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Oct 3 2010
Coimbra, PT / Estadio Cidade Coimbra
with Interpol

Introducing a new song from the stage in Portugal tonight, Bono said, 'In honour of last night and tonight... and the incredible welcome you have given us... we want to try something we have never played before. This could be interesting! This is Boy Falls From The Sky.'

This is indeed the song Reeve Carney performed on Good Morning America last week for the launch of Spider-Man, Turn Off The Dark. The sixth new and unreleased track that the band have performed on this European leg, the reception from the 55,000 capacity audience was huge. But then maybe nothing would surprise us on a tour like this one. After a day of heavy rain, the skies had finally cleared in time for the band to take the stage for the second show here and although we'd all got soaked earlier, the welcome for the band was overwhelming.

'Thank you for making us feel at home, this Irish weather is perfect,' reflected Bono. 'There's been some bad weather in the economy for both our countries but it is not going to stop us being who we are and tonight is going to be one of the best nights of our lives.'

And so it turned out, all the way from a blistering version of The Return of the Stringray Guitar - what an inspired choice of opener that's become - to the final benediction of Moment of Surrender.

Can't stop without mentioning Bono leading everyone in the football chant after Pride which was pretty special and the moving segue into Walk On: 'A message of love from Portugal, Coimbra all the way to Burma. Do not give up, one day freedom will be won. Until that day we'll stand by you...'

Were you at this last-but-one show in Europe tonight ? What are the images you can never forget, the songs still ringing around your head, the moments you'll never surrender. Add your own review below and upload your photos.

