Crazy Night in Amsterdam

20 Jul 200940

As our clip shows it was a crazy night in Amsterdam - here's a few highlights we picked out. If you were at the ArenA tonight, add your reviews below.

* Ninth show of the tour and the first time that 360 has come indoors. The Dutch were some of the earliest fans of the band outside Ireland and the UK and have always been some of the loudest. Louder still when there's a roof overhead.

* 'See the world in green and blue/ Larry Mullen right in front of you'.

* 'Some funky stuff please..' Nothing is funkier than Mysterious Ways and as the groove gets going and a stadium gets moving, Bono pays thanks to this city and country. 'Thank you for so many nights in this city, the mysterious and magical port of Amsterdam. We've a lot of history here...' Some of that history, like photographer Anton Corbijn, is here for the show.

* It's the fortieth anniversary of Neil Armstrong's walk on the face of the moon, a moment that impressed itself on a 9 year old future rock star. 'I remember it so well, an image of making the impossible possible and I've held on to that with more earthly problems...' Fittingly the astronauts from the International Space Station make a brief cameo on screen, holding up signs reading, 'The Future Needs A Big Kiss.'

* 'Keep On With The Force Don't Stop/Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough.' Angel of Harlem, first written for Billie Holliday, is back in the set tonight, a playful acoustic interlude and a tender tribute to the late, great Michael Jackson.

* 'We were teenagers when we first played the Paradiso, Larry still is a teenager. Apart from that everything's changed. Still got a long way to go, Adam, Larry, Edge and myself...' Bono's Auntie Eileen is not a teenager. She is in fact 80 years old and at the show. 'All the Hewsons in the house tonight!'

* What's the betting that with the down and dirty dub remix of 'I Know I'll Go Crazy If I Don't Go Crazy Tonight' we are witnessing the birth of a stand-out track in the pantheon of great U2 songs. When Larry arrives on the b-stage with the djemba, it's the cue for all four band members to perform to all four quarters of the house. While Larry and Adam and Bono complete a lap of the b-stage, Edge goes one better, completing a double lap.

* Something of the Vertigo Tour about One, when the lights go down and 50,000 people take out their phones. 'There's planet earth... and here's the Milky Way...'

Here's the set list - add your own reviews.

No Line On The Horizon
Get On Your Boots
Beautiful Day
Mysterious Ways
I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For
Angel of Harlem
In A Little While
Unknown Caller
Unforgettable Fire
City of Blinding LIghts
I'll Go Crazy (Remix)
Sunday Bloody Sunday
Pride (In The Name of Love)
Walk On
Where The Streets Have No Name
With Or Without You
Moment of Surrender

