4 Nov 202214

Bono's memoir Surrender is among the nominees for The Dubray Biography of the Year at the An Post Irish Book Awards.

Voting is now open and the 2022 biography category features 'six absorbing life stories, exploring music, migration, loss, love and family.'

Here's the list of nominees - voting closes next Thursday, November 10th

The Last Good Funeral of the Year – Ed O'Loughlin (Riverrun)
Without Warning and only Sometimes – Kit de Waal (Tinder Press) 
Time and Tide – Charlie Bird, with Ray Burke (HarperCollins Ireland)
I Don't Want to Talk About Home – Suad Aldarra (Doubleday)
Surrender – Bono (Hutchinson Heinemann)
All Down Darkness Wide – Seán Hewitt (Jonathan Cape) 

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Magnifique, magique, envoûtant, très bien écrit puisque on ressent toutes les émotions de l’auteur qui n’est autre que notre Artiste Bono qui a un talent fou. Merci Monsieur vous êtes un homme d’esprit et de coeur On vous aime Que Dieu vous protège Delphine
My new drug
Addictive to say the least. Another excuse not to put the phone down as I don my earphone and press play on the audiobook Surrender.
Everyday I write SURRENDER
Voted for THE Book Indeed
Quel talent M. Bono … Je commence à peine la lecture et suis déjà envoûtée par le désir de connaître la suite, en dehors du fait que votre vie est surprenante, exceptionnelle et remplie de moments extraordinaires, votre écriture l’est tout autant. Vous méritez un prix littéraire pour cette œuvre qui est en fait un chef d’œuvre. Je découvre vos talents qui sont multiples, chant, écrivain, musicien, dessinateur et j’ai hâte et espère échanger quelques mots avec vous le 25 Novembre à Paris au Grand Rex. Sans aucune hésitation je voterais pour vous. Cher Bono, la France vous aime et Merci pour tout ce que vous faites et merci pour le plaisir que vous nous procuré. Que Dieu vous garde et vous préserve pendant encore des décennies et plus. Delphine
"Surrender" is rivetingly honest!
I wish to vote for Bono's powerful "Surrender" book. It has been a page turner for me and shares such a naked, brutal veracity that is telling and most refreshing. I have learned many lessons. David Freshman
Loved it!!
Just loved reading this book! Not because I have been listening to them from the time i heard Gloria when i was 20 in 1980. Not because I was listening in 1993 while in hospital for the better part of 2 years with Leukemia. Not because Ive enjoyed live shows with my wife and kids. But because it is great book! Funny, sad, very well written. Well done Bono !
Book is Amazing. Also attended Los Angeles show which was spectacular .
Bono’s books “Surrender” It’s full of wonderful moments and some not so wonderful moments in his life. I find it a quality read into the life of a man who has given so much of himself to this world! He is an amazing human being and I feel honored to be able to have a look into his life♥️
Surrender by Bono
The quality of the prose and the poetry of the descriptions in this beautifully vulnerable book, makes it my number one for biography of the year.
Amazing Memoir
Resisting the temptation to read reviews of his "wee book" tour for fear of spoilers, and knowing that a copy would be presented to me at the show, I decided to download the audiobook version of it to get me in the mood . The Audiobook version is riveting, to say the least. The interwoven reimagined songs for each chapter are masterful and keep me wanting more. His voice is buttery smooth, it feels like he is just talking to me.
vincent kearns
U2 Dublin Ireland Highly recommend Surrender Bonos new book which hit the shops last week. A book everyone will enjoy and find it hard to put down once you start reading it.
Am so drawn in by the book I’ve read it Already now am listening to the Audible version with Bono’s voice which is a amazing am singing along whilst listening which sounds crazy even if your not a U2 fan it’s still worth a read been a Fan 37 years just …..WoW am blown away by this book please give it a try you won’t be disappointed that I know 100
We voted for Surrender by Bono. He should win brilliant read.
Surrender – Bono (Hutchinson Heinemann)
superb read
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