U2360° TOUR

Aug 16 2010
Horsens, DK / Casa Arena
with Snow Patrol

'Sometimes I feel like I don't know
Sometimes I feel like checking out...'

Second show in Horsens tonight, another capacity crowd and this European leg is hitting its stride. A great atmosphere with the Danish audience and signs that the band are thinking about some more surprises in the set list.

'When I was all messed up and I heard opera in my head,
Your love was a light bulb hanging over my bed'

Helena Christensen's presence got Bono musing about the band: 'Speaking of tall, beautiful, elegant, well dressed sex symbols, on my left the Helena Christensen of our band Adam Clayton'
And on my right, the Heidi Klum of our catwalk, The Edge.
And behind me, on the drums, our very own model/actor, Brigitte Neilsen - Larry Mullen Jnr.
'I don't know what that makes me. Lucky I suppose?'

'Baby, baby, baby, light my way.
Alright now, baby, baby, baby, light my way'

We'll leave those of you who were at the show to tell us what you thought were the highlights - but we already know that the return of Ultraviolet was one of them.

Were you there tonight ? Write us your own review and add your photos.

If you weren't there, check out the full set list and see what everybody is saying about the fifth show of the 2010 European leg of the tour.

Beautiful Day in Melbourne
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Yes!!!!!All fans says that is the amazing song.Put back on the set list Ultra Violet. We are waiting to hear it in Athens. Giannis.
Thank you
2 fantastic nights in Horsens. And even if Bono had apparently wished for rain last night, we had enough rain for several concerts in Copenhagen 2005, thank you very much. And what did Mr Mullen do to deserve the "comparison" to Brigitte Nielsen among the supermodels;-) See you in Paris in a month!!
Setlist change
Only one new track on the second night ! :-(
Hi Guy...i'm an old fan..i've been at your concert since Zoo Tv in 1992 in Rome....the relationship i have with the band is not simply to explain...a soundtrack in whole my life it's a sort ef explanation...or maybe just think that my ex gf said to me that my eyes became brightest when i talk about u2 instead of her's beauty :) So...in 360° tour I choose to fly all around Europe to see the gig. Barcelona, Milan, 3 x Dublin, 2 x London in 2009 Turin, Helsinki, Moscow 2 x Zurich and Rome in 2010. All the shows I saw was simply amazing....but i think the 360° in 2010 started really slowly.... In every shows i saw, more than 20 in 18 years, there's a brightest light....there were nights u think there's the best night of your life....I remember shows as chicago 4 in 2006....or even London 2 in 2009....i think that u guy have to take courage of change this inamovible set list....yesterday i stared astonish the set list in horsens 2...cut unforgettable fire and until the end of the world and put in Ultraviolet...we...your fans love ultraviolet....but we love even until and unforgettable....it's so impossible hear them togheter? Why don't cut song as elevation or with or without you that we...your fan...know you don't wan to sing...it's clear as the sunlight!!!! Guys....as the slogan of zoo tv it's your world u can change it....do the same with this set lists....why cut from 2009 shows uknow caller, no line, breathe...??? really i cannot understand u..... I will always love the band, but my dear friends..i think u have lost that unforgettable fire which bright inside u...since the early days in mount temple.... kindly yours Francesco
One word
Magnificient.... I'm speechless, it was amazing, THANK YOU <3
Just i have to say Ultraviolet must be played in every gig. It's the sense of the show. Happy again.
well, I'm from brazil and wasn't at the show, just following the setlist in the internet, but I must say that I WENT CRAZY WHEN I KNEW THAT ULTRAVIOLET WAS BACK, I'm almost without voice because of my yellings of happiness, THANK YOU GUYS FOR BRINGING ULTRAVIOLET BACK, REALLY THANK YOU, no doubts that ULTRAVIOLET was the higlight of the show and is a highlight of the tour, keep playing ;)
OH yeah baby
that´s what i´m talking about.....keep ultraviolet in the setlist for the remainder of the tour.....US as well
It's time for the Stingray guitar take-o
Last night I was so lucky to have the chance to experience U2 in the small town of Horsens. It would have been great if they had come to Copenhagen but I simply had to see the guys in action. Hear Bono scream "Uno, dos, tres, Catorce!", listen to the Edge's U2 guitar sound which probably kept all of Horsens awake, the sound of mr. Clayton's heavy bass riffs and of course to my main instrument, the drums, the amazing Larry Mullen Jr. who not only plays the drum set but who also showed skills in playing a djembe during the show. When U2 visited Copenhagen a few years ago I was doing everything I could to get tickets but had no luck at all. This year I was so lucky to get tickets unfortunately they were all the way in the back. Yes all the way in the back. I sat on the last row (see picture). Even though it was in the back the concert was an amazing experience in so many ways. Every number would give you the goosebumps because they played most of the classics, stuff from the latest album (No line on the horizon) but also new songs such as "The Return of the stingray guitar" (which I've played air guitar to all day after listening to some of the clips on YouTube from last night) and "Glastonbury". What I really was looking forward to hearing was "Vertigo" because of I simply love the whole idea of the song and because it's something different from the old stuff. Besides "Vertigo" I also looked forward to hearing "Moment of surrender" because it really get's thinking about things. In generel they played most the stuff I wanted to hear such as "New Year's Day", "Elevation" and all the others. They could've played so many other songs such as "Pride (In The Name of Love)" and "No line on the horizon" but they still managed to through a hell of a show. Definetely a six star experience which most of the Danish newspapers have given the concert. I hope to see them again hopefully soon either in Copenhagen or some other part of the world. It worth all the money and car drive from outside of Copenhagen. Thanks a lot guys! Can't wait till I can go running and drumming with the sound of the stingray guitar playing on my iPod.
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