On CD/Vinyl Today - Songs of Innocence

13 Oct 201444
To mark this week's release of Songs Of Innocence on CD/Vinyl - along with bonus tracks, acoustic sessions, hidden songs and special formats - the band are playing some of their new songs on TV and radio stations around Europe.

Last night it was Milan, Italy for the RAI TV show, Che Tempo Che Fa.

Today's physical release of Songs of Innocence comes in three formats which are available to order here and through Island Records, and U2.com (Don't miss the cool bundle offers just launched - Songs Of Innocence Deluxe CD set & T-Shirt ).

Digital Downloads
Google Play (Standard)
Google Play (Deluxe)

Amazon MP3 (Standard)
Amazon MP3 (Deluxe)

Deluxe, 2 CD Format which comes with 2 x 16 page booklets, the 11 track album on CD1 plus additional tracks on CD2 including a 6-song acoustic session along with Lucifer's Hands, The Crystal Ballroom, The Troubles (Alternative Version) and Sleep Like A Baby Tonight (Alternative Perspective Mix by Tchad Blake).

2 LP 180gram White Vinyl Format featuring the 11 track album on sides 1, 2 & 3 with bonus track The Crystal Ballroom 12" Mix on side 4.

Single CD Format with a 24-page booklet along with the 11 track album.
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Never cease to amaze me
Simply beautiful!! I wish you'd come to Miami. You have so many fans from South America here. ☺
Stories for boys....that became men
Since I heard to the first release in 9th September, after apple’s event that sent a gift to my itunes account, I started to have a big feeling with the whole album, even some tracks was not so immediate in the first impression. This gift gave me the possibility to prepare to the physical release the 13th of October and also after that date I continued to listen to the first album and not to the second CD contained in the Deluxe version. But after a certain period a turned naturally to hear the acoustic sessions and then I found one of the most impressive song of this album that is The Crystal Ballroom. Today about over 2 months the first release I have to say that I faced different feelings sometimes positive, sometimes controversial (waves of regret, waves of joy....). Our 4 guys are not the same of Achtung baby where they have to re-dream it all and chopping down the Joshua Tree, and they are not the same of The Joshua tree in which they find a way to read and try to give an answer to all big question of the human existence, they are not the same of Boy where they were living their first touch with “the miracle”….The main feeling I have is that this songs enter in you, they bring part to your real life and they grow in you: this time U2 are talking about their life, or better, where their life (together) took origin, where you can reach me now, where there are stories for boys that became men…..and this is really astonishing, like all tracks contained in this new album (Every braking wave, Song for Someone, California, Volcano,…. but the list will never end because all tracks are really great songs!!!) Another thing that is impressive is to hear a band that is still playing together after such a long time and speaking about their love, hate, passions, their rage, their life…. to us! I think is very rare to find, today, a band like this, and this is why U2 are and forever be great! Thanks for this “you too” feeling every time! What I would like for the tour? Well I don’t know what the band is thinking about, but I won’t be surprised if they will put out a MUSICAL!!!! That will be really great, amazing and exciting to me. The soundtrack? Is already be done…Son gs of Innocence!.... subject: their life….
Hidden songs
The press release makes reference to hidden songs as well as the acoustic sessions!!! Is there just the one hidden song, which is obvious as these can be by the song title, or are there other hidden songs!
There's a disk one?
After listening to my "free" downloaded copy from I-tunes for a couple of weeks my anticipation for the Deluxe 2 C.D. set grew. Ever since I made the purchase and put Disk #2 into my car's C.D. player it has never come out. I keep thinking I'm going to actually put disk 1 in, but then I think, "why?" It's hard to improve on perfection. Can't wait for the tour.
Turn on the Waterworks
Every Breaking Wave acoustic is hauntingly beautiful. It moved me to tears. Heard it live on the media tour and was thrilled to get that version on the bonus disc. I had no doubts in waiting but no question that this is a masterpiece.
Deluxe wonderful!!!
