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Dec 14 2010
Sydney, AU / ANZ Stadium
with Jay-Z

'Thank you Sydney. You are something else!'

(We already had a pretty good hunch about that from meeting fans outside the venue ahead of the show - check the clip above.)

If last night's show was one to remember, tonight was not going to be outdone bringing to mind all the great times the band have had in this city down the years.

'We've been based in Sydney for a few weeks,' explained Bono. 'We don't want to leave...' That went down quite well as Bono recalled earlier visits, like in 1984, the first time the band arrived down under when 'we debuted a whole lot of strange, new music, unforgettable fire...'
'Then we played here on ZOO TV and that show was broadcast... Adam you probably don't remember it. But we remember it and what a turning point it was. We are so proud of you Adam Clayton...'
(Huge response from everyone in the house at this point...)
'Adam Clayton version 2.0 started here in Sydney...'

With the memories flooding back, Bono recalled the LoveTown film made with Richard Lowenstein and that set the scene for something a little bit special.

'We're gonna try a few songs from that time... we're taking requests in Sydney.'

And with that we had the unmistakeable opening bars of All I Want Is You, played live for the first time since the Vertigo stop in Honolulu four years ago this month, Sydney joining in like their lives depended on it. The super-slow ending, with Bono on harmonica while the audience sang backing vocals, segued into a snatch of INXS and Need You Tonight ('you're one of my kind...') then Never Tear Us Apart before another segue - 'Raise me up and don't let me fall, No man is my enemy' - and we were into Love Rescue Me.

This track, written with Bob Dylan in the late 1980's, has not been played in full on tour for more than twenty years and with the band standing close to each other on stage, it was a bit of a spine-tingler.

By now the 360 Sydney spaceship was high in orbit and everyone knew it. 'I didn't think it was possible to get higher than last night,' mused Bono at the end. 'Thank you. Hope it was worth you leaving your home on a Tuesday night.'

If you were at the show tonight, add your own reviews and upload your photos below.

