U2360° TOUR

Dec 18 2010
Perth, WA, AU / Subiaco Oval
with Jay-Z

Subiaco Oval in Perth for the last but one night of U2360�° in 2010.Here's what you've been saying about it.

'Just witnessed one of the great bands to play in Perth.'

'So many highlights including "Until the End of the World" played with so much passion and energy, hearing "Bad" live for my first ever time and Bono's passion at the end of "One"...'

'The 60,000 strong crowd loved it, especially when Bono compared the band to cricketers - Warnie -> Adam Clayton (defintely), Larry - Gilchrist (WA loves Gilly so definitely), the Edge - Mr Cricket Hussey (definitely) and then himself... Boony - WA loves anyone who can take the piss out of themselves and Bono did it perfectly. Thanks for one of the best concerts I have been to...'

'My first U2 concert as I have been too young to go before. I was right up the front and I started crying when U2 came on stage...'

If you were at the show in Perth tonight, post your own review and upload your photos below.

Beautiful Day in Melbourne
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Etched Again.....
Fantastic, the effects, the music the vibe from the crowd! loved every minute of this, sharing it with my Jodie, my Little Bro Tim & his girl Amelia, my mate Larry, & knowing that my aunts were loving it in their seats! The Aussies won the Cricket & Bono won the crowd! 2nd time I have seen U2, privileged again!
A year later and I still talk about this concert. Thanks U2. I had that empty home sick feeling when it was over and I had to go home. Keep playing until you're 100!
Absolutely Fantastic !!!!
I live in Darwin, but managed to get to the 1st show in Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth. Loved every single bit of the shows. U2 are by far one of the best live performers that I have ever had the privilege of seeing. This concert, the stage set up is spectacular. Absolutely brilliant. You can see from every seat in the house and the band includes everyone in the audience. Cant wait to see them again during this tour somewhere in the world. Love you U2 xx
Magic :)
This show was magic in Perth, I found out my seat was behind the stage actually but that didn't matter as the band really did work 360 degrees. If I didn't have a plane ticket and a job to go back to in Melb, I would have stayed for the 2nd Perth show as well. Really loved "North Star", "Boots', "End of The World" on this night. Ended up at 2 Melb shows, 1 Sydney, 1 Perth so had a bit of a mad time, considering the initial plan was to only go to 1 Melb show. Thank you U2, made me go a bit gypsy and I had a great time :) Perth is beautiful, love the people, the weather, Fremantle markets and Scarborough :)
In a little while....
The show was FANTASTIC !!! My fave track is " In a little while " really wish it had been me onstage with Bono instead of Emily but hopefully you'll get me up there with you one day Bono !!! I love you x
360 Tour 18th Dec, Perth
Absolutely, without a doubt, the best concert I have EVER been to !!! You guys are amazing, always have been, always will be...............Bono, I love you !!! X
Adam is a rock god
After two shows in Melbourne and two in Perth I still haven't had enough. When ever someone tells me that U2 are just a rock band I tell them to go see the show. It's always the ace up the sleeve because after that they don't need convincing that they are the greatest band on earth. They've evolved with the fans and keep giving us nothing but thier best. Perth show two was incredible with all the old songs that have such resonance. To Adam from the girl with the sign, thank you for the pic in the bottle. Thanks to all of you for a fantastic tour and please come back soon, you know how much we all love you.
Worth the 5149.2KMs travel
I travelled all the way from the Philippines to catch U2 Live!!! I have been saving up for years and promised myself that if U2 gets anywhere near Asia Pacific that I am coming to watch them and I finally had this dream realized! Was in the second row! U2 was everything and so much more than I imagined - definitely will remember this night forever!!! It's been 5 days since but everytime there is silence I can still hear their music playing in my head!
Highlight of my year!!!
OMG, it's the first time I've ever seen U2 and it was incredible!!!! I'm still buzzing days later, was the best night. Too many highlights to try to name one. Thanks to the U2 guys for a brilliant concert!
My wife and I travelled from Wodonga (Victoria aka east coast Aus) arriving at Subiaco at midnight set up camp and got some shut eye. This was our Honeymoon having been married just 2 week before at 3:33 which she walked down to me with "In a little while". Our honeymoon suite was a blow up bed and sleeping bag not quite 5 star more like 5000+ star room. We made it front and centre for her first live gig this being my 10th in a row front and centre at U2. We had the most amazing time and met some even more amazing people...... U2 thanks for the memories
12 years... worth the wait