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I wouldn\'t miss it for the world...
Thinking back at that evening still gives me the shivers. That night started the four days march at Nijmegen (160km). One hour of sleep for the start, but 100% adrenaline... I was walking on clouds and never came down!
Faraway so close...
For the first time in 4 years we 'meet' again, so nervous I could hardly eat anything. We sat pretty close, but they still were far away, will I ever have a close encounter? Hope so, dreaming on. The show was extatic I think. Loved the intro, almost in tears with In a little while, Unknown caller was miraculous and The Unforgettable Fire... Need I say more? Jumping on the cm2 on Where The Streets Have No Name and surrendered... at the Moment of Surrender. So gload we will see them twice, CU tomorrow! Over-enthousiastic perhaps, so let it be ;-) I was in heaven for 2 nights and thank god (or whoever) for internet :-)
Walk on!
Great performance of I'll go crazy with Larry on the drum. Thanks for getting tickets via I would not missed it.
what a trip!
Just back to UK after a trip to the Dam to see the gig on Monday night. What a fantastic gig, thought the atmosphere was going to be a bit lacking at first but it soon rocked up...first gig outside the UK and trying to remember how many times seen you guys live now (first time at Elland Road, Leeds in 87!) counting the days till Sheffield next month for the next instalment!
360 View
We were a bit naughty and managed to get a number of views of the band from various parts of the stadium. The stage set is awesome and allows for everyone to enjoy the show, real credit to the designers and of course Bono,Edge, Larry and Adam...thank you for putting on an awesome gig
Awsome stage and concert
After 2 days still enjoying the thoughts. After all these years still the best rock band in the world. Keep on going!
Niall OFarrell
Been at better!
Big U2 fan but was kind of let down with the first Amsterdam concert, thought the atmosphere was poor. Closed roof didn't help the sound. Crazy tonight remix isn't a patch on the original - why ruin a great song! 360 design brillant but the boys spent most of the time in the centre stage....
I attended last night's performance in Amsterdam. For me it was my 4th U2 concert ever to have experienced. The '93 ZooTV tour was the first and I can say there was no dissapointment what so ever. The stage, sound and visuals were amazing. My hart beated at the sound of Larry's drums, Bono's voice crawled under my skin, Edges guitar and Adam's bass were ringing in my head. It was truly a magical night. Thanx for once more a truly magnificent experience!!!!!
Loved it
My first time at a U2 concert. I was expecting a great night despite being way in the back, but you guys really blew me away even more than I expected! You are truly the greatest band in the world!
I'have been yesterday to the concert,and it was in ONE word,FANTASTIC!!! ooo,what an great evening/night it was! I'll remember this night for a long time. U2 is back home,where they belong,where it al started,in the Netherlands/Holland. We would never let you down guys,and you never let us down!!! another great,and amazing performence,thank you so much for the fantastic evening,and keep on rocking all around the world! give the people the pleasure,that you given to me! see ya.....
Great show, great feeling when a whole stadium unites and feels the energy. Rock on!
what a show!!!!!!!!!!
great sound, perfect light, great audience. is there anyone who can tell how these four irish guys achieve it to create something new from tour to tour. thank you U2
Baby, light my way!
With the adrenaline still going strong from last nights experience, I just want to say: MAGNIFICENT on all accounts!!! (plus: thanks for playing Ultraviolet, that was electical, guys!)
I'm still not back on earth! The sound was really good compared to 4 years ago. Your technicians did a good job! Being there together with my 24-year old son made it even more special. Come back soon!
A great night with U2
I was a little afraid before the show about the sound in the Arena.But beyond my expectations the sound was very good en the show was amazing.Thank you guys for all your great music and enthousiasm,I had a wonderful evening with the greateast rock band ever. Rob From Ridderkerk
next time please in Rotterdam (KUIP)
enjoyed the concert! beautiful stage but the sound in the Amsterdam ArenA is not good. Never has been. Despite i'm an Ajax-fan i prefer feyenoord stadium De Kuip for a superband as U2. U2 and their fans deserve better than the ArenA!
sandra anderson
A night to remember
4 hours of traffic jam just to get there and 5 hours return journey. Worth every second! I'll go crazy if i don't see a second show soon. Man, you guys simply rock! i'm sure the staduim move with the rhythm when you played!
We were just in front of the stage.... which side. Awsome .... everybody had an amazing view, the whole show. I love a lot of bands but U ... U2 are still the greatest. Thank u for the One message. It is helpfull for me to Walk On and not giving up the projects I am in. C U in Dublin Have a pleasant stay in Amsterdam E
Amsterdam Arena sounds great!
It was my first live-show since Zoo-tv. Me and my girl went totally crazy last night. Get On Your Boots really blew the roof off of the Arena, yet another great live rock song. Magnificient. Allthough I really miss my altime favourite combi Bullet The Blue Sky/Running To Stand Still. Thanx to all the technicians to make the Arena sound so good! You've done a great job.
Rare songs please !!!
Fantastic show, best band ever but one BIG request for the future: Please stop playing the likes of Pride or Sunday Bloody Sunday (fanstactic songs but too much heard live and I could feel the band's drop of energy at that moment as in Paris). Give space for more surprises (Electric Storm, 11 o clock tick tock, Stay, Please ... there are so many!)!! You public is made 100% of fans who know all your songs by heart. Please surprise them !!!!
I was there last night and it was truly an amazing evening!!! I had a great time and the show was incredible! But I was a little dissapointed that Bono didn't spend any time at the (for him) right side of the stage... I hope he did read my 'Bono, I love you!' sign!
Great Show
Thanks guys and all the crew for the great show, again a night to remember:) Pleas put the I'll go grazy remix, with larry on the djemba, on record. It was so cool. Thanks for the amazing night.
Unforgettable fire
HOT HOT HOT The Arena rocked, the people rocked, the spacestation rocked U2 rocks on after so many years and years to come We have LIFT OFF..... What an "unforgettable fire"
Great night!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It was a great show ,especially the old songs MLK,Unforgettable fire etc. Magnificient!!!! Maurice
Robert Verbeek
Fan-bloody-tastic show. Great sound, great band, great setlist. WOW!!!!!!! Thanks a million. What a way for my 15 year old daughter to be introduced to a rock concert. It was my fourth and her first U2 concert, and definitely not the last. Guys, you've made our day!!!!!
Now we just need
Finally it seems that Mysterious Ways has become a part of the setlist, juhu :-) But I would very much like to hear Edge's sliding solo as it was played on the Vertigo tour, that would make the setlist perfect! Please do so in Gothenburg
vincent van der krogt
How long we sing this song.......
What a show yesterday, we were in the inner circle with to many people, Hopefully tonight there are a few less in there. Bono make us crazy to start singing How long.... so everybody thought "40" is comming up. Don't make us crazy more then we are already, just give us the present we want. See you tonight
Best U2 concert ever
Great show, best sound quality ever in the Arena. Great mix of old and new songs. Full of highlights. Larry was impressive in "crazy". Swinging Mysterious ways. Massive show. Johan
WOW! What a great concert, what a band! Still in the mood! Paris was great (and the sound was better, please leave the Arena for soccer, guys) but nothing beats the band playing in HOLLAND! U2 is rock & roll, U2 is house music, U2 is simply magnificent!
This was really unbelievable, U2 showed us that even in a normal bad sound environment this does not count for U2. I was amazed how much energy came from the stage. All the memebers played like if they were just started with the band, like they were still 20. I can't say anymore, it was greater than great. I have seen allmost al their shows but this was 1 of the best! Thank you U2.
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