U2360° TOUR

Dec 14 2010
Sydney, AU / ANZ Stadium
with Jay-Z

'Thank you Sydney. You are something else!'

(We already had a pretty good hunch about that from meeting fans outside the venue ahead of the show - check the clip above.)

If last night's show was one to remember, tonight was not going to be outdone bringing to mind all the great times the band have had in this city down the years.

'We've been based in Sydney for a few weeks,' explained Bono. 'We don't want to leave...' That went down quite well as Bono recalled earlier visits, like in 1984, the first time the band arrived down under when 'we debuted a whole lot of strange, new music, unforgettable fire...'
'Then we played here on ZOO TV and that show was broadcast... Adam you probably don't remember it. But we remember it and what a turning point it was. We are so proud of you Adam Clayton...'
(Huge response from everyone in the house at this point...)
'Adam Clayton version 2.0 started here in Sydney...'

With the memories flooding back, Bono recalled the LoveTown film made with Richard Lowenstein and that set the scene for something a little bit special.

'We're gonna try a few songs from that time... we're taking requests in Sydney.'

And with that we had the unmistakeable opening bars of All I Want Is You, played live for the first time since the Vertigo stop in Honolulu four years ago this month, Sydney joining in like their lives depended on it. The super-slow ending, with Bono on harmonica while the audience sang backing vocals, segued into a snatch of INXS and Need You Tonight ('you're one of my kind...') then Never Tear Us Apart before another segue - 'Raise me up and don't let me fall, No man is my enemy' - and we were into Love Rescue Me.

This track, written with Bob Dylan in the late 1980's, has not been played in full on tour for more than twenty years and with the band standing close to each other on stage, it was a bit of a spine-tingler.

By now the 360 Sydney spaceship was high in orbit and everyone knew it. 'I didn't think it was possible to get higher than last night,' mused Bono at the end. 'Thank you. Hope it was worth you leaving your home on a Tuesday night.'

If you were at the show tonight, add your own reviews and upload your photos below.