A fantastic show, was lucky enough to be in the Red Zone for it. Caught the Perth Popmart back in 98 and the crowd this time round were a lot more energetic. I must admit that I was hanging to hear Ultraviolet and they didn't disappoint. It was the highlight for me. Bono was in fine form, even with the 'stand up comedy' in between songs. Referring to himself as the Aussie Legend "Boonie" was a classic moment during the show. Been a fan since I bought the cassette of Unforgettable Fire back in '84 and 26 years later it's iTunes and DVD's and U2 are bigger than ever. Can't wait for the next album (and I hope the rumours are true) early next year... Just don't wait so long to come back to Perth...
Perth is alive!
great show! and tonights crowd made up for the corpses at Popmart '98. back then i was surrounded by people who showed no signs of life, poor Bman couldn't find a pulse. but almost 13 years later we let U2 'hear our heartbeats' >=:) West Coast went Crazy! >=:)
Well, I thought you wowed me in Melbourne, U2, but to see you on my home turf for the first time since 1998 was an absolute dream... If Heaven is anything like being at a U2 concert, then thank you God, what a wonderful gift xxx
Thank you, thank you!!
I was overwhelmed to be at the Subiaco concert on Saturday night. Been a fan for over 20 years and FINALLY got to see them live! Moved to the other side of the globe and now I see them...... It was an absolutely awesome night and my only regret is that I have never been able to see them live before now. From where we were seated, the crowd didn't appear to be making any effort to participate and really get into it, but from my experience that appears to be Perth audiences for you. I don't understand that. But we didn't let that dampen our spirits and I am still buzzing, and singing, from Saturday night. Thank you so much for making the huge trek to Perth U2 and I really hope you do come back again.
U2 just.........
No game of words can express the whole lotta feelings... So many awesome moments! Just a big thanks to all of U2 guys that definitely shined in this spot far far away!
Lifetime experience
I have loved U2 since 1983 and last night was the first time I have seen them live. I completely lost myself in the moment. I want to see them in their home country, so I can share the passion. Bono's singing was magic and Edge and Co played as one. Streets With No Name went off. New Years Day and Desire would also have extended the night. Selfish Yes.
As always U2 never fail to inspire me and remind me of what is important. Highlight for me was "Walk On" and the Amnesty candles on stage. Amazing concert and great venue after the Popmart tour at the Dome. Did not think after seeing Vertigo tour at Telstra Stadium in Sydney that anything would be better but this was inspiring and on such a large scale yet still felt intimate. Please come back to Perth again - 12 years is too long!
U2 way better live !!!
The Perth crowd were more invloved than their last visit here (Popmart - Wake Up Dead Perth!) and heading in to the concert I was quite worried that the Perth crowd was going dissapoint again. Having seen U2 in Dublin & Slane it is amazing to see how an involved crowd can encourage the band and thankfully this time security weren't too over-zealous telling everyone to sit down just after Bono had told everyone to stand up, and everyone got right into the U2 swing of things (even the corporate boxes were upstanding and dancing - well done guys!). I ended up being right against the railing in the standing section and have lots of great pic's. Once again Bono & the boys - Thanks for rocking out Perth.
Totally Unreal, what legends Bono, The Edge, Adam and Larry are - still going strong. Such passion and energy. I will never forget the moment it was unforgettable.
for you. I Will Follow!
what an amazing night. I was trying to explain just how incredible it was to the family. and i was actually stuck for words! People don't seem to realise what a powerhouse this band is, and that a live setting is the ONLY way to experience them! Bono was amazing, as always. Adam was really enjoying himself, letting of a cheeky smirk here and there. Larry was an backbone of steel for the aural assault. and Edge... well need i say any more? This was only the second time i've seen them and i was against the barrier front and centre!!! The last time i saw them was back in 06 and i didn't think anything could top Vertigo......I WAS WRONG! i'll be going again tonight. Thank you boys, thank you for making such incredible music, you really do make this world a little bit brighter. Love always, -Steve
The Messiah returns!
WHAT AN Incredible Show! Bono clearly has a messiah like presence about him and people hang on his every word like it is gospel. We got there at 9am in order to get into the inner circle and it was worth the wait. My heart truly skipped when the band made it onto the stage and seeing them so close made the whole experience something I will never forget! I loved the inclusion of Until the End of the World and Miss Sarajevo and the audience participation sounded incredible. I loved the cricket comparisions between the band members and the chant of 'Boony Boony' made me crack up! North Star is a beautiful ballad that I think we were privileged to hear. Thank you U2 for the most incredible night and for giving the Perth fans something they will be talking about for hopefully not another 12 years between visits. Perth *Hearts* U2. Come back soon lads!
