'The greatest song the world has never heard…'

8 Jun 202020

'The greatest song the world has never heard…'

'America might be the greatest song the world has never heard. It's a wild thought, that America is yet to exist. And even wilder that the Class of 2020 might be the very people to bring it into being.' 

Bono, introducing an all-star cover version of 'Beautiful Day',  for You Tube's 'Dear Class of 2020' special.


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Chills & Tears
Happy ones, of course. Xoxoxo
Beautiful, what else to say
This song always brings back my blue sky... my hope, my happiness. Congratulations to the class of 2020
Letter for Bono
Sunday the 21st. June, 2020 Dear Bono, My name is Ana Delia Moreno, I'm very happy to be able to write you. I'm 37 years old, I work in a supermarket, I live in Buenos Aires, Argentina, specifically from Boulogne :) I'm sure that you've never heard of this place, but it doesn't matter, I understand. When I was 13 or 14 years old I saw "wild horses" music video in the tv, on MTV. From that moment on, I started listening to U2, frantically! I loved to lock myself in my room and go crazy, especially for you, but don't think badly! remember I was 13 and lived in my innocent world. Well, I was enraptured by your eyes, by your gaze, by your crazy way of dancing on stage, by your way of dressing, My friends said I was crazy because, they thought U2 was just an 80's music group that only adults listened to, but it never seemed that way to me, They saw life as a war to be won, and not me, I was a totally sincere girl. In high school I never went out with anyone, I didn't go to parties, I never smoked, I never drank and that was something that for no one was notmal. I was usually alone, I walked alone one afternoon through the city on a weekend, observing how people came and went, visiting places that transported me to other times and when I was sad, I just take a book and start writing whatever comes to my mind or listened to one of your songs and turned my soul to my body, I didn't know what the words meant, but I looked up the words in a dictionary and tried to make sense of them in context. Thanks that, Time passed and I’m steel the same lonely woman, but now I have a child, a dougter of 7 years old that is my complete life, I like to be alone, I think is safe, I don’t like to be with anyone, For me it is difficult, since I believe that the person with whom he is going to share his culture with my daughter, therefore it cannot be anyone. Once, in 2006 I went to Vertigo tour, at River plate stadium, remember? I spent the whole night sitting on the sidewalk floor in line to enter, we were all tired and there were people who were fading from the heat, it was summer, the stadium guards made fun of us, until we saw that they were opening, we all pounced and ran like never before in life, I was not afraid of anything, There was the police who were yelling at us and wanted to contain us, but they couldn't, when night came, Franz Ferdinand started to play, and I suddenly felt euphoric, furious, dancing, jumping, we didn't care about anything else in the world, my friend was crazier than me :) But when U2 started to turn on the lights and play, it was as if my eyes saw a room full of gold and all kind of treasures, it was a mixture of senses that I had never experienced before in my life. That was the first time I went to a concert, it was totally magical! the hours flew by, to finish the concert, you sang "all I want is you" and I swear, you lit my heart, I raised my arms, I felt that my hands could reach you if only I wanted to, as if you were singing just for me, but the song ended very quickly, I would have stayed up all night trying to reach you with my arms and well, then I left, but you took my heart, I don't know you, we never meet in life, but I love you, and there is no person in this world that can tell me anything bad about you. What I felt was real and I loved that. Well, I hope you’ll read my letter, and if it’s possible, just answer to me. Your sincerely, Ana Moreno.
A song U2 started playing from day 1 morphed into this beautiful work of art. Thank you for allowing 1 Love 2 evoL 3 to this lesson for the world to follow.!
A new generation makes beautiful a beautiful song.
Beautiful Day
Proving, yet again, that love is bigger, and more beautiful, than anything in its way!
Anthem for our Times
What a beautiful rendition of a beautiful song about a beautiful day yet to come. But faith is the substance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not yet seen. That day is coming.
Great gesture of humanity
"Beautiful Day" is one of those timeless masterpieces demonstrating how lyrics can develop a new relevance under current circumstances. With a wonderful diversity of black and white people this group of excellent singers represents the urgency to gain equality for everyone in our world. In times of Covid 19 each artist has to record a video separately, but listening to this touching version I can feel a sense of community and unity of musicians sharing one dream. All of them put a lot of emotion in the song and especially the chorus sounds so powerful as all voices can be heard like a choir. It´s sad that racism still exists in the 21st century. As a constant activist for justice Bono expresses much confidence in his moving introduction. Looking straight into the camera, he directly addresses the listener and gives us so much encouragement to keep on protesting. Let´s hope we will be able to celebrate a beautiful day with equality for everybody as soon as possible.
Ah lads and gals... really enjoyed that.. Great job everybody.. Nice content to have up.
Ramesh Paramjothy
Fantastic and beautiful
Mike Martin
Fantastic version of a fantastic song!! Made my day a beautiful one!! Hope this version gets the recognition it deserves!
Are not invincible and no longer invisible! We are here, right now. Don’t move or say a thin g. Love and light my way U2! Miss You Sugar. Detlev Lassche for the V-Hunter. P.s. Today I listen to Ratle and Hum. It was Okay. Heartland is a good Son g’. See You 2 Later.
Class of 2020, beautiful day
Brilliantly done. Just great. Then again, it’s a great song. John Halloran
Truly beautiful
Children (and women) of the world, take over!
that's beautiful
You really did a wonderful job!! Congratulations,,
Love THIS Man ❤️❤️
Sooooo goooooooooood to see THIS guy, who changed my life completely! I really missed him...his face.....his voice!!!! And I´m sure, a lot of fans did!!!!! Thank you for this, Bono....and for everything else! Thank YOU for using your voice against racism, against injustice.....against all this "Trump-shit".... Can´t stand this anymore! Why can´t "WE PEOPLE" still live as human being? Why can´t we people "accept" (what a word!!!) the neighbors skin color? What´s wrong with us....with us "humans"! There is no animal on earth that acts like we do! It's shameful how we deal with each other.....and it could be that easy: Live and let live...
Thank you!
I totally got lost in this and didn't think about all the crap in my head, on my screen, or on tv. Thank you for a moment of peace. I've always said U2 is like church for me, and now I know, it doesn't matter who sings it. The message is just as beautiful. To you Class of 2020! Cheers! Heidi xoxo
From a different generation
I've been a fan of U2 since 1983, so yes, I'm an old-timer to the class of 2020. Beyond the music (which I love
Thanks For This Amazing Version!
BD is my oldest daughter's favorite U2 song, one that I would play for her when she was still in a car seat. I would be driving and hear her yell out "Again!" when the song finished. Let's just say we listened to the song together a lot :-). She graduated from college this year (virtually of course!), so this is a perfect way to help celebrate! Thanks for all the music and social inspiration over the years - it has literally been the soundtrack of my life! Be well and stay safe everyone!
Dear Class of 2020
Beautiful Day was the first song I ever heard from U2, before I became really hooked on them. To hear this version of this song and being reminded of these lyrics is so relevant to today's current circumstances. I am glad and touched that this song was chosen for this tribute to MY class of 2020. This song meant so much to me then as it does now! Thank you U2!
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