Out Now: SURRENDER by Bono

1 Nov 202227

Out Now: SURRENDER by Bono

SURRENDER is the story of Bono's remarkable life as you've never heard it before, told through 40 chapters, each named after a U2 song. 

In his words and unique voice, the book is "the anatomy of a songwriter and a singer and a hooligan and a pilgrim and a husband and a father and all that." 

Here's what some of the first reviewers are saying.

"Punctuating it all is the music. Each chapter uses a U2 song to pull us down
memory lane." —The Sunday Times

"Surrender is characteristically expansive, but it whizzes by, with each of its 40 present-tense chapters pegged to a relevant song lyric and decorated with a felt-pen sketch. Bono has storytelling verve and a genuine desire for self-examination." —The Guardian

"Like U2, ‘Surrender' soars whenever the spotlight comes on. Bono is never more powerful, on the page or the stage, than when he strives for the transcendence that only music can offer." —The New York Times

SURRENDER is written, narrated, and illustrated by Bono… and is available now in hardcover and audiobook. 

The hardcover has 40 original drawings and dozens of never-before-seen photos from his life at the intersection of artist and activist.

The audiobook is an intimate, immersive listening experience, telling stories from Bono's early days in Dublin, to joining a band and playing sold out stadiums around the world with U2, plus his more than 20 years of activism. 

From moments of classic U2 hits to snippets by The Clash, Patti Smith, Verdi, Johnny Cash and Mozart, SURRENDER also exclusively features clips of newly recorded reimagined versions of U2 songs including ‘Sunday Bloody Sunday', ‘With Or Without You', ‘One', ‘Beautiful Day' and more, glimpsed for the first time on ‘SURRENDER: 40 Songs, One Story'.

SURRENDER is available immediately as both an audiobook and e-book download.


Got your copy yet? Started reading it? Tell us what you think in the comments below.  #SurrenderMemoir 

