U
From Algeciras (Cadiz). Incredible night. Best song: Where the streets have no name. I waited for it all my life. Best moment: finished ONE (no music) when all people in Olimpic Stadium sing ONE!!! and you look yourself astonished. Thank U
Perfecto !
Coming from France to see this show ! amazing concert , the crowd was perfect . Muchas gracias U2 !
Magnificient!!! The greatest shown I've ever seen... Fantastic night in Seville and an 'enormous' band. I admit I've become a fan. I'm sad that I didn't see you live 20 years before... Hope you come back to Seville soon, here you have a home. (¡Magnífico! El mayor espectáculo que he visto hasta ahora... Fantástica noche en Sevilla y una banda 'enorme'. Admito que me he hecho seguidor. Siento que no haberos visto en directo 20 años antes... Espero que volváis pronto a Sevilla, aquí tenéis vuestra casa.) Joaquín.
Golden circle, happiness circle!! but I
As always, great, great concert, but this was very special indeed. I was in the golden circle and what can I say?Only that it was magical, but if I would have to choose a moment it would be "where the streets have no name", with all the band together on the stage, these old images on the screen and this incredible song, that made me think in all the time that I have spent with you, in your concerts and with your music. All of us have changed but I felt so happy for having met you guys, for having you in my life....thank you!!! GRACIAS CHICOS!!! P.S. One more thing, I think its time for me to be the girl who dances with you, Bono!!!!!!! Next time choose me!! Raquel
Hey guys! Your really rocked Seville! I´d like to thank you for offering us such an unforgettable show. I´m impressed with Bono´s voice shape, specially when you sang "Miss Sarajevo". You really seemed a lil bit like Luciano, I´m sure your Dad will be proud of you because of yesterday´s perfomance. Again thanks a million!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And please come back soon. Alberto
U2 Football Club
Iker Casillas.. Adam, El Niño...Larry, Xavi or Iniesta.. The Edge, and of course.. Bono, Sergi Ramos!!!! GRACIAS!!!!!!!!!!!!
It was an amazing show
A magical night, perfect sound and the band enjoying the show.
Thank You Sevilla!
A magical night with a wonderfuly passionate Spanish crowd. Thank U2 for playing New Years Day. muchas gracias! :-)
Music perfection
Thanks a lot for bringing the best live band ever to my hometown, thank you very much.
Wonderful night
It was a magic night. Perfect audience, perfect weather and perfect U2. Incredible "City of blinding lights" and crazy "Elevation" performance.
Wonderful night
It was a magic night. Perfect audience, perfect weather and perfect U2. Incredible "City of blinding lights" and crazy "Elevation" performance.
Great night! I want more U2 in my head, my ear and my heart. I love the songs of show, but PRIDE? :( oeeee oeeee oeeee
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