U2 360° Tour 2011

Four Irish Boys Out Of Control


12 December, 2011
The man said childhood ....
After 25 years, U2 shows are, for me, about singular moments as opposed to the collective event. Bono harkening back to the band's (and audience's) early days in Asbury Park, NJ before launching in to the final verse of "Out of Control" took me someplace else that night in the Meadowlands. "I fought fate, there's blood on the garden gate, the man said childhood, it's in his childhood ...." I watched a crowd comprised of people mostly in their 30's, 40's and 50's moving rhythmically, joyously -- youthfully. What do those words mean? The answer comes 25 years later in "City of Blinding Lights," -- "time, won't leave me as I am, but time won't take the boy out of this man." The spirit of Marcel Proust must have been hovering around that night as I caught a brief insight in to the riddle of time. Pardon the rambling, I assure you it all made perfect sense at that moment.
02 October, 2011
how about that?
hey did anyone else got to see the changes on the play list on the last shows?well ive been saiyng it for years achtung baby album was the most complete album of u2 definitely and they read my mind with live performences like even better than the real thing and misteriuous ways this is such a great band all they need is to go to there bulk of greatness when they need to and my friends lets face it the last album didnt score any goals so just rock on with the great music even if its 20 years old it still beats any thing out there ,..,,.,blessings not just for the one who kneel/./.see you guys soon
26 August, 2011
U2 - no band is better!
I flew from Melbourne, Australia for the New Jersey show. Amazing. I love Out of Control. I was overcome with joy when they finished with it. I saw 20 shows on the 360 Tour. Best U2 tour ever.
23 August, 2011
Out of Control continues to amaze in concert after all these years. Love the camera angle on this video. Spectacular.
02 August, 2011
U2 the only true rock show left in the w
My friend Tom Deer told me to check out this new band called U2, That was 1981......From then on it was U2 and U2 only...........I stopped listening to other music because it just could not measure up to this new sound I have discovered.................How could four dudes from the middle class burbs of Ireland have such an impact on the music world......... Wow I guess it just happends.......What a drive this group has........Always getting better..........Always..........I first saw them at the Us festival in Cal. in 1983.....When Bono stole the show by climbing the scafald 30 feet in the air to sing to the crowd from the most radical place on hand....... A 3 day show with groups like Van Halen, David Bowie, The Clash........U2 ruled........I was sold..........No stopping these boys from Ireland........Album after album........Then the Joshua tree hit .......Oh my god, how could they put out such a mix of pure emotion in such a small thing like an album ........How is greatness created? I will never know............................Who can make a guitar sound like EDGE can?..... No one..........Who can top the showman-ship of the great BONO........And Adam on the bass is pure magic.......Can anyone pound the drums like Larry? NO.....I do not think so..... I just saw the show in Lansing, Mi...... and what a stage!!!!!!!!!!!! Who comes up with something like this? Almost to much to take in........All that money, and all that time and energy to set up........Who else could justify all that for a 2 hour show..........Let me tell you no one..........Not the Stones, not Pink Floyd, Not anyone could justify a set up like this,and pull it off with such ease..........What other band goes on Letterman 5 concecutive nites to promote their sound.......NO ONE>>>>>>>>> What a class act......All 4 four of these guys ....BONO...EDGE...ADAM...AND LARRY...Deserve a special place in heaven, for the true pleasure and peace of mind they have givin to so many.....There is only U2 left to rely on........No one else even comes close......Timmer from Arizona
27 July, 2011
AMAZING in East Rutherford
Out of Control was the cherry on an incredibly delicious night in NJ!!! I LOVE that they played this as their last song. It was AMAZING to end on such a high note. Was not expected but soooo glad they did it!! I love you U2, always have, and now I feel that I always will. It was a special night for me and this band made it all the more special for playing and incredible set! <3
25 July, 2011
I wrote this long,long review and when i went to post it it disappeared.....oh well....all I really want to say is NJ show was INCREDIBLE! Ohhhhh....how I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE THIS BAND! God Bless you, Bono, The Edge, Larry and Adam, you guys are a blessing and an inspiration.
25 July, 2011
Next generation is coming from Seville
Thanks U2 from Seville,Spain.I listen U2 songs during all my life and now my babies (5 and 8 years old)listen and see concerts with me, its amazing,Paula and Irene love U2 too.NEXT GENERATION IS COMING....I hope see you soon in Seville next tour again...God bless you.
24 July, 2011
The whole show was amazing. Thanks U2.com for posting this. Hot Hot Hot in Jersey, but OUT OF CONTROL in all the good ways. What a blessing to hear this classic!
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