'A Classic like JT & AB...'

19 Feb 201942

'A Classic like JT & AB…'
How do you remember No Line On The Horizon? 

The special double vinyl anniversary edition is out this Friday, marking ten years since release.

Where do you place  'No Line'  amongst all the band’s long players?

'The best U2 album since Zooropa!' is how one writer puts it in Zootopia  
where people are sharing memories of the 2009 release. ‘My fav album of the 2000’s... for me a classic like JT & AB.'
Is it right up there? 
What are your best tracks and what ones have never found the attention they deserve? 
'Can't believe it's been 10 years. Still remember blasting "Magnificent" in my car when I got the CD and my first daughter was born….'
Give the album a play and let us know what you think ? Add your 'No Line’ reviews, memories and comments below. 

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No Line...
a brilliant, probably way underestimated record - I love every song on it - Breathe was also a gigantic show opener during 360° - all songs sounded fantastic live - a pity most were cut after the first legs of the tour.. I wish "soon" had been included on the original release or this reissue..
As with all U2 albums they reveal their majesty and power decades after release. The brilliant title track is announced with a ships horn, Larry's' drums clatter and we are lost in music! Essential to the U2 cannon.
Oussama from Algeria
This album is not big album but in this album we had the big song, but I want and I dream see u2 again in liveeee soon.......
Musically Excellent
Probably the record that most divides fans, for some a latter-day Unforgettable Fire, for some an uneven effort, divorced from the world around it: 'staring out of portholes' as Whipping Boy put it.
I love this album, it has kept me engaged for these past ten years. It is not a blind love though, I struggled with it for a while, but something kept pulling me back. "Magnificent" has been stuck in my head ever since, as well as "Unknown Caller." This is an album that nearly reaches genius, you can hear it in the background, tucked away somewhere in that riad in Fez. The best version of this album, I believe, is the Linear version. This comes as close as possible (for now) to hearing that very experimental, mystical record being made in Morocco. Winter is a gem and I wish it was on the vinyl, but oh well. The tracklist for Linear flows incredibly in my opinion. Having "Unknown Caller" open the album would have been quite a statement, as would have "Moment of Surrender" being the lead single. I recall a few years ago one of the band members calling this an esoteric album and I agree with them. It's an album that takes time and maybe some context, but worth the effort. Super excited to have this on vinyl! U2 is the best band ever!
No Line On the Horizon is A Classic like
No Line On the Horizon is A Classic like JT & AB … Definitively .. Moment Of Surrender (108 times) is On my TOP 5 .... https://www.u2.com/news/title/what-is-it-about-moment-of-surrender/albumno_line_horizon/2 https://www.u2.com/news/title/magical-experience/albumno_line_horizon/
The weakest
NLOTH is the band’s worst album by a considerable distance...It’s their first and only album that lacks an identity- there is no ‘theme’ or sonic cohesion on this record...still can’t wait to pick it up on clear vinyl this Friday though!
"A vision of Invisibility"
Personally I think this is U2's best and probably most underrated Album. The tracks on it are simply timeless. Stand out Tracks - No line on the horizon.... what a concert opener.. Breathe ... Best Drum Beat I'll go Crazy... Great Live version and Fez.. Bono Vocal... Top Album.. and yes I will get it on Vinyl..
Magnificent is my everything and my absolute favorite on NLOTH!!!! Next is Moment of Surrender and then Unknown Caller/Breath .......too close to call for 3rd place so they tie :)
A modern Classic
No line and the 360 tour was my first real GA experience. The Raw excitement and an amazing spectacle that took me to another place. The songs themselves are great but when they were brought to live it was Magnificent.
One of my favorites!
It's actually the album that really got me into U2! I was a teenager when it came out and I remember listening to it and thinking "this is different. this music is different than anything I've ever heard before". It sounded really odd to me and had a special, unique feel to it. I find the melodies and the sounds brilliant and atmospheric. U2, show some love to the songs live!
No Line on the Horizon.
It surprises people when I say my favourite album out of U2's discography is "No Line on the Horizon" but it is. I've always been a fan of the risks, the more challenging albums. "The Unforgettable Fire" and "Zooropa" had held the favourite album title before this one. The album arrived at a time in my life when I could dive into the songs, and follow the band around. From the opening show in Barcelona, the magical crowd in Dublin, and the moon over Raleigh, these songs found a place in my brain. It's still the album I turn to most often when I want something to listen to. And there's always a new layer to peel back each time I listen.
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