Beautiful Day in Melbourne
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All I Want Is U2 !!!
Thanks so much for these 2 Amazing shows !!! It's my fourth times shows (Cardiff, Paris, Sydney x2).... Each are special.... But the best due to my position, inner circle, and the perfect setlis.... on the second Sydney!!!!! For many years i'am waiting to heard "All I Want" live !!! That's done now !!!!! Love rescue me was also a Big Big and Beautiful surprise ! Thanks you so much for all these unforgettable fire night !!!! See U next time..... hope in Paris 2011 !!!
Love Rescue Me
What a Precious and Fantastic highlight of these weeks downunder: that great moment seeing, hearing and feeling ' All I want is You' move into 'Love Rescue Me' via 'Need you Tonight' ! Brilliant ! Solid Rock all over the second show in Sydney - as Bono said even higher then monday night! Thanks again to U2 and Jay-Z for those great shows downunder - hope to see you around somewhere in the future... Walk On!
The best band in the world without a dou
These guys are just amazing, they made me cry when they started singing, i drive around Sydney everyday with their albums pumping in the car, i exersize to their music, they send a strong message of hope and sometimes i have to wonder if they are really human with how talented they are. The 2nd Sydney show was just unbelievable, i was sitting next to the love of my life at this concert and will never forget this evening. Well done guys you are just amazing. I would do anything to travel the world with these guys. Jason Sydney
Yes Bono worth leaving home on Tuesday :
What an awesome night guys. Bono, you are the epitome of a Rock God. I had so much joy watching you guys up there, my idols since I was a teenager waaaaay back in the 80s. It was great to see you enjoy the show so much too. The Claw was nothing short of spectacular. Come back soon!
Love Rescue Me
Syunning. I feel so privilidged. I was at both nights and last night (14th) was definitely the better one. Even though both were excellent. Jay Z was better, One was better. Even the mexican wave was better. Plus, I was in Red Zone 2 last night. Perfection. Best U2 concert of all time?
Sydney loves it!
Just woke up and still buzzing. Saw both Sydney shows and the second one pumped pretty hard, especially from the front row, WOOT! I finally heard 'BAD' live on monday and good to hear some oldies like 'Love Rescue Me' and 'All I Want Is You' thrown in for good measure last night. Props to Jay Z and a very tight funky band. They know how to rock a show NO WORRIES! As for U2 i didn't think they could top the Vertigo tour, but they smashed it to pieces, all i can think is where to from here? I get excited thinking about it. Thank you guys for a magnificent night, amongst 80,000 it still felt intimate. PEACE
Thanks U2 and fans
I would like to say from bottom of my heart to THANK YOU VERY MUCH for your long time support to Burma. WALK ON song is fantastic.
Thank you!
i thought i had the best night of my life when i watched the first show. i didn't realise it could get even better! second show was so so so awesome and THANK YOU U2 for playing all i want is you! you guys certainly made the night memorable. and to bono - yes we will definitely never forget you guys coz when you started playing all i want is you i was holding the hand of my boyfriend and the time you finished the song he's already my fiance. put the ring on my hand after the first verse. thank you for giving me the best night of my life!
The Greatest Show on Earth.
I just got back and showered after a very awesome U2 concert. My first, and hopefully, will not be the last. Hits and all of the surprises.. and songs which stay true to me since I began 8 years ago searching for hope.. I sat far far away. But 360 degrees is truly unforgettable no matter the distance. I hope to buy a great ticket within reach the next time. The effects phenomenal, but the music, mystically satisfying. You guys not only contribute to music, but to our world.. for the richer. I really fell in love with U2, and to have "Beautiful Day" and Sunday, Bloody Sunday.. ahh.. and to have the City of Blinding Lights, always a favourite in my tracklist. The most memorable? Well, it'd be the moment my brother and I go into the car singing Vertigo that was on Triple M on the radio.. And at the concert, it would be the musical brilliance of the whole band.. Especially Walk On... Oh, gosh, it's all of it. Every part of it was exceptional. And that's what makes U2 so great :)
AWSOME!!! Part Two!
To add to my review earlier, I do have a 'best track' from tonights concert.... it would have to be: I'll Go Crazy If I Dont Go Crazy Tonight (Remix). Definately my favourite! Cant wait for you to come back to Oz! I hope its not too far away!
Just got back from U2's second 360 show in Sydney. What can I say, just brilliant & we're still charged! They have outdone themselves once again and we loved the set played....heaps of old songs that we all knew & loved. An unforgettable concert. Cant pick the best track as they were all awsome & kept me jumping, singing & screaming for more! But I must say, Miss Sarajevo was bloody unreal. Can't wait for U 2 come back guys, you are a truely exceptional band & you should be proud of what you do. Until we meet again mate! Merry Christmas!
Missing The best Show on Earth
Unfortunately I am missing the show tonite in Sydney .. As Sydney is such a great city that international flights are fully booked out! I am missing the best show on Earth again.. 1st was the Rome concert in Oct Everybody that is there tonite pls have a Fantabulous time! It would be unforgettable! Till when it is my turn to experience the best show on earth
Thank you U2 and all fans
Dear U2 and all fans, Firstly, we would like to congratulate to your 360* Australia and New Zealand tour. We couldn’t imagine ourselves writing to you when we were listening Rattle and Ham, when we were 21, back in Burma. To be honest with you, there were times when we felt that we are not getting anywhere during this 20 years of struggle against the regime with 500,000 plus army personal, 71 billion dollars GDP and getting support of rising two super economic power house. In those times, the courage of our leader Aunty Suu and the great support of international community, such as your relentless support and dedicated performance at your 360* tour, gave us strength. Behalf of all our families, friends and above all, our friends in prisons around the country, please accept our sincerer gratitude by saying very simple words thank you for making our voice were heard around the world. You make people like us without voice keep on shouting, without leg keep on standing against one of the worst tyrant the world has ever known. We will keep on singing the song as long as it takes with your great support. Thank you. Your sincerely Sydney Burmese Community and Burma Campaign supporters
song request
please please please sing all i want is you!!! this is my first ever u2 concert and ever since they announced their concert in sydney i have been playing u2 all the time in my car and i can't wait to watch the show!!!
Please sing Walk On
Thank you very much for your support to Daw Aung San Suu Kyi and people of Burma. Please sing Walk On song on 14 Dec.
From Croker To Sydney
See you in Sydney Guys ,By this Time i Imagine it will be U2 show No.31 for me , Thanks Guys for the wonderful Memories , I have done Many tours and the 360 Tour has been an awesome experience for me, My wife died suddenley Shortly before this tour started and the Travelling , The music and The wonderful U2 Fans helped me so much along the way to live again.....One Life...we get to share it!!
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