'The first time I've ever had the whole band sitting in front of me.'

Latest broadcast interview is with Zane Lowe for BBC Radio 1 in the UK. All four band members were in the studio to talk about how the album began to emerge during the last tour and how it was finished... days before last month's release.

Listen again here.

And if you're in the UK, did you catch the band performing tonight on Later With Jools Holland,  along with Sam Smith, Interpol and Zola Jesus?

A debut live performance for 'Volcano' was a bit special, as was 'Every Breaking Wave' with the whole band and a string section.

Here's Volcano - not available to view in all countries.

and Every Breaking Wave.


08 November, 2014
Sound Quality????
Was it me or was the sound on the US broadcast of Jools Holland bad? No low end bass drum and bass was non-existant. I was dissapointed. Hopefully it was just the broadcast I DVR'd. Will try to catch it again and see if it is better.
26 October, 2014
Absolutely magnificent New record. To think all these years later and the Fab four are still making great sounds. Troubles is 1 of my fav songs ever will surely rank as 1 of the best U2 have ever done
23 October, 2014
Love you U2.
22 October, 2014
Pete hill
All there new stuff is awesome :))) n the band found better than ever live...... BRING ON THE TOUR GUYS
22 October, 2014
Volcano just rocked. Masters of the low groove and then that break down - "I am rock and roll" - had me shaking in my seat. Larry's drumming was AWESOME
22 October, 2014
Love Volcano !
I confess--even if I had a soft spot for Glastonbury, and think it's a pity it's not in the album, I really dig Volcano !! Great live performance !! Thanks for sharing.
22 October, 2014
Looking soooooo good guy's, I can't get this S.O.I out of my head, can' wait for tour, please give your most loyal fan's a hint when !!!!!!! Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
21 October, 2014
I am in love with Volcano!!! It translates really well live. Can't wait for this tour!
21 October, 2014
U2 rocks
Amazing performance!
21 October, 2014
later jools holland...
... just watched it. Volcano amazing 'live' and Every breaking wave so beautiful loved it.
21 October, 2014
GoldenEye is a U2 creation? Did not know that. (But I donĀ“t know much about U2 in general.) Nice surprise :)
21 October, 2014
abrupt ending
Just getting into the interview and it ends so suddenly. Weird.
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