fantastic again!!
Third time Ive seen U2 and brilliant as ever, pity Australians dont seem to interact with live bands, liven up Perth!
1st night of Perth
Great show! looking forward the second tonight. By the way they didnt play Bad last night - as somebody quoted on the main page.. hopefully tonights the night. Hoping for new years day also. Great sound and great show, Adam was loving it!
Best rock bank in the World!!!
Absolutely awesome gig last night. The vibe was much better than Adelaide in 2006. Jay-Z was a great opening act. What an icon!! Highlight would have been a young girl, Emily, getting plucked from the front and then taken to the stage for Bono to lay his head in her lap and sing 'In a little while' to her. He then later danced with her on the bridge. Something she'll never forget I'm sure. Wish it had of been me!!! Fave song was I Will Follow but the one I think the crowd went off to the most was Elevation. The whole place was jumping. Can't wait to do it all over again tonight in the Red Zone!!!
U2 - Even better When It's The Real Thin
Went to the Perth Concert last night. It was totally going off !! The claw is gob-smackingly huge - couldn't stop looking at it !! We were seated close to the stage - everyone was on their feet dancing most of the time. I was lucky enough to be with talented jazz ballet dancer QT Ellis . Highlights for me were Vertigo, I Will Follow and Streets - but most of all Pride - I was totally stoked because I saw them play it for the first time 25 years earlier in NZ. This is the best live band on earth. Musically they are incredibly tight. Bono's voice is as strong as ever. I felt he was really enjoying himself and the crowd were loving him back. The new techno/dance version of I'll go crazy is superb - release it as a single and get it into the nightclubs. Mercy is beautiful - get it on the radio, it's going to be a hit. You heard it first Glenn Hammond
Just plain briliant
Was my first ever U2 concert, but shame on me, why did I not go before! It was a crazy, mind blowing, incredible, super fantastic night! Thanks U2 and all the people who helped make the show, please come again! Best track, Vertigo, Elevation, Sunday Bloody Sunday, I could go on and on and name them all, it was just great!
I'm never been a fan of the The Big Gig, and as a long time, hard core U2 lover form "Boy", truth be told, their last 3 albums left me flat. But live - these blokes are still at the top of their game. Bar none. Popmart Perth 98 embarrassing; a very indifferent crowd at one of Perth worst venues. U2 were were professional as ever, but got next to no audience feedback. I'm not surprised they took 12 years to come back. Last night was different. The show was huge, the claw was huger - the crowd was into it and the band responded, as they will when a crowd gets behind them. This was almost a Greatest hits, peppered with the best of the new stuff. The sound was great, but LOUD. Far better than AC/DC here earlier in the year. The 360 and claw just works - it brings the band close and open up the stage, removing the boundaries as it were. The technology and staging is mind boggling. But never overshadowed the stars of the show. Please come back again before you give it away for good, gents. And thanks for the wave to me and the mrs from the limo on the way out, Bono. A night to remember.
The meaning of One.
Why do people in the audience think that One is a love song? It is far from it. It is about a son telling his father he has AIDS. This song has been played at weddings. I'd hate to be on that honeymoon. By the way , U2 rocked in Sydney. Monday was manic and Tuesday was tight. Rock on!
Awesome - Live even better
I went last night to the concert with my wife and it was awesome. I always knew U2 were brilliant on cd and dvd but to see them live they were even better. They blew me away and to hear a beautiful day our wedding song to start the show even more special to my wife and I. U2 thanks for coming to Perth you have been definately worth the wait.
Unique Show, stiff audience
Tonight's show was just fantastic - nothing to compare with! My personal hightlight was when some people around me finally got up for some dancing when you played "Where the streets have no name" (and after I could not be held back...). I was a bit sad of the audience, as I would have considered them rather stiff - needing a lot of encouragement to join in with clapping, singing, dancing. My first (and only) U2 concert was in 1988 (I think) in Basle (Switzerland) - the Josuah Tree Tour. My experience from quite a few more concerts in Europe is that the audience seems to be so much more involved, which I absolutely love! Still, today is another very special day, as our first daughter turned 5 years. So we had a great home-made Birthday party at our place in the morning and your wonderful U2 concert (and special friends to look after our 2 daugthers) during the night. All Yours Anja
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