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A masterpiece
This is a very special audiobook and I have savoured it over many weeks. Not one to casually listen to while driving or cooking. This deserves your full attention. It's a fully audio experience with Bono's words blended with other sounds and of course snippets of songs. It takes the stories to another level compared to just reading the written page. The topics he covers are universal - love, friendship, meaning, faith, family, work, play - and he does so with great insight and reflection. The boy really has become a man. And politics - I hadn't realised how much he has achieved through his work with One, Red and others - awe inspiring tbh. Full disclosure - I've been a U2 fan since 1981 when I saw a young Bono clamber over the speakers at Bristol Locarno and have been hooked on following their journey ever since. I've watched them grow and develop at the same time as I have (he's about 3 years older) and their music has continued to speak to me in a way that very few others have. Reading this book has helped me better understand why as Bono is a special human being - his ability to put ideas into words is by turns moving, exhilarating and humbling. And his attempts to describe his relationship with Ali, and what Ali means to him are so touching and so real. The tenor done good.
Thank You
I got Surrender for christmas, and have just started diggin’ in The story. I’m so happy that from The First page I get the feeling of Energy and sense of listening to Bonos voice and thoughts. I get flashbacks from The unforgettable fire- my first U2 song experience, and to Where the streets have no name- when I fell deeply in love with the band and Your music in 87. Merry christmas to all og U2- and especially to Bono.
Mia Martin
A tough day before the show in London. My best friends husband passed and it was the day we laid him to rest. With or Without You being sung a reflection of the day. 39 years of listening, following and watching U2 from the age of 11 I cried danced and remembered the years U2 have provided pure solace and pleasure. Congratulations Bono what an inspiration.
Surrender V Marriage
Additives from the start. I’m spending more time with Bono than I am my wife and family. Time is running out will I finish the book on time before they call time
Brilliant show
What a night at 02Apollo Manchester superb from start to finish
What a great book
I just finished reading it and I LOVED it. Great thoughts, great insigts, so honest and thoughtful. Thanks Bono, for putting this together! Now I can go ahead and order the audiobook. (I wouldn't let myself get it before having read the book.)
Loving it
Listened to a few chapters and already know it's the most original audio book I've had the pleasure of. Am attending his "show" at the Palladium tomorrow so really excited about that. Going with my better half so we have two copies of the hardcopy book - very happy to donate this to another fan if they cover the postage! I'm in the UK. Not sure how you can let me know but if this works, first come first served :)
San Fran and its a Beautiful Day
We sat listening to a verse and story from our Bono. It was as good as it gets. Every word was so clear and the audiance was mesmerized. We are so greatful to have shared the evening with the Greatest Fans and Bono! fjf3 & KTT
Bono’s book review
I started reading this book a few days ago. I am now on Chapter 17. I really love Bono’s storytelling. He is a great author. He seems to remember all the important details of each different event. Some passage makes me emotional.
I surrender...to him - to Bono ❤️❤️❤️❤️ This book. I have both: the book and the audio version...as many of us have! I started with the audio version. Even the very first sentence: "For Ali" brought tears to my eyes! There is so much love, so much emotion, so much devotion - in just 2 words!❤️ It's hard to put into words how I feel! It's a mixture of joy, sadness, deepest love for this beautiful person Bono, fun, laughter...so many more feelings that I can't put into words! I´m grateful for this book - for Bono's very, very honest revelation of his existence. I am grateful for Bono's heartfelt love for his family, his beautiful wife Ali, his friends, for humanity, his fans...for his own life!❤️ The way he reads the book, presents his life, is unique. Bono reveals everything: his strengths, his weaknesses...everything! I always thought my love for this extraordinary human being is endless. But there does seem to be an increase!❤️ I'm grateful to have encountered U2 and their music sometime when I was 12 (i'm 48 now)! Or did the music meet me? I think it should be happen to my life. It was destiny. I´m happy, infinitely proud - and again: very very grateful! Thank you Bono for your honesty, your incredibly expressive voice (and sexy too
No Surrender!
The book begins with Bonos’s imitation of Ian Paisley’s “No Surrender”, only to go on to explaining how Bono and U2 “surrender” their life’s work to music like a mistress in their lives, complete with religious guilt! A great yarn about the humanity of a great band!
I did surrender
Honest and raw and beautifully written and very detailed- Bono takes us on a very special journey with this memoir book. The chapter about his Mom Iris hit close home - I lost my Mom in my early 20s. This will be one of those special books to re- read as often as possible. Thank you kindly.
Bono’s book review
hels aus
Listening to bono
I started the audio book on Monday.. it is so cool to hear his voice n emotions about his life. Sometimes so raw - especially first chapter.... I have the book too but waiting for signage...
Interesting and funny!
It is exactly what I expected: interesting and funny. I really enjoyed it. I am looking forward to join Bono in Madrid the 28th
Great listen
I’m halfway through listening to it (please don’t give away the ending
Bono is a saint
I am reading his book as the holy bible .. that’s life. This is the life!
Great read - emotional journey - well do
Just finished the book -- I read it with Bono's voice in my head and the songs in my heart. Very engaging, this journey of his life, interwoven with stories we all witnessed as fans and have our collective shared memories from our various vantage points around the world. Thank you Bono!
Personal and haunting
It was exciting to receive "Surrender" and start reading it. I thank Bono for sharing so much of his personal experiences with us. It´s great that each chapter has the name of a song. There are truly many connections between Bono´s life and those songs. His stories are so well written, insightful, emotional and haunting. I´m particularly moved by his youth in Cedarwood Road, his grief and yearning for music. I´m glad that music brought him solace and an opportunity to express himself. Looking forward to reading the next chapters.
40 years a fan
From saving his pocket money for the latest U2 album and waiting with anticipation all the way home on the back seat of the 115 bus in Sunderland - to travelling the globe, to see ‘my band’. My husband Lee
A memorable quote
One of my favourite lyrics is from the song Acrobat “Don’t let the bastards grind you down” I try to be the best version of myself every single day! Thanks for the advice Bono, it’s been 30 years and I still say it to myself everyday!
Can Bono send me
One book to my house as the most beautiful Father Christmas gift I ever have received! I hope the book will give some new lines on the horizon of the long journey to equality to VertiGo. You know my name and adres! Love and light my way U2!
Absolutely wonderful Bono! Thank you for Surrender. Really enjoying the journey as a U2 fan!
Good book
I got my copy yesterday from my wife. I am happy with it. Started reading and it is very nice to read in dutch.
Moment Of Surrender
I’m on chapter 7 ‘I Will Follow’ already! The audiobook is an immersive, intimate experience. I was also able to get a signed copy at Strand bookstore in New York this evening! Can’t wait for the tour stop in Los Angeles (where I’m from) on the 13th!
From Terry in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Ca
Picked up my copy of SURRENDER by Bono this morning. Anxious to start reading it.
My Surrender
I’ve gone analog for this one. Can’t wait to read it.
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