Live In Berlin… new on DVD.

19 Jun 202048

Live In Berlin… new on DVD.

The limited edition DVD 'U2 eXPERIENCE + iNNOCENCE – LIVE IN BERLIN' is now arriving with subscribers around the world.

This special film, running at two hours and twenty two minutes, captures the entire e+i show and is the 2020 gift to our paid subscribers. (Full tracklisting below)

The DVD comes with a booklet of exclusive photos by tour photographer Ross Stewart and produced by the band's long time graphic designer Shaughn McGrath, with creative direction by Gavin Friday.



If you're still waiting delivery of the physical gift, don't forget that as a 2020 subscriber you can watch the film in HD on demand at any time.

If you choose to subscribe/resubscribe for 2020, you'll be able to watch the film immediately and the DVD will be sent to you straight away.

Received your copy of the DVD? Tell us what you think in the comments below.

1. The Blackout
2. Lights of Home
3. I Will Follow
4. Gloria
5. Beautiful Day
6. Dirty Day
7. Zoo Station
8. The Fly
9. Stay (Faraway, So Close!)
10. Who's Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses
11. Elevation
12. Vertigo
13. Even Better Than The Real Thing
14. Acrobat
15. You're The Best Thing About Me
16. Summer of Love
17. Pride (In The Name Of Love)
18. Get Out of Your Own Way
19. New Year's Day
20. City of Blinding Lights
21. One
22. Love is Bigger Than Anything in it's Way
23. 13 (There is A Light

