Forty… one.

6 Feb 202369

Those forty songs of surrender are coming in just a few weeks. 
'Seminal' U2 tracks, now reimagined. 
'Pride (In The Name of Love)' and 'With Or Without You' are already here. 
Four albums. 
Ten tracks each.
'I looked at how a song would hang together if all but the bare essential elements were taken away.' says Edge, talking about his work in curating and producing the new collection.

So tell us in the comments which one of these forty reimagined tracks you can't wait to hear… and which one U2 song is missing from the forty that you would have included.

Side 1 – The Edge 
1. One  
2. Where The Streets Have No Name  
3. Stories For Boys  
4. 11 O'Clock Tick Tock  
5. Out Of Control  
6. Beautiful Day 
7. Bad 
8. Every Breaking Wave  
9. Walk On (Ukraine) 
10. Pride (In The Name Of Love) 
Side 2 - Larry 
1. Who's Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses 
2. Get Out Of Your Own Way 
3. Stuck In A Moment You Can't Get Out Of 
4. Red Hill Mining Town 
5. Ordinary Love 
6. Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own 
7. Invisible  
8. Dirty Day 
9. The Miracle Of Joey Ramone 
10. City Of Blinding Lights  

Side 3 - Adam 
1. Vertigo 
2. I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For  
3. Electrical Storm 
4. The Fly 
5. If God Will Send His Angels   
6. Desire 
7. Until The End Of The World  
8. Song For Someone 
9. All I Want Is You 
10. Peace On Earth 

Side 4 - Bono
1. With Or Without You 
2. Stay 
3. Sunday Bloody Sunday 
4. Lights Of Home 
5. Cedarwood Road 
6. I Will Follow 
7. Two Hearts Beat As One 
8. Miracle Drug 
9. The Little Things That Give You Away 
10. 40 

Songs Of Surrender is available in the following formats: 
Full 40 track Digital
40 track 4 CD Super Deluxe Hardback Collector’s Edition;
40 track 4 LP Super Deluxe Hardback Collector’s Boxset; 
20 track deluxe CD; 
16 track 180 gram black vinyl;
16 track standard CD;
and 16 track classic white cassette.


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Pi Hoo Sun
...what have you done?!
Boys, I am an over 40yr fan but what have your done?! As someone from the Netherlands hereby my protest...
Missing Albums
Great choices, some obvious inclusions but some surprises though. Amazed October and Songs Of Experience have been totally overlooked. I thought Get Out Of Your Own Way semi acoustic on tour was brilliant!!!
Can’t wait to get my copy of the new album! I think it’s a great set of songs And pleasing everyone is not possible with all the great songs they‘be written!
One of the most beautifully written, and heavy in feeling songs that is not so popular like other songs, SO CRUEL!
not including So Cruel is just so.......
one of my favorite U2 songs; not played that often; heard it live in Aug 92; savage....acoustic... I disappeared in you, You disappeared from me
Klasse Auswahlverfahren
Top das Miracle Drug dabei kann es kaum erwarten diesen Song zu hören.
Wish they would have included
Unforgettable Fire, Exit, Zoo Station, Wake Up Dead Man or Kite
Great choices
It will be exciting to hear how U2 have reworked and developed those great songs further. I´m particularly interested in new versions of pieces from the band´s early days, so I can´t wait to listen to "11 O´Clock Tick Tock". I miss "Gone", which belongs to the most haunting songs on the "Pop" album.
I can not wait to have and touch these! In God's Country Would have been a nice addition?
Ultraviolet or Runnig to stand still
2 songs that affected my life.
So creul and running to stand still
It so creul that so creul is missing on the track. And runnen to stand still is still not here
Songs of Surrender Feedback
I’m most looking forward to hearing “Bad”. My all time favorite song. Disappointed that “Mothers Of The Disappeared” didn’t make the list. Would have been a great song to include. I’m curious if it was considered?
+ 1
Zoo Station
One Tree Hill
Would have loved to see this selected by Bono....
Every breaking wave
It’s a beautiful song. My brother was a big U2 fan but has passed on. The first time I heard this song I thought of him.
Ultraviolet and Lady With A Spinning Hea
are missing unfortunately!
Surrender from the War album is missing alright!
A great selection!
I love that the 40 are not a greatest hits for the masses. Quite a few of these songs will only be known to die hard fans. The 2 I would have liked to see added are Kite and Running to Stand Still. Really looking forward to hearing the rest!
Song I can’t wait to hear
The Little Things That Give You Away (intrigued as this is still only a new song, and love the video especially). Hard to see how it can be improved upon already?
Is missing
Red Hill Mining Town
Can't wait to hear all of them... but especially THIS ONE, my favorite of all time... "I'm still waitin'..."
the release of an album or the announcement of future concerts is always an intense moment in the life of a fan. In March 1987 I heard this sound... louder than the others. This emotion, these shivers. Then 36 years of the rhythm of happiness, joys, sorrows and hopes and despairs. I still miss a holy grail... the face to face. This new remixes song are....waoh....
Check out Bono's audiobook for some prev
I've been fortunate enough to be listening to the audiobook before this album was even announced. I immediately noticed the different versions of the songs and have been blown away with how they sound. As a result, I'm particularly interested in hearing the new versions of Until the End of the World and Vertigo (and City of Blinding Lights). All three sound terrific on the audiobook, but they were only snippets so though I have it all, I want more. There are a number of songs I could wish they would add to this. I feel like Magnificent is underappreciated and would do well with a reinterpretation. For that reason, I'm excited by the new version of If God Will Send His Angels from Pop, an album I never really connected with. By the way, Bono plays a snippet from Songs of Ascendence on the audiobook too. It's very brief but very cool.
Underrated and under played!
Missing songs
Gloria, October, Running to Stand Still, Unforgettable Fire. Happy to see Bad, I will Follow and tick Tock. Really happy to see 40 included.
All I Want Is You
Our first Dance Song!
È difficile scegliere, personalmente avrei incluso ACROBAT, TOMORROW ma soprattutto alcuni pezzi di POP che reputo grandiosi: MOFO, PLEASE, WAKE UP DEAD MAN.
It’s in the title
I can’t wait to hear Red Hill Mining Town. I loved the re-imagined version played during the JT tours, so I’m hopeful that soulful vibe made it to the SOS version. The song I was hoping to see is my all time favorite U2 song. Moment of Surrender, come on guys the album and song share two of their three words ;)! The original version already has so much soul in it but my goodness I think there’s even more in there that could have a person… well… folded to their knees.
Curious about the older songs such as 11 o’clock tick tock What is definitely missing for me is “please” !
I wish the had Surrendered Window in the Sky, Hawkmoon 269 and Exit. Looking forward to hearing Walk On & Bad.
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