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Dec 13 2010
Sydney, AU / ANZ Stadium
with Jay-Z

Amazing opening night of two in front of 70,000 at the Olympic Stadium in Sydney. And some special guests in the house tonight including Oprah who gets a special shout out in Beautiful Day ('Oprah Winfrey right in front of me') and Bob Geldof, whose 'Do They Know It's Christmas' finds its seasonal way into opening 'Stuck In A Moment'.

'Stuck' was dedicated to Michael Hutchence and his spirit was with us in a couple of INXS moments during a soaring version of Bad which featured snatches of Need You Tonight and Never Tear Us Apart - the whole stadium adding backing vocals.

Cool to have the twitterati out in force tweeting the show live which means we can check the local references in the set up of Magnificent ('Glebe, Bondi, Paddington...Sydney.') and what a super loud and up show. Nowhere more so than for Vertigo, as neilfws, remotely, tweeted: 'I can hear U2 quite well. They're about 10 km away at Homebush.'

A young girl called Jana joined the band onstage for In A Little While: 'Are you a singer? ' Bono asked her. 'You should be a singer!' For Scarlet and Walk On thanks went out to people who put their energy into the campaign to release Aung San Suu Kyy.
'For a long time U2 fans have tried to help her and she wanted to pass on her thanks to this audience for all their support.' And not forgetting the political prisoners who remain behind bars: When they're out we will truly rejoice.'

Thanks also before One: ' Special people here tonight, those that signed up for the ONE Campaign, Bob Geldof, your being here means a lot to us, he's like my big brother, Denis O'Brien, Eleanor Webster from Make Poverty History, all of those of you in the RedZones, thank you. Let's do this magic trick U2 audiences do to put a spell on the band, turn on your phones and turn this place into the Milky Way.'

And so the 360 spaceship entered orbit again amongst a thousand other shining planets and we knew this was another night we'd never forget. Last word to mrslisaking on twitter: 'Well I reckon that rivaled Zoo TV for me or my fave Lovetown show in 89. They were ON FIRE!'

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Beautiful Day in Melbourne
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What a show. Best live band ever. As always u2 rocked the stadium. The best version i have ever heard of bad. Unbelievable. So many memorable songs and moments. Glad i`m going again tonight. The stage was fantastic. Bono and crew made sure that everyone could get a glimpse of them, never forgetting the fans sitting behind them. I`m excited and can`t wait until tonight but also feel sad that this will be the last time i see them in years. Please come back u2.
What A Night!!!!!
Bad Untl the End of the World Moment of Surrender, Top 3 highlights of an absolute jaw-drapping night!!!! I'm heading back for more!!!!
U2 Rock!
Can't sleep - too excited. Unbelievable show- crystal clear sound with Bono & Edge's voice in perfect harmony. The extra time in sound checks that delayed the entry to the stadium for the early birds was completely worth the wait. Best sound by far of any outdoor concert I've been to. Best song - Bad (my favourite) brilliant to hear it tonight. Thanks - my dream came true! Bono's energy was incredible, generous with his presence & personality - loved the Michael Hutchance tributes. Edge - Incredible as ever - fantastic rifts & loved the singing. A true magician- as Bono said - the IT Manager of the band. Simply amazing. Larry was on fire but hard to see for those of us lucky to be right up the front. Great to see him wander down the front for I'll Go Crazy. Adam - only Adam could get away with wearing an embellished top (was it a ladies top???) & white trousers playing a mauve guitar & still look ultra cool. Oh and his base was red hot tonight. Fantastic!! Thanks a million for a brilliant show - see you tomorrow. Georgie xxx
Im dizzy
Just got home and I am so wired. Their performance of VERTIGO makes you want to fly. The biggest production I have ever experienced. The stage is worth the admission alone. We all love these boys, and they make you feel loved. Loved right back.
Sydney concert
What a night, U2 you are the best , you rock 85,000 audience in the stadium with your power!!! Thank you for brought up crisis in Iran and Cambodia, you use your power to spread the word of "Democracy". Keep up the good job!!! love you, peace!!!
The big day is here!!!!!!
Can't believe today is the day, after much waiting and watching it is Sydneys turn for 360! Super excited and about to head into town for the mother of all rock gigs!!
stage is set!
OMG! just got to walk onto te 360 stage for the sydney shows happening in a day and a half's time ....Best feeling ever , i know I will never ever get a chance like that again !! Thank you to my mate at the stadium who realises and appreciates that I have been a massive tragic u2 fan since I was 10yrs old...and he probably did it to shut me up too!!! haha... cannot wait for the show!! going to blow all of our minds away.. U2 will always blow us away though!!!
U2 in Oz
It's starting to get awfully hot down here with the arrival of U2 in Australia. Only 2 weeks to go! I am so excited I feel like I'm 16 again, (I wish)! Hoping, (ok praying), that you play Ultraviolet. Would also love to hear No Line on the Horizon, Lady With the Spinning Head, In God's Country and Edge singing Numb. But I'm just so glad that you finally made it down the yellow brick road to Oz. The best Christmas present ever.
u2 and sydney
Have seen the boys here since the love town tour, and each tour's been awesome. Bono's voice during the vertigo tour definately surprised me how strong it still was.. Was lucky enough to see them both nites at wembley last year, and if it's anything like those 2 nites, it'll be nothing short of amazing.. I just ask that they change the sets each nite, that's all. And maybe throw in a couple of hidden gems for the fanatics :)
Well the next leg of the tour comes to the southern hemisphere...Very excited..Got my ticket and I am ready..Not a day goes by that I think of what is coming up on the 13th December..because the day I bought my ticket a couple of hours later I was diagnosed with early stage bowel cancer..my bubble burst..but you know what it has made me appreciate a lot more..Don't worry I am one of the lucky ones..they caught it early, I am still having tests done..but my goal is to be there on the night and sing my heart out. So watch out U2 in ( Red Zone 2) there will be a lady with a big smile on her face....:-)
Song Request
We'll be getting to four shows this tour. This one should be extra special as it's out second wedding anniversary. Wouldn't it be amazing if U2 played All I Want Is You like they did in Hawaii? Not only was it our song for our wedding waltz, it even made it into the vows :P
Lets Rock!
This will be my 5th U2 concert in Australia. The boys will carve it up!. Being one of my faves and the only time I heard it live was Sunday Bloody Sunday, from the previous Vertigo tour. Safe travels guys. Can't wait to rock on!
Bring on U2
This band sits parallel witn my life history. I am 48 years old and every u2 hit triggers certain life events in my mind. My 18 year old twins can't wait. Sydney and my heart and mind await.
can't wait to be there!
yeee haa! Have my tickets! I just can't wait to see the show - I am sure that I won't be disappointed- I wonder what the setlist will be! I hope their will be some songs from the pop and achtung baby albums and also no line on the horizon album- Gods' speed U2 and may you rock Old Sydney Town!!
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