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HELP - how do I watch the film in HD on
Thanks! :-)
U2 dvd
Just received my copy of the dvd, really enjoyed it, thanks again u2 and crew
We all want them: Vinyl Passengers and Million Dollar Hotel A career Anthology of the 'live is where we live' U2. Ideally, all mixed up by years. Muchos Ouevos!
DVD finally arrived today!!!!
I just received my DVD today after months of waiting for it. I know it will be worth every minute of it. Let the weekend begin!!
Is Coming....
Yeah.... Incredibile DVD... Great show, great performance. Tnx for this great gift
Finally got it!
Thank you so much for the fantastic gift, on September 1st I went from Venice to Berlin. Too bad it was a very short concert. But coming back was worth it
Ready for the greatest gift
Thank you for this amazing subscription gift! Having seen the band a few times in Berlin since 2009, I love watching a show filmed in a place that has become a sort of U2 hometown for me. Due to work I wasn´t able to travel there in November 2018, so I´m very happy to have this DVD now. With a brilliant quality of sound and images it captures the concert from many fascinating angles. The intro music from "Zooropa" connected with images of European cities around World War II is stirring. With a strong and raw version of "The Blackout" U2 build up much energy. From the first songs I can sense the special atmosphere that was in the house during this emotional finale of a memorable tour. Early pieces like "Gloria" still sound fresh and both band and crowd enjoy them. I´m touched by "Beautiful Day" and the way Bono expressed gratitude in German language. Stories about how Bono, The Edge, Larry and Adam grew up and drawings of their fathers combined with an animation of Cedarwood Road create such a personal atmosphere. Apart from those memories there are references to the time around 1990, an era characterised by the German reunification and U2´s reinvention which began in this city. With an extensive series of songs from "Achtung Baby" U2 deliver a moving homage to Berlin. The composition of the show lets us follow the journey from innocence to experience. Appearing as MacPhisto Bono refers to dangerous tendencies caused by right-wing politics in his courageous speech. With its enormous sound "Acrobat" is a passionate highlight. During the encore "One" gives Bono a chance to talk about the way that track became so essential. The film is a thrilling documentary of an unforgettable concert filled with lots of incredible songs, anecdotes and tributes to a great city.
La qualité du son est magnifique et l’image très belle pochette géniale merci
Thank you
I received my innocence and experience DVD & CD this week..The sound and visual quality is amazing A1. THANKS for sharing yourselves with us. Cheers Craig in AUS.
Best Medicine
I’m just home from hospital after a massive surgery for a rare form of appendix cancer and the DVD arrived in the mail. What better medicine?? Goal: Get well enough to see the lads live again some day. Of course, my sister did send me a 2-foot tall cardboard Bono to take to the hospital with me, which was the subject of much comment by the staff. And I had my playlists (including my newly created U2 playlist for my funeral, just in case).
Always so great, Other titles than in Paris and "j'adore" Thank you so much
Tolle show!
Waited a long while for the postman to deliver me the DVD from you guys... But man o man it was worth waiting for, the 4 Irishman at his best in every musical way Danke schön männer!! Groeten van Garry uit Appingedam
Serena Sinden
Just amazing! Brought back lots of memories and feelings on a rainy summer Saturday. Am back in love with them. As if I ever left!
Finally got it!
I was concerned with it being standard definition, but it's actually not too bad. I'm watching it on a 55 inch Sony and it doesn't bother me as much as I feared it would. Song selection is great, wish I could have seen this version of the show, rather than the show they put on in the first leg (US). No extras, but I guess I can watch the previous Blu-ray for those.
TOP - AMAZING Rock & Roll
4 Irish Souls just showing their Art ! And changed my life Love from Belgium Umberto 50 years young and waiting to see "American Soul" ....what a song ....please IF you guys are back in to it ... show us some "AMERCAN SOUL" in Europe ;-)
Wonderful concert. U2 is the better group. Of the world
The opening was priceless, right in to “Blackout”. The words to this song so appropriate with today’s climate. Spot on prediction in song writing. The song list is fantastic. I can’t get over the quality of this show, from U2’s artistry, and the unequalled production that goes with it. Especially knowing this is available only to subscribers. Love you guys. True showman, humanitarians and just plain and simply, good people. Thank you for all you’ve given us.
Thank you so much, great and fantastic present. Memories I will cherish my whole life....thank you, thank you❤
Thank you so much for the amazing gift (received yesterday) I've a lot of unforgettable memories connected to that great concert! I love it!!!
Sorry but DVD faulty
Really good show, I saw the one in Manchester UK but the second act wont play without jumping and stopping. Really disappointed was looking forward to it.
Received last week,watched it earlier tonight...loved it & thought back to when it was Manchester (i went to both dates witj my fella) & did abit of remeniscing
wonderful gift! ❤️❤️
Thank you so much for the most wonderful gift!
Best gift yet!!
OH...MY...LORD!! What a recording! I'm always on and on about the Edge, but boy oh boy, the rythm section is through the roof on this deep and fat sound quality! I couldn't find any musical mistake at all, Bono's voice is clear as a bell. And Edge is....well, he is EDGE. Guitar God! What a memorable concert registration. Watched it with a friend last night. I think the neighbours got a bit of it too, haha. My personal favorites are: New Year's Day (with its first ever live reinvention!), Acrobat (that song, and the performance, are like an undismantled atomic bomb!) and Dirty Day (Bono apologising to his father in this beating version of a song that never before sounded so haunting and thick). And, the whole concept of Innocense and Experience being wrapped up, I loved it. The last two albums were their best since the 90s. And, Experience being the best of the two makes this concert registration, for me as a fan of 30+ years, VERY VERY memorable. Thanks guys, for this terrific gift. I will play it til I die. :-)
Digital version
What an amazing one! At their best musically and emotionally. It would be great if a digital version could be released for purchase... would love to watch/listen to it from my phone on my commutes or runs. Anyway, definitely one of the best ones! What a show
Great !!!
I recieved the DVD yesterday and played it loud in the evening. A great show and very emotional. Love it !!! Thanks :)
Coming today....
Dortmund, Germany
Just the best
Received yesterday and watched last night with my wife. Fantastic quality production and great to watch it again having seen it at the O2 in London. The segue way of elevation and vertigo always gets me jumping around my living room. And ending with 13 was beautiful. Makes being a subscriber something special
got mine ❤️
I received my DVD...and I feel back in Berlin 2018!! What a night it was!!!! Thank you so much for this and all the concert I had with you! ❤️❤️
Bad Ass
What an awsome show. TY for the gift. Again awsome. Till the next show.
Awesome DVD!!
Love the DVD! The only thing I would add are a few extras like the Newark or Washington footage to show the US side of the tour with American Soul and other songs. Kind of like on the 2015 Paris DVD with Electric co. & Out of control. Fantastic DVD and an epic concert none the less though! Thanks for the awesome gift U2 and U2 team!
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