U2 360° Tour 2011

Bono & Leon Gieco in Buenos Aires
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Peru loves U2!!!!
I am from Peru and i still waitng for u2's gig in my country, please don´t forget us. U2 you are simply the best.
Like a lion on stadium
I only ask to god that the future will not be indifferent. I only ask to god, that U2 "come back soon" please. We´ll never forget you.
Gracias U2, return to Argentina
Cry to see U2 and Leon Gieco. Do not forget, ever. I was three shows in La Plata and were one of the greatest moments of my life. Thanks Irish, Thanks for the music and the great life that give us every time we hear his songs. Each is part of our lives. Please tour again to close the 360, is a wish, it would be beautiful to be met. Let us not forget the Argentines either. U2 you ..."SON LO MÁS".
La participacion de Leon fue increible, toco mucho los corazones de los Argentinos, yo soy Peruana y me emociono hasta los huesos, ahora solo le pido a Dios que hagan una gira por Peru.
thanks for a amazing nih¿ght!! it was an incredible surprise listen "Solo le pido a Dios" , pleasse try to come back soon!! Argentinian fans love U2!!!-Amy
Excelents 3 nigths at Stadium La Plata. Thanks Larry Mullen Jr. Band's. Was present in Pop Mart (98) Vertigo Tour (06) and 360 (11). This time take my children, 11 and 8. Wonderful and everlasting memory. Do not forget to come back ... we will be withU2. Thanks for the National Song, the tribute to Soda Stereo and Presence of Leon Gieco. Forgot to mention MALVINAS (04/02). Always innovating and changing. Totaly Thanks.
I learned this song at school in Lima, Perú when I was a kid (1981). Years later I saw Mercedes Sosa performing it. I just noticed on 03/04/2011 at the U2 concert that Leon Gieco was the creator of the song. When he started singing it last sunday at La Plata, I was stoked, my hair erized and got a flashback to the 80's. It was a very intense moment. U2 is unspected, thanks for that. Still waiting for you in Perú...!!!
unforgettable fire...
Amazing night... Bad, Rejoice!!! such a song!! I will never forget this night, never. I'm 24 now, a big fan of U2 since I was 12. 12 years wating to see you for the first time... Just thank you!
My sister & Bono
Hi there, my sister was the very short hair girl that Bono invite to the stage and sang with during City of blinding lights on april 2th. Her name is Alejandra and I´m trying to get some good pictures or video, would someone help me, please? Thanks! One the best shows ever, Mariano.
On April 2nd I have seen the best show in my life! Thanks a lot for an unforgetable show, guys! Argentina loves U2!
Genio León!!!!!!!
thanks! awesome! a beautiful song with beautiful voices! los dos unos genios! una gran canción para todos los argentinos... thanks!
Energy and challenge
I would like to know if the band felt the explosion in the crowd when Leon Gieco came on stage. He is one of the referents of the Human Rights in our country and a great folk artist. Could you see that U2? In Argentina we believe that we have one of the best public in the world, but, as Bono said, it could be just an ilusion generated in our huge ego. I will accept an invitation of the band to any concert to prove me that i am wrong. The only public that i can compare is Brazil or chile, our brothers in this continet. So...i will wait for your response.
Solo le pido a Dios...
Solo le pido a Dios... que U2 siga tocando!!! U2,Leon..Gracias.- Willy.- Rosario-
gracias Leon! sos un genio me enorgullece ser argentina con tipos como vos!
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