Beautiful Day in Melbourne
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A perfect night
Just loved being able to share this night with my then fiance who is now my wife. "All I Want" was the best way for me to tell her how much she means. A special song for me and I hadn't heard Bono sing it live until that night.
The Best
We went in Red Zone 2. It was the best night of our lives. We were up close and enjoyed the space around us to really watch the concert. I can't say enough how fantastic it was. We are massive fans. We had been to Melbourne, and Sydney. My husband also took our 10 year old daughter to Brisbane. We are from Victoria, so have been all over Australia to follow the great band. We are now so sad that it has ended. U2 - Truly amazing....................
Thanks U2
We will never forget you and your fans support for Burma.
Bono - u won't be forgotten
Went to 2nd Sydney show and what a night it was. From beginning to end it was just one great song after another. What more could u ask for, other than the concert not stopping..... But i have to say Vertigo just brought the house down. I remember the first time i saw the band, it was on TV (Channel 10 in Sydney) on a show called WROCK (music show) and they were showing the clip to Gloria. I'm now 43yrs old and i remember back then how i loved the song and the fire & passion in Bono's voice. I was hooked from that moment on...I'd always rush home from school hoping they would play the clip again..........there is no way i will forget the first time and there is no way i will forget U2. Thanks for an absolutely amazing night !!!!!!!!. See you back in Aus.
Come Alive Again
What to say?? What words can express the joy of being front centre in Sydney... All i want is all i got.. U2 you move me!
Seeing U2 for the 5th time on Monday night in Sydney was amazing - we had great seats and my highlight was Bad, the song I've been waiting to hear since 1989 and it was definitely worth the wait! I can't begin to describe how U2's music has affected my life. My father turned 70 this year and is a huge U2 fan, with Bad being his favourite song too. He's not in great health now and the song brought tears to my eyes. U2, I love you, Where the Streets Have No Name as usual is your greatest live song that gets the whole crowd jumping. Love it, love it, love it. Hope to see you again in Sydney soon ....
Still carnt belive
I still in awe of these guys, went to both sydney shows,monday up very high,tuesday down closer to the action.Monday was the first show me & my friends had got the chance to go to(after 23 years of wating,with may thins croping up stopping us from going before).before they started we sat close together,tellling eacher other to pinch us to see if its real,her husband couldnt stop smilling & my daughter thought we were nuts.my friend cried may times during the night, i was mak=nly affected durring Bad,I will follow & with or with out you.I have never gone as crazy at a gig as i did when Bono intoduced Larry my friend thought that i was going to jump over the ledge & take off.Carnt belive that tues was better,love rescue me made me cry had to ring my friend durring all i want is you.Pride sent shivers as did new years day & wowoy again,ultraviolet WOW.I have benn telling every body that both me & larry were itching our noises at the same time,cause they showed on the screan doing it(were both blonde!).Like evry body has benn saying please dont leave it to long to come back,Sydney needs you
I'm not coming down...
An incredible time with the band of our time...the shows went off like I have never seen before, I have seen Zoo, Pop, Vertigo tours, nothing like this, the crowd gives and the band give back two fold. I love you so much U2, had the best time of my life on Monday down in the inner circle on the fence, 1 metre away from the boys several times, never been that close, had seat tickets for the second night and I was just so jealous of the people in GA, I am never doing that gain. GA all the way. I will tresure these Sydney shows until next time...I don't want to come down from the incredible high, special moments for me, BAD, I had never heard it live, WALK ON, STREETS, ALL I WANT IS YOU Bono on harmonica again after so many years, wish I was going to the Perth shows I would happily be a groupie for the rest of my life if I could afford it!!!
Thankyou for making my year!
U2 - my favorite band ever. I went to the 2nd Sydney concert and it blew me away. I went to the Vertigo concert back in 06 and thought it couldn't possibly be topped - but true to U2 style they put on an even more amazing show! So many faves in there..."streets", "One", "Pride", "With or Without you" and my all time favorite song "All I want is you"....thankyou. thankyou. thankyou. The crowd was awesome and the boys were on fire. I was close to the front but not close enough. I will be at your next concert front and center! So much love from Sydney - Wow is right Bono. So much Love! xxx
