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Dec 8 2010
Brisbane, QLD, AU / Suncorp Stadium
with Jay-Z

First of two nights at the Suncorp Stadium in Brisbane and on the thirtieth anniversary of his death, the spirit of John Lennon was with us.

'I remember watching John Lennon sing that song for his son Julian Lennon,' recalled Bono after the band had slipped in a few bars of 'Stand by Me' during 'Still Haven't Found', 'And today seems like a perfect day to do that for John Lennon and his family.'

New light on the inspiration behind 'Pride' when Bono explained, 'This next song is about an idea the great John Lennon whispered in our ears as four teenagers on the North Side of Dublin...'

The Queensland audience went ballistic at this point and why wouldn't they? Beautiful to hear North Star, one of unreleased songs back in the set and to hear Adam at the microphone, thanking the people of Australia for their generosity.

Threatened to rain most of the evening, but nothing could dampen the spirit of another packed house who made it loud inside and outside - chec out 'Boots' above. Elkepancake - not at the show - summed up the volume on twitter, 'U2 is having a concert near my house and I can hear them playing With or Without You and it is pretty much AWESOME...'

'Dear Prudence' announced 'Streets' and at the end of the night, Bono added: 'Goodnight Brisbane, Goodnight John Lennon'.

Was it a good night for you? If you were at the show add your own review and upload your photos.

Beautiful Day in Melbourne
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Tropical Brisbane...yes
Well it was awesome. What a stage, what a sound what a light show. I have been at many U2 shows over the past 23 years. I must admit Australians arent U2's best audience, but never the less, its was a great night. Red zone was fantastic, We were at the barrier, time for plenty of drinks and loo breaks. Suncorp stadium organisation wasnt the best at times, not enough big events like this for them to practice on... tonight another night from a different angle and monday i will be fighting may way to the front in Sydney....
Brilliant just Brilliant..
I went to the concert with my dad and one of my mates. My dad has been a big U2 fan the last time he saw you guys in concert was back when you came to Australia for the first time before you became massive. So it was a big thing for him to come last night, the most memorable moment was when you were playing Sunday Bloody Sunday, I was screaming my heart out during the song but I could hear my dad screaming even louder than I was. Also I would like to congratulate you on a great tribute to John Lennon it was such a great way to pay tribute to such a great man. Thank you for such a great night which I will never forget. Nick W
Didn't reach lift off.
I was at the Brisbane show last night, standing just in front of the mix position,(Kevin Rudd was standing right behind me).Now I'm a long time fan and have been to quite a few shows. I thought the production was excellent but for some reason I didn't really get lift off like in previous shows I've been to. (This was my first 360 show) Maybe it was the crowd, I don't know but it felt a little flat. I think It's one of the only shows I've seen where most of the people in seats were sitting for most of the show! I know if you are close to the stage it's always fantastic, but you have to sacrifice to get there and stay there. I'm going again tonight for my last show for this tour, maybe I will try to get closer to the stage and grin and bear the sauna like conditions. It was a nice moment when Bono got a girl out of the crowd and laid down on her lap! She didn't know whether to touch him or not!! Hoping I'll enjoy tonight better!!
I have been a fan of U2 since I was a teenager (I'm 28 now) and this was the first time I've seen them live. IT WAS AWESOME!!! The music takes you on a journey... At times I bopped and clapped and danced... At other times I could only sit and stare, mesmerized. It was fantastic to hear so many old favorites - With or Without You, Beautiful Day, City of Blinding Lights, Vertigo, Walk On, Pride, Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For... This list goes on. It was great to see Bono pick up a guitar. The stage was incredible and so fluid! So much to look at... I wish I was going again tonight! So much more I could say... I LOVE U2!!!
Phenomenal! in Brisvegas!
Phenomenal experience! Fantastic Set List. 100% pure brilliance all night. U2 rocked like I've never seen any band (even U2-in the past) rock, and that's sayin' something! Sound was exceptional - best quality I've ever experienced Performances packed full of energy & talent, the lads made this the most awesome night of our lives . . . Lighting and Video Wall was out of this world. Thanks for the ride on the spaceship!!!!
Go Guys!
The show was awesome! Loved how we heard a lot of old ones. You tried to set the crowd on fire and I'm disappointed with the Brisbanites: not a crazy crowd, not even dancing much at all! But hey, you are in Brisbane, don't say 'Brisbaayyyne'. It's Brisbane. I know, it doesn't make sense, but that's how it is. And I thought of how sad no one told you 'Welcome to Brisbane', from which you'd have picked up the pronounciation. But for all that matters, men you were great. Great sound, drums, guitare, voice, pffff reeeaaaal good! You go guys! I love your work.
Long Road
Just arrived home (3.40am) after 5 hr trek. What a drive but worth every minute to see the best show ever. WOW took my 2 daughters to their first big concert and couldn't have picked a better time. Last saw u2 in Bris when eldest daughter was 2 months from being born . Not many can say theyve heard U2 twice but only seen them once. Sleep now 2hours till the alarm goes off.
From Colombia
I'm in Colombia, and a very loved friend went last night to the Brisbane show, he called me, and I heard the whole concert via skype. It was awesome !!!! I'm wating to see U guys in NYC
Most Memorable Yet
As my 7 year old son and I sang along to the worlds greatest rock band I was awash with pride and joy no words can describe. Acoustically this was not the full immersion of the phenomenon that I like to know as U2 live. I love being totally surrounded by the music and have it pass through me leaving deeper memories and chills nothing but U2 live can deliver. However, having speakers primarily in the centre was perfect in its execution to draw even more focus to the performance. The light show was second to none. It kept up the frantic pace of Vertigo, Elevation and the like while bathed us all in the soft yet deep colours for Streets and One. Fantastic guys. Thank you for giving me a concert I will NEVER forget. To have my son there sharing my love of your music was unbelievably special for the two of us. Will be in Red Zone tomorrow for a closer piece of the action and then it's off to Sydney Show One on the 13th where I really hope you'll play HMTMKMKM as it's my sons favourite and was the only disappointment he had tonight. Yet again...thank you to you and all the amazing people who helped create 360.
The Real Griffo
I have a review.... well actually it's more of a prophecy because the show hasn't actually been on yet... but I do know it will be a once in a life time experience that will be the greatest show that Australia (and the world) has seen since the last U2 tour. What an awesome night.... U2 in Brisbane on the heels of the release of Aung San Suu Kyi and on what would have been John Lennon's 70th Birthday...... IMAGINE! Can't wait to welcome U2 Down-under ..... like catching up with old friends really!!!!!!!!! Griffo
Red Zone
Got my tickets in the Red Zone......it will be awesome
can't wait to see you guys on dec 8!!!! its also my 6yr olds birthday!!! i won't forget this concert ever
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