U2 360° Tour 2011

Until The End of The World - Sao Paulo
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Thank you guys!!!
I was at the Azteca stadium last Sunday, was the most special and magical night of my life. I thank them for their music, their contribution to humanity with his philosophy of life and how big they are as artists and human beings!. Thank you with all my heart, I was the happiest person in the world, this feeling of happiness I will keep for a long time, was too ecstatic!. The best concert of my life. Bono, Edge, Larry and Adam the world is a better place with people like you. I expect you back soon, here in Mexico! All my love ... Gritzia!
I Love You Guys
Thanks for played ''Even Better Than The Real Thing'', ''Out Of Control'',''North Star'',''Zooropa'',''Walk On'',''Ultraviolet (Light My Way)'',i cryed when I heard the firsts chords of these musics,thanks boys, to realize my dreams,became them to true,come agian and WE are Waiting for You, God Bless You
Well, i went to third concert on April 13, that night was perfect... i can´t believe that i was there... is so fantastic... a day i will tell with my son and i will say..."i was there... i see the U2 in Brazil... i sing i will follow... thanks for do the songs of my life.
U2 Sao Paulo
Well there is no words to discribe the feeling that I felt when I saw U2 again in Brazil!!! I was there at the first and the last show, and i can say that they were AMAZING!!! If i had the opportunity i would like to go to all tours around the world, only to have these feeling again... They are the best band in the WORLD!!! Come to Brazil again!!! We are waiting!!!
U2 360 who was there enjoyed in the beautiful day and Amazing Night of Blind Lights a Magnificent Concert, Unforgettable! All of us singing as ONE!! Tks U2 to bring us this magic (we are waiting for the next) São Paulo April, 10th 2011 - Julio Leite and Alessandra
I went on 13/04 I love Bono, I was very happy, I thought it was a dream. Translating was a happy day, the happiest of my life. Thank you.
I went on 13/04...
What else earned that day was, after so many years on the road following the guys, being so well received at the hotel for them and be able to exchange some words with Bono, our icon of the human being. Do not expect anything less. My great friend and always, love you.
I have no words!!
I'm still trying to believe that I was there in 04/09/2011 at morumbi!! Impossible to explain, I have no words to say, I think PERFECT is the best way to describle!
Thanks U2...
because you guys take us through a time of our violent reality, I love you guys I'm 55 years old and always shows stareui of you here in Brazil, recognized that our audience of a show for you guys too ... kisses
I already miss you
I've been to your concert in Brazil, in 1998, 2006 and now.... always wonderful, amazing, extraordinary ... This year's show was something impossible to describe. You deeply touch our hearts and souls.We feel happy and high for a long long time. It's just sad that you have to leave. It's also sad that I have never had the opportunity to chat with you, guys... This is a dream of mine!! Thanks a lot, U2. Really love you.
I was in the first show and I cried many times. Thank you for respecting the fans making a show so beautiful and democratic, where all people can hear and see with high quality. Thanks for the love for Brazil and our people. Meu coração...Não sei porque bate feliz quando te vê.....Serei feliz, bem feliz.....
I was in SP in the second show at Sunday, but not a Bloody sunday. It was a BEAUTIFIL DAY. Wonderful. UNTIL THE END OF THE WORD I won`t forget it. Thanks for coming here in Brasil. YES, WE LOVE YOU, you don`t need to be insecure, like Bono said.....
Best of the best
aow!!! I don´t have words!!! I love you boys!!! Come back soon ,here in Brazil!!!
Huge, as usual!!!
I am very "U2 sick" for more than 20 years, since my cousin introduce me a that guys when I was 12 years old. Is always a delitiful pleasure join the U2 concert, in Sao Paulo or in other place (last tour, I watched in Sao Paulo and followed U2 to Santiago to attend a concert in National Stadium). Today I am going to the concert again; I saw on Sunday and cry for happiness in several moments, especially when I heard the firsts chords of Zooropa. And, obviously, when you guys played City of Blighting Lights. Thank you, thank you, thank you. LET ME IN THE SOUND! MEET ME IN THE SOUND! :)))
Amazing concerts
Thanks for these concerts. It was wonderful see you in may country again. Sometimes, I can't believe that I listened Out of Control and Zooropa. It was a beautiful gift for us. Now, I'm waiting for... Tomorrow :). I love you, guys!
Thanks for these concerts. It was wonderful see you in may country again. Sometimes, I can't believe that I listened Out of Control and Zooropa. It was a beautiful gift for us. Now, I'm waiting for Tomorrow :)
Thanks so much for these nights!
I'm a huge fan and follow U2 around the world always I can. I live in Rio de Janeiro and since the beginning of 360º Tour I was expecting for more concerts in Brazil. After see the shows in Europe and Argentina, I still wanted to see the brazilians shows. I was at the first and second night in São Paulo and what can I say? The concerts were simply UNFORGETTABLE, EMOTIONAL and AMAZING!!! I have no words to describe all I felt seeing U2 rocking in my country, again. Thanks U2. For being WHO YOU ARE and for YOUR MUSIC. We will never forget these nights.
Special moment
I was expecting this great moment when Bono and The Edge try to reach each others hands in the end of the world, for me, the meaning is, 'I´ll be with you my friend, until the end of the world', only love can leave such a mark
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