Beautiful Day in Melbourne
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Bruno Alex
4th show that I've ever seen so far, from those Irish lads. The croud was more than an army... it was a brothery. We felt we were part of U2. I was overwhelmed by the multimedia show, by their performance... they still manage to surprise me show, after show! Went to Coimbra Stadium with my dearest cousins Maria Joao, Pina and my sweet friend Elisabete. It was their own "U2 baptism". Another EPIC night from U2 in Portugal
The ONE day
It was a busy day - the ONE day...!!! After a rainy working day... a unexpected prize... A walk on stage!!! This was something I personally never thought it would be possible and I\'m grateful for the opportunity to give my contribute to ONE. It\'s hard to define what one can feel on a day like that - tired but thrilled, I think. Thank you.
I took My Father
My Dad loves music. when I was little, it takes me to see several concerts in the Infante Sagres Pavilion in Oporto. Unfortunately I did not see the Vilar de Mouros concert, but he tells me about it, and I can almost feel it ... The only U2 concert in Portugal, that my father did not see was the 14/08/2005, Elevation Tour, due to shame in selling tickets, clowns. Today, it's me that take him to see several concerts, F1 MotoGP, SuperBike. Just in the last moment I tell him: "Do your bag, we go to Barcelona to see the Rolling Stones ... U2 ... F1...Super Bikes For you my dear Father ... Thank's for you being as you are. I Love You Ricardo Costa
My 5th concert in Protugal.
It is undoubtedly the biggest event in the universe. I liked seeing the bono and the person who inspires me. the set list was very interesting.
It was the ONE show for me. I was there and it was a lovely and special show... working as a volunteer made me a better person. I still feel different after that amazing experience.
I love all the show, everthing, i went the 2 nights, i was so close to Bono AMAZING and i saw Larry pass by car so close too i went crazy :-D he's so hot. I never gone forget this concert. I love this guys. Rapazes são os melhores do mundo amo-vos cantam muito. kiss beijos from lisboa
Most memorable moment:))
The best nights of my life.
Thanks U2 for all the joy you have been giving me throughout my life! It has been wonderful how you have the gift to make us so happy. This 2nd concert in Coimbra was absolutely MAGNIFICENT! I was almost all the concert completely euphoric! This time I brought my older son to the concert and he enjoyed it a lot, it was a complete surprise to him and the best first experience in concer! Better than a U2’s concert? Impossible!!! They are the ONE… THEY ARE THE BEST ONE!!
Magnificent!! :)
I went for the two nights, and the shows were... simply AMAZING!! Most memorable moment? Well I loved everything: the song alignment, the CLAW and the lights in it, Bono singing, the guitars, "I'll go crazy if I don't go crazy tonight", "Hold me, Thrill me, Kiss me, Kill me", Larry loosing his head in "Sunday Bloody Sunday", "City of Blinding Lights", "Singing in the Rain", me and my friends jumping together, the rain, 42000 people singing in one voice, Coimbra completely surrendered to U2... Thank you U2 for such memorable moments, you guys will always be in our hearts :) Angela Antunes PS - I just hope the next concert won't take too long to come!! :)
All the comments below are not enough... I still don´t believe i was there!!! THANK U2 (THE FANTASTIC 4), for the night of 2010.10.03. Hope see you again. Ana (Coimbra)
koexist - tiago
great, unbelievable, fantastic, concert of U2 me and my friend´s we love U2 i´m fan size 1983 - 2010 ... 11... 12...forever new album when.... more fast than possible please thanks guys
Magnificent Concert!
U2 gave a spectacular show in 3 October, you're the real thing, even better than the real thing! I saw Zooropa and Pop Mart Tour (Lisbon 1993 and 1997), but 360°Tour exceed all. It was a beautiful night, walk on… Bono, Larry, Edge and Larry, your songs and sounds, inspire us! Please came back soon. We surrender 2U. See you on the road.... Thanks. Paula Queiroz (Portugal)
U2 in Portugal 03.10.2010
What and incredible night! It was awesome! One doesn't forget the sound of thousands of people singing along, and the sight of thousands of lights light up in a moment. It was unforgetable. I hope the band has loved it as much as we did, and I just thank them for the amazing night. P.S: we were all day under rain, then they came and gave such show, that only in the end did it rain again....x) Singin' in the rain! U2....PORTUGAL LOVES YOU!
U2 in Coimbra
I loved! It was so beautiful! The sound its only, it chill and Bono is fantastic… The stadium of the colleges student was incredible, we sang for Bono when he was in problems..... and after that it was impossible to stand and don't sing!!!! Please don't forget PORTUGAL! We love U2. You are MAGNIFICENT!
Coimbra Show
Boys... You are the BEST... In 1982 i went with my father and his friends to Vilar de Mouros to see what's happening... The concerts were not like now, the bands were mix with "Foclore", but i saw you.... Nobody knows U2 at the time but "I SURRENDER" like you surrender in Coimbra last 02 Oct. After that I saw you in Alvalade the first time you came in 93. Then i went to the show in 2005.... And now in Coimbra... Thanks for being part of my life. Thanks Bono, The Edge, Adam and Larry. See you...
ONE... magic night in Coimbra
