U2 360° Tour 2011

Buenos Aires - Get On Your Boots


10 April, 2011
We'll miss you, come back soon! :)
U2, you are the best... no doubts about it! I've never been in a concert like yours! Thanks for such a great night!!!!
07 April, 2011
Thank you!!
I´m enchanted by the light you brought me!
05 April, 2011
Family night concert! what a joy!
We were five brothers enjoying together the great performance as we did in 2006. We'll see you again on your next tour...no two without three!
04 April, 2011
Best Concert EVER
I was on the last show sunday april 3rd. It was the Happiest Day Of my LIFE thanks a lot U2. "I Will Follow" you for the rest of my Life... :)
04 April, 2011
What a night!
The best night of my night! Thanks very very much for that moment guys, I'll never forget it!! You're the best band of the world! You made me cry, laugh, sing, dance and jump last Wednesday! THANK YOUUU!!
03 April, 2011
The Bass Man
Check out Adam in this clip...he steals the show thesedays...Has a great line up of custom basses and and Is a true rockstar! Hes the sharpest member of U2....The music just keeps evolving...
02 April, 2011
U2 in argentina
It Was the best thing I've ever seen in my life...... speechless...........
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