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Sep 26 2010
San Sebastian, ES / Anoeta Stadium

'Thirty four years ago yesterday, I got to meet these guys: so it's a birthday of sorts.'

And we had a bit of a celebration in San Sebastian tonight, with the 360 debut of Spanish Eyes - written and recorded during the sessions for The Joshua Tree - and another bow for the beautiful 'Mercy', with a shout-out to Terry Lawless ('down in underworld').

It's cold in Spain tonight but this Spanish audience have no problem staying warm and with a new, extended intro to Vertigo the show really takes off. (Great thing about this show? The number of times a song arrives unexpectedly to send things up another gear... just when you think you are in top.)

'Muchos gracias,' says Bono at the end of With Or Without You.'Let's do the magic trick one more time, let's take out our phones and turn this place into the Milky Way.'

And with countless phones illuminating the stadium floor and a beautiful moon hanging in the dark sky above, the whole 360 scene in Spain looks pretty amazing.

If you were at the show tonight, add your reviews and upload your photos below.

Beautiful Day in Melbourne
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Best 360º experience ever!
My friend and I saw you diferent times on this tour (2 times in Barcelona, Cardiff, Dublin, Hannover, San Sebastian and Sevilla). But this time was different... Being in the inner circle was AMAZING! It's like a totally different show! Thank you Adam for this little personal show you performed for us :P Never thought we could see you this close. We have to say the sound was great that night, you had that special something for the whole night, maybe because it was your birthday I don't know but I never heard you playing like that before. I will follow, Until the end of the world, Mysterious Ways, MLK, Spanish Eyes, Sunday Bloody Sunday, I still haven't found, One, Streets... I can't pick... Again, a picture of us with the tshirts we "created" for the tour. You should consider selling them and making it part of your merchansiding. Everyone was asking where did we buy it or saying that they are the most original tshirts ever :P See you soon, remember that you're best friends with Barcelona! Glòria and Griselda (from Barcelona)
1, 2, 3.....
It was worthy to drive from Madrid city and back after the concert!!!!
AMAZING night!
I came especially from Israel to see you and you gave me one of the best nights of my life - thank you! You gave an AMAZING performance and i hope to see you again soon!
Just Wahoooo....!
The best and biggest concert I am so far. If I were doing, it would without hesitation. Big up U2. And all the while remembering this is my video for this unforgettable event. http://vimeo.com/15603917
honey...I'm at hooome
Incredible night...I decided to go to a single concert in this tour, near home and I think it was a wise decision ... I hesitated about U2 and the band gave me a slap in the face ...
Happy Birthday
Thirty four years and one day. Happy birthday and still brilliant!!
you elevated our souls!
So many months expectig this concert, so many months counting the days, so many months with the tickets kept in an envelope, so many months anxious to see U2 again, so many months preparing a perfect 24th birthday, with perfect company, on a perfect show, in a perfect city...nerves invaded my body that I couldn't even drop a tear, though my heart exploded in a big-bang of feelings. When you have the opportunity to live an impressive spectacle like this, you feel Heaven closer. But when you have the privilege of sharing it with whom you love, with the most special person in your life, with someone who has taken you of shadows...you start to believe in Paradise. Thanks for moving me, for going with me through this 24 years, for sharing my fortune, my pain, my hopes, my tears in these Spanish eyes...for helping me to WALK ON...
Spanish Eyes, and tears in my eyes....
I saw the concert since RED ZONE 1. Two or tree days before the concert i askd you to play this song in San Sebastian,Thanks a lot! . I can´t explain what i felt whit that song, just because my english as you can see is very bad. I follow you since i was 12, now i´m 34 and I WILL FOLLOW the best band forever. I have a U2 song for every especial moment of my life. San Sebastian, wonderful city for a MAGNIFICENT concert...because the concert was APOTEÓSICO I will always dream that you played that song because i asked you here...any way, LONG LIFE U2!!!