The night of 2nd October was the prove that the music can change the World. Music can touch the people's heart. But, not every band or singer can do this kind of magic, no. This is a power – or mission – that only U2 have. Yes, 2nd October in Coimbra was a night to remember at the last day of my life. It was my fourth U2 “gig” (i saw them in London, in 2001, Lisbon, in 2005, and again in London, last year) and... it was the best... and one of the best's of the band, for sure. The atmosfere in the stadium was incredible, but the most fantastic moment was the power that the band puts in stage, the “multi-feelings” that they give to us in all night with their amazing songs. At the end Bono said that U2 are surrender to Portugal... and i say now that Portugal are surrender to U2. Was an amazing night, one of the best's of my life. Thank you U2. MIGUEL BARROS (Portugal)
Best of the world
this is a concert to be in the memorie for ever. The vib on the elevation song, and the way that the fans react to the end with the music "With Or Without You " was unbelivabel... Concert 3 oct.
the two best nights of my life
2 and 3 were without doubt the best nights of my life. What about a band that can move thousands and thousands of people around the world, a band that puts people of all ages to vibrate at each song they play, they are fantastic no words to describe all the feelings that I had those two nights was all very well indeed, PORTUGAL surrendered to them. I just have got to thank BONO, THE EDGE, LARRY ADAM Ee for all the ones that give us for all the good times that step whenever I hear your songs I LOVE YOU are the only band that can shake with my feelings, so once again thank you you guys are the greatest U2 are the fantastic 4 ... THANKS
.......I have no words to describe what i felt........ The crowd (me included) singing all the songs...... FABULASTIC!!! (Fabulous + fantastic)...... MAGNIFICENT.................................. It worth every cent, the waiting, the rain, everything... U2 are the best. Come back soon.
My unborn son is already a U2 fan!
Last 2nd Oct, there we were (me and my superbelly) at Coimbra Stadium to the the most expected show! I was at the first U2 concert in Alvalade Stadium 18 years ago and my expectations for this time where really high!!...and it was...muuuuuch better! My unborn son didn´t stop dancing all the show and I'm sure he's already a U2 admirer. Thank 2 for comming to Coimbra, it was perfect! And thank 2 for not forgetting that, somewhere,every sunday there's bloody sunday...
Best night of my life!
How can I forget my first concert? Just can't! I close my eyes and every night, since the concert, I can only remember the musics and how excited I was. I have U2's flag on my wall and everytime I open my eyes I see Bono, The Edge, Larry and Adam! How great is that! The best moment of my life until now! I can't find the words to describe how much I loved it! Coimbra, 02 de Outubro
I Met My Husband In U2STour 92 Lisbon
On October 2nd we were at a wedding when someone says has arranged tickets and so we left ... we left the wedding and went direct to Coimbra, men wearing suits and me with high heel .. We went at 9:30 and 15 min later joined...The band I most admire ... no words. They sang " Beautifull Day" the same song from my weeding day. Thanks! I loved the band, the public, friends and my best friend in the same place, great music .I loved it, my feet not. I love how the band interacts with the public!!!
Portugal in love with U2
The second show in coimbra whas something unforgetable.. for 2 hours everyone forgot all the pessimism... Bono with need your voice, and not only for singing, in the rain or not. Come soon, please! We are a small country, but we have huge hearts, and no cround is like us, for no moment we stop singing with you guys! Even if someday you lost your voice, or if you get exhausted, don´t worry, we´ll sing for and with you. The best concert in my life Thank you U2
The best show on earth
What can I say about the third concert of this tour? Simply fantastic!. The best show on Earth!
FR AAAA it is an student@ Uni traditional song that symbolizes Coimbra. It is not a football song at all. Thanks Bono to behave like you did while in Coimbra ( my city)
Thank you for a show to remember forever! It was well worth the waiting of one year, the rain, the wind, all the lines... everything!
2nd October 2010 - Coimbra - Portugal
Thanks U2 for an unforgettable evening. I´ve been your fan since Live Aid. I still remember you performing Bad there. Well, the concert I attended in Coimbra with my husband is a moment we´ll never forget too. I couldn´t believe I was in the same place as you!!! Everything was fantastic: the sound, the stage, the lights, YOU...!!! And Bono, please don´t get on your knees because of us. We have to get on our knees cause of you all ,not only because of your songs, but also because of all the values you work for. THANKS!!! WE LOVE U!
Coimbra 03/10/2010
Portugal at its best ,thanks for this magnificent night ... Until your brief return to this country that loves you so much
U2 in the academic city
Two incredible nights with the best music band ever! It was worth singing in the rain along with U2... A bit of disappointment for Bad not being played and i missed Breathe a lot, but giving the 3 new songs we were given I guess it was a fair trade.. Come more often!!!!
I was in the October´s 3rd concert in Coimbra and it was a night i surely won´t forget. It was very emotional and I really enjoy all the moment´s. I think that U2 felt the feedback of portuguese public in a very intensive way. Thank´s for this very special moment´s...
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