As if the first show wasn't amazing enough! didn't think you could top it, but the second show was unbelievable! love rescue me... sha la la laaa.. i loved when bono added in lyrics from "slide" with michael hutchence at the end there. Streets is also my all time favourite! my friend also got me up on his shoulders (no shirtless u2 paint though!)but i was on top of the world!wish i could have stayed up there the whole concert! Adam and Bono sharing a little jig together during Crazy Tonight Remix. makes me smile :) caught it on film :D :D mann too many moments to mention! 2nd row from the front on the first Sydney night, amaaazzing, but 2nd night we were at the very back of the inner circle, right on the barricade (could see better) i felt like Bono and Edge were in my back pocket when they walked around the runway...cant stop thinking about the concerts! Larry's smiles on the bongos! new years day! was amazing in 06, brought back memories. if everyone around me was already pumped...vertigo pushed it into overdrive!! aaahhh cant wait to see them again! wherever that may be..
The second show in Sydney was amazing. Elevation, 'Boots', Vertigo and Pride really went off with people jumping and singing along. Where The Streets Have No Name is my absolute favourite song and this was confirmed on tuesday night when my mate and I went on our other mates shoulders shirtless. the paint on our chests read 'U' and '2'. I was so happy when Larry looked at us smiled. YEW!!! such a great night. It was worth getting public transport alone early in the morning.
5 Sisters and brother say THANK YOU!
We had the most amazing experience last night. We were totally blown away. You brought us to tears... You are forever in our hearts. Thank you U2.
No band is better!
I have attended all shows so far on the 360 Tour Down Under - 6 in Australia and 2 in NZ and I am off to Perth this weekend to see the final two. 10 shows is not enough. No band plays better live and no band gets the crowd involved for the whole show. Thank you for coming to Australia and NZ.
Can hardly find the words....
I may be wrong, but last night in Sydney seemed to be a mutual love fest between the lads and the crowd... Its almost 24 hours later, I am still buzzing!! It was the most incredible night - phenomonal in so many ways. Obviously the stage and set were a work of genius but even more surreal and glorious was the music - everything about it. The clarity, the heart, the voice, the set list - All I want is you - Love rescue me - surprise picks but welcomed with open arms and hearts and voices. Flew up to see the first Brisbane gig last week, and it was great, really great - but hometown Sydney last night was completely off the planet! Lined up for hours and hours but would do it again in a heartbeat to find ourselves front row again - jammed against the fence, feet ready to drop off, drenched in sweat but so completely and utterly joyous. Hard times can suck the life out of us sometimes but last night for those 2 hours, there was not a care in the world for me, the euphoria of that gig pushed every trouble from my mind and there was purely joy - THANK YOU! The boys seemed to be riding high on the love pouring out from the crowd which of course in turn just led to even more passionate and heartfelt performances. So many U2 songs are the soundtrack of our lives and the memories created last night with live long, very long. Moment of Surrender was sublime and if the stadium had a roof, it would have blown off with the likes of Vertigo, Mysterious Ways and Boots. One, Walk On, Miss Sarajevo - stunning! Met some great people while waiting in the queue outside. Just can't wait to do it all again, hurry back guys. Like Bono said "WOW".
Bono Sydney
Bono front stage 2..awesome he stopped in front everytime...my favourite pic from both nights
Awesome 2nd show
Went to the 2nd Sydney gig last night and it was brilliant. The guys were on fire, the crowd was very vocal, there were some suprises in the setlist, I was in the inner circle - it was just great. The highlights for me were Elevation, Until the end of the World, All I want is you, Love Rescue Me and Streets. Vertigo however was something out of this World - they absolutely nailed it - everyone was jumping and screaming - I've never seen so much action at a U2 gig!! At the end of it the guys just looked at each other dumfounded and Bono asked Edge "where the hell did that come from!?!" The only criticism I have is that Moment of Surrender is the wrong song to end the show with, it was the weakest part of the entire gig. But, overall a great night, I will never forget it. Thanks fellas (again).
thankyou so much!
just wanted to say that I had the time of my life ! This was my first U2 concert EVER. I went with my dad, and he LOVED IT. so. much. I saw the second show, and it blew me away. I loved it, soooo great! I am only 14, but U2 is my favourite band ever. Thankyou U2 for making this night the best night ever, my dad and I had a fantastic time. And we will NEVER EVER forgot you. <33
Wish I had been there too!
My first U2 concert was the second gig in Melbourne ... I wish my second U2 concert had been the second gig in Sydney ... oh, how I wish!! Echoing the wishes of countless other fans: COME BACK SOON, SO LOOKING FORWARD TO A NEXT TIME :) Best wishes to all the band ... and, I would especially like to add my name to the long list of women who are so taken with Adam ;) How cool would it be to simply have the opportunity to chat with him over a drink, as if old friends? Well, dream on ... and thanks for creating magic in the lives of many, including mine :)
21 Years of magic