The #1 rock band in the universe. Amazing show from the beginning to the end (lets skip Interpol...). Good to see they are still in good shape so we are willing to see them back in Spain (Zaragoza would be great :-) ) very soon... Thanks U2 for the 2 hours show full of magic. Ana & Jose
san sébastian was a uncredible show. "we can see the beauty inside of you" thanks for the magic....
Adam, first man of Bass
Thanks for a great gig you guys. We love you. Adam thanks for coming round. It's not true what they say, you do smile!
Thank you, Edge
Well, first of all, sorry for my english. I don't think you'll read this, but I just felt the need of thank dallas and you for the pick. I just hope your inspiration goes on with new mindblowing songs and ideas and also wish all the band the best for the coming shows and tours. Greetings from San Sebastian ;)
So touching
San Sebastian was my first U2 concert. It was so touching: music, performance, lights, people, messages... When City of blinding lights started I was in tears, smiling of emotion. U2 are able to create such incredible atmosphere. Thank you guys, you worth it!
So touching
San Sebastian was my first U2 concert. It was so touching: music, performance, lights, people, messages... When City of blinding lights started I was in tears, smiling of emotion. U2 are able to create such incredible atmosphere. Thank you guys, you worth it!
U2 dont are perfect, thank you God!!
Yesterday was my first U2 show..... it was very excited for us.... great stage, fantastic lights, Bono sing like an angel, the guys wonderfull....but... short show, the sound not very good sometimes, we cant heard good Bono. The interpreter was horrible (maybe a machine ?). Very comercial, too much "exits"....and some litlle thing more......... we think that they wanted go to eat pinchos in that beautufull city!!!! We are happy , they dont are perfects and we love that......hope to see you at least 2 more times :)............please contrate a good interprete for Sevilla and the next concerts in countries that dont speak english, the people will be more particifatory and happy!! love u2!
the happiness
One more time, the happiness it´s called U2. We song, we danced, we smiled and we cried. We dreamed and we hopped. We were happy, very happy. During two hours, we only were happy. U2 have been always in our lives. In good and bad moments. Tonight was a perfect moment. Thank you one more time boys!
THANK YOU for Spanish Eyes!
It was me that asked for that song!! THANK YOU FOR LISTENING TO YUOR FANS! I ahve been to 3 other U2 tours, BUT this was the most MAGINFICENT! It was real magical, impressive, great. And as a member of Amnesty International also incredible. Born in Iran, and having had to leave at 3, I could not stop the tears falling from my eyes when they performed Sunday Bloody Sunday, with images of human rights issued in that country!!
chileans miners
the people of chile needed your support, the Chilean miners trapped need your support, would be a good idea to send their forces, and everyone is with them Viva Chile!! U2 please ... I ask only that
Basque Irish unit
A Derry man comes home to the basque country to see U2. Well the wife and I will be standing on the floor at Anoeta the home of REAL. My wee son and daughter will be listening from the balcony of their Amonies apartment. Two nations united in love and music. Long live the repuplic and long live herria euskadi, but lets not forget long live those craxy dublin boys who have been doing it for years, Donostia is going to be kicking. whooo wooo elevate me....
Built my summer holiday around this gig, Ultraviolet, just get it in there. Light my way
One or two suggestions if permitted for the San Sebastian setlist and show: Gloria and a Springhill Mining Disaster snippet followed by a space chat with the trapped Chilean miners. There is no time schedule shown in my ticket... Only 17.30 Doors opening... ...19.30 Interpol, 21.30 U2? Any confirmation? In this European leg I miss the memorable Breathe intro and the superb Unknown Caller karaoke. Love Glastonbury and Every Breaking Wave.
Cant Wait!!
My 34 show coming up and i cant believe they played Mercy and Mother's of the disappeared San Sebastian will be awsome........(Hello Hello)
it's gonna be brilliant =0)
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