Achtung Baby - Choose Three

22 Dec 2021156

Achtung Baby: Choose Three

Hard as it is to believe, in November we marked the thirtieth birthday of Achtung Baby.

(Although not as hard to believe as it had been the month before, when we marked the fortieth birthday of October. )

Arriving a couple of years after the band had vowed to go away and 'dream it all up again',  Achtung Baby was a promise kept and the record was widely seen as a sonic and visual reinvention.

As Miriam Jonker posted on our earlier story, 'I loved this album from day one and it is still the album I listen to the most. Excellent capture of the zeitgeist at the time and a great reinvention of U2….'

Or as pawel_peczak added, 'No one has ever recorded anything like Achtung Baby before, after and ever after. It's a masterpiece. Reflects the whole generation. It's Yellow Submarine of the 1990's. Its new Europe, unified. It's personal story of love and divorce, love hurts, love loves emotional. It changed my entire life forever...'

But let's imagine you're making your own playlist of the band's finest songs and you can only choose THREE songs from any one album… what are the three songs from Achtung Baby that you could not live without? 

Vote for those three in our poll…  then tell us why in the comments below.

Achtung Baby

1. Zoo Station 
2. Even Better Than The Real Thing 
3. One 
4. Until The End Of The World 
5. Who's Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses 
6. So Cruel 
7. The Fly 
8. Mysterious Ways 
9. Tryin' To Throw Your Arms Around The World 
10. Ultra Violet (Light My Way) 
11. Acrobat 
12. Love Is Blindness

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Can anyone choose just 4???
Love is Blindness Trying to Throw Your Arms Around the World/Ultra Violet (Light My Way) Until the End of the World I can't listen to One anyone because it makes me cry so I guess I'll just leave it out.
U2 songs
Hi my three songs from album very hard choice from album in 1991 when I heard it disliked then grew on my to a classic album,classic one great lament,wild horse reminded me of girlfriend I once new ultra violet light Again echoing lyrics from my own life.sime many fantastics songs on album
The Achtung trinity
Until The End Of The World. This is what a conversation between Christ and Judas Iscariot sounded like. Where mercy love and pity dwell, there God is dwelling too. Acrobat. Never let the bastards grind you down. The Fly. The sound of four Irishmen chopping down the Joshua Tree, a beloved album - but thankful for their evolution.
Studio or Live
Some songs take on a new "identity" when they are played live. They almost become better which makes it hard to go back to the studio version. My top three with consideration to the live versions are: Number 3: Ultra Violet (Light My Way) - All I can see is that giant light bulb swinging to and from on stage while Bono sings; "Baby, Baby, Baby,....Baby, Baby, Baby,...Baby, Baby, Baby,...Light My Way! Great song to sing too. Number 2: Until The End Of The World - I love it when Edge fights off Bono with his "horns" sticking up. Great guitar riff on this live version. Number 1: The Fly - ("It's no secret.") This song just screams energy and gets the crowd pumping every time. I can picture Bono wearing his "Fly. Glasses". Just a great song live and actually the studio version of this song is just as good. Any chance the band will do an "Achtung Baby" tour like they did for the Joshua Tree 40th Anniversary? One can only hope. Thanks.
Achtung Baby
All of them!
One ultraviolet Zoostation
The title is the answer.
El mejor álbum, difinitivamente
Until the end of de Word= Quede flipando cuando la escuché en vivo en Sydney, la potencia y la puesta en escena la mejor versión que vi, los 4 se lucieron en ese show, zootv lo mejor que vi. The fly= the edge le da el sonido a U2 no hay duda, la atmósfera sonora de este tema es fantástica. Acrobat= tuvieron que pasar 27 años para escucharla en vivo, temazo ya es grande en el disco. El disco completo es rompe esquemas, el mejor de mis idolos
Until The End Of The World
Best Song ever
Mysterious Ways/One/So Cruel
Can’t believe it’s already been 30 years since this album came out
Achtung Baby. Favorites
The Fly Until End of World Ultraviolet
my top 3 (from quebec canada)
have to be Until the End of the World, One, The Fly
erlend bono
Who's gonna ride your wild horses,So cru
For me, Achtung Baby is my all time favourite album,I never get tired of listening to the album as a whole, from start to finish.To choose only three is hard, but I'll go for these three, the lyrics are incredible on the whole album, but especialy on these three.
don't let the bastards grind you down
Acrobat - So Cruel and UltraViolet
Please reactivate the poll '22
Hard enough is to choose only 3 but maybe I can't live without "Who's gonna ride your wild horses", "Until the end of the world" and "Zoo Station".
My favorite songs from the best album of alltime "r" (in alphabetic order): ACROBAT LOVE IS BLINDNESS WHO'S GONNA RIDE YOUR WILD HORSES Thank "u", thank "u", thank "u"! In love with the art of U2 until the end of the World Greetings from germany Bernd (Redrocker70)
Top 3
Until the end of the world - So Cruel - Love is Blindness
Top 3 songs from Achtung Baby
Zoo Station The Fly Mysterious Ways
Top 3
Zoo Station, The Fly and Acrobat.
Every track on the album!
Acrobat The Fly Zoo station
Top. 3. AB.
The Fly Acrobat One
my 3 songs
until the end of the world who's going to ride your wild horses so cruel Now start planning your Achtung tour please
Choose only three? Yikes....
I love this entire album. Choosing only three tracks is *very hard. I'll go with 1) Even Better Than The Real Thing, because it opened the first U2 concert I ever attended, and for the next entire year I played that track to start my drive to work every single day; 2) Until the End of the World, because I love the lyrics and because it was also performed early in the set of that first U2 concert I attended; and finally, 3) One, because it's a great song with a great message, and because I know the backstory of its creation and how it helped keep U2 from breaking up. I thank them and thank God they're still together and making great music.
Zoo Station - the greatest opening concert song they've ever had...can close my eyes and see Bono shaking as the music begins Until End of the World - so powerful and magical live, love hearing it every time The Fly - the way Edge breathed new life into it on Elevation tour has transformed this one for me. I turn the sound way up!
Top 3
Until the End of the World Wild Horses Acrobat I can't live without them.
I can't live without them
Too late for the poll but still...
It's so hard to choose, it's one of their finest album. I would say Until the end of the world, One Tryin' To Throw Your Arms Around The World.
Ultraviolet, Zoo Station, one
Difficult to pick 3. Love all of the album
my favorite song
one, acrobat and misterious ways
the best one
3 AB songs
The Fly, Mysterious Ways and Even Better Than The Real Thing
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