U2 - What can i say?? Now been seeing you live for 21 years - would have loved to go in 84. Just keep getting better and better! Highlights to me were hearing Bad - such a great song, Walk On - with the recent release of one of my heroes. Also Miss Sarajevo, Bono doing Pavarottis bit - so talented. The set exceeded everything we have seen before, the lights, and the crowd!! Saw a guy with an 84 tour t shirt who bought his kids who are fans - that just sums up the appeal of the 4 guys from Dublin
Light my Way
WOW! Could it get better and it did , after attending the first Sydney concert HAD to come back for more on the second night - now I understand the addiction to following U2 around the world. The surprise changes in the setlist was great , so good to hear Love rescue me, the crowd singing backing vocals for Pride and With or without you was spine tingling. Bono's voice seemed even better than the night before! If that was possible, The Edge nailed the riff in One, Larry amazing on the bongos, Adam your the best bass player on the planet! In the arms of my soul mate singing All i want is you - memorable. Stadium again erupted to Vertigo and Elevation - & i just love get on your Boots, actually all the songs were just FANTASTIC - U2 could play humpty dumpty and it would sound great. The worst thing - coming back down to earth after a awesome 2 nights with U2.
Better than the first night
After hearing them play on monday i thought it couldnt get better, but tuesday was just that. they played all i want is you, i have never heard that live and it was awesome. they also included new years day and pride, which were also awesome. man i wish i was a millionaire. i would go and see them everywhere they go. its the best experience seeing u2 play live. thank god they included us in their massive production.
All I want.....
....is Adam's shirt!!! Of course, having Adam without his shirt would be splendid too but....Seriously, anybody know where he got this shirt?
They have done it again
What a fantastic concert yet again. I was there at the Love Came to Town Tour and when Zoo Tv was filmed and every tour since. City of Blinding Lights, Vertigo were highlights but my all time favourite every show is Streets which gives me goose bumps every time!! Brilliant
Thank you U2!
I attended both of the Sydney shows (and also both Melbourne) and was just blown away. I shall be on a high for quite some time after attending these amazing shows. Bono said last night that the band had been based in Sydney for the past few weeks and didn't want to leave - well Sydney does not want you to leave either. It has been wonderful having you on our shores. I really loved hearing "All I Want is you" and "Love Rescue Me" last night - it took me right back to the Lovetown shows and it was a wonderful surprise. The Michael Hutchence references were also very touching. Also, thank you U2 for not only giving us fantastic shows (Adam seemed to be really enjoying them himself too), but for also going out of your way to meet your fans. I was particularly thrilled when Bono got out of his car to meet a group of us fans waiting outside the stadium last night upon his arrival. After what would have been a long and busy day for him, Bono still gave us his time and was happy to meet us all and chat which I am very grateful for. So once again.. thank you U2 and I hope you come back and visit us all again very soon in Australia. Best wishes, Anissa
I love U2
What a great night, you guys went off. And I got so up close and personal. aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Thanks Bono and the boys for playing this great song. When Bono said this was the fan request for Sydney, myself and a lovely girl next to me met him earlier outside, I had the record there with me for him to sign and we asked him if he could please sing it. Bono then said it was for the sisters before he sang it. It was great though we are not sisters but it doesn't matter it blew me away and I wished I knew where she was in the crowd cause she would have been blown away as well. Still running on adrenaline today, awesome, awsome shows. Thanks again.
WOW..WOW..WOW..Went both nights in Sydney..memorable moment ..monday night when U2 first Walked On to the stadium..best track..EVERY single ONE of them...Highlights....Going to both shows and watching these 4 guys '' do their stuff '' Thank You U2 for being a huge part of my life for the last 30 years.. Sharon XXXX Please join WWW.ONE.COM.AU.
All I Want Is You - For Me!
Thank you Bono for singing 'All I Want Is You' for me last night! "...and Chloe wanted us to play this tune.. Tuesday Night Live.. We're taking requests here in Sydney.." (the band goes on to sing 'All I Want Is You') I had met Bono before the show and asked if he would play that song... He obliged and it was one of the most amazing nights of my life! How often does the biggest band in the world sing a song for me??!?!
All we want is U(2)
Rock 'n Roll never looked so good boyz. Your tour Down Under, hopefully, is not your last. Every time you fly out of here you leave us wanting more.
Bono signed my ticket
I didn't think that things could get better then the previous night. But after waiting for a few hours, I got to see Edge up close as he arrived. Then a few hours later Bono came. He was incredible and I think everyone that wanted something signed got it. He talked to everyone. And I was so amazed that he shook my hand and signed my ticket! Then the show came, and the energy was crazy. Even from where I was way at the back. All I Want is You was a great suprise. I wish I could see them again soon! Thank you!!!
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