U2 360° Tour 2011

Goodbye Argentina


30 April, 2013
grey? impossible!
we are happy people, we naturally are, follow us!
19 May, 2011
Gracias Mi Rey!! Gracias Bono!!!
May 15th was the most wonderfull day, I am never going to forget this concert in my life. thanks to GOD to allow and give us everything to go from MTY, Thanks to the LOVE OF MY LIFE to take me there, and thanks to Bono and the band to make that day so magical. i love you Papito Mocho!!
14 May, 2011
Please come back soon!!!!!!!!!!
It was my first concert ... And it let me speechless... I love them!! They are the best!!!! But I already knew that!!.... we love you guys! Argentina.....
28 April, 2011
Por fin pude verlos
Desde q era niña quería verlos, estar cerca a ustedes y poder cantar sus canciones. Viajé desde Colombia para verlos y fue lo mejor, una de las mejores experiencias de mi vida. Los amo.
21 April, 2011
Un Saludo desde Ecuador!!
Gracias U2, Bono, Larry, The Edge, Adam.. son los mejores, estuve en el primer concierto en Argnetina, valió la pena el viaje, el acampar en el estadio y soportar el radiante sol de La Plata... I WILL FOLLOW, U2 FOREVER!!!!!!!!!
16 April, 2011
please come back !!!!!!!!
It was my first u2 concert,I'll never forget that beautiful night! Thanks a lot!!!!!
16 April, 2011
Come back please!!!!!
It was my first concert , I will never forget it !Thanks a lot!!!!
14 April, 2011
Thanks Irish
Do not forget, ever. Thanks for the music and the great life that give us every time we hear his songs. Please tour again to close the 360, is a wish, it would be beautiful to be met.
14 April, 2011
Thank you for your visit to Argentina
Do not forget, ever. I was three shows in La Plata and were one of the best times of my life. We from Argentina to tour again to close the 360, please. At least, think about it. And you will hear the songs of all stands. Again please, sorry and thanks. You are "SON LO MÁS".
12 April, 2011
until the next time
Thank you!! nothing else but gratitude to give you... I just can't stop talking about your shows!!!! and remember... I WILL FOLLOW U2, UNTIL THE END OF THE WORLD.
12 April, 2011
Thaks for come to Argentina! really thanks to have made an unforgettable night! was incredible night! You will be always in my heart!! i never forget this night!
11 April, 2011
From Ecuador
Thanks you all guys for amazing night , I wont never forget it , I travelled to Buenos Aires to see you , AGUANTE BONO ; AGUANTE U2 .
11 April, 2011
It´s not goodbye, just see you later
I will never forget that wonderful night you guys made me live. I can´t begin to explain what U2 means in my life. Being in the golden circle after a 17 hour travel, and it was all worthy. I know we will see you again... hope that very soon,
10 April, 2011
Thank you guys for 2 unforgettable nights. It's been a long, very long, time waiting to see you. 14 hours queueing under the rain to be in the golden circle in the las show was much too worthy! I'll never forget these unreal U2-nights. Hope seeing you here soon.
09 April, 2011
It are the best band of rock of all the times!!! I was in 3 recitals in La Plata and it was one better than other one. Return soon, we surprise them and wait for them. Thank you for everything!!!
09 April, 2011
Argentina will never forget you guys! U2 IN OUR HEARTS FOREVER AND ALWAYS!
08 April, 2011
Thanks!!!! come back soon!!!
Argentina loves you!!! you are the greatest band of rock!!! never forget your Argentinians fans!! Amy-Ctes
08 April, 2011
Son lo mas!
You are LO MAS U2!! The best show ever! I miss you!
08 April, 2011
THANK YOU Mariano Nicotra
I love U2 ... I love Bono .. I miss them. Sal U2 !! ... from Argentina
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