I have buy standard, deluxe, deluxe taiwan and deluxe japan!!! I really love this fantastic album!!! I hope to have Songs od Experience in 2015!! Great U2, the best band in the world!! Love it!!
SOI, the great surprise!
After ozziepaulgerrard's comments below, nothing needs to BE said. I've got my SOI three formats and I was surprised as many of you. Thanks U2 for the hidden track. Great surprise!!! I'm waiting for you guys in Brazil for the next tour!
The song and the soul
Bono, Edge, Larry, Adam, with the new songs bristle my soul. God speaks through bono, because this songs have more than rhythm..they have a real feelings and can change the world. Thank you U2 for this songs and I hope see you in the next year, for the FIRST TIME AND FEEL LOVE..
My Review
First impressions from iTunes...The freebie. Ho Hum....Surely they could do better than this. Relistening it grew on me. Songs Of Innocence wasn't my favourite studio album. I kept in mind that U2 have NEVER been one for a killer studio album. Their live sound and act is what defines them. Fast forward to yesterday. My Deluxe and Standard CD's arrived. (The Vinyl is still shipping). I inserted the Deluxe Disc Two into the car and now I get it. U2 you did it. This album IS the best studio work you have delivered. The studio sessions explain it all....U2 's best work isn't an engineered recording. Its that live sound. That rawness of vocals and artistic mastery. Bono and The Edge on piano. Brass instruments and awesome natural vocals led by Bono and backed by Larry and The Edge...Wow. New sounds. Better sounds !! This reminds me of the BEST tour ever - Lovetown. The lyrics stand out on the acoustic songs and aren't masked by that new (or is it the old) bass of Adam leading the songs on Disc one. I now get why the album was delivered on iTunes. There is more for true fans to buy. The free sample is just a taster and there is plenty more to taste. And if I pick it right the new show will kick. Perhaps a full instrumental band for part of the show ? The U2 showband ? Lucifer's Hands is a brilliant re-write of the rhythmic "Stingray Guitar" of the 360 tour - Now with lyrics. Crystal Ballroom a clever and beautiful piece of music and crafted poetry. The vocals and instruments stand out proudly in the acoustic sessions. I truly see no reason for Disk one - The original studio works. The songs I loved from the studio just got better. California now sounds like a U2 song. I cant wait for the next album and the Tour. Well done U2. I get it. I heard the true U2 again. I just pity those who never choose to hear the studio sessions. The iTunes experience may well be their biggest mistake. I suspect that Disc Two and the acoustic sessions is what the album could have been but for many they wont choose to hear those versions of have it thrust into the ears. Such a shame. U2 - I apologise for doubting. I should have expected the surprise. I enjoyed it. It worked. I now get it. This is your best work to date.
no one like tou!
Bono your voice is the best i've ever heard ! Pure emotion
Songs of True Innocence
The boys have finally grown up and start to sound like a real band!! Love the album, the goosebumps are back, as I did not get those with NLOTH. It will certainly be interesting to see how Songs of Experience will complete this fine piece of work.
The 13th album
Despite the release of itunes last Monday I bought the deluxe version. I could give a damn Why to buy the masterpieces of the past do not come back, but now more than thirty years U2 means faith, love, and sometimes some criticism.
The Stingray Guitar returns...
...in the form of 'Lucifer's Hands.' Love it!!!!
All i know and all i know is that there is non end to love U2!!
Hidden 6th sound on 2nd CD in Deluxe ver
I'm glad for 6th song, but I agree with earlier comment about wishing it was separated and listed. I won't give away identity of #6 to not spoil it...just an unneeded gimmick. But it was so great to goto local store and pick up the new CD! $14.99 for deluxe version at Hastings...and I absolutely love the entire album...and the new 5/6!
Even Better Than...
Don't know how this amazing album could have gotten any better but it did !!!! Simply incredible!! Great job boys!! RBW acoustic is awesome!
I already love Every Breaking Wave but this flawless live version, moved me to tears. Bono sure still has "it" !!
amazing !!!!
Thankyou fantastic album love it can't stop listening to it love the acoustic sessions can't wait for the live shows.
Experiencing these Innocent Songs
Once again the 'Live" versions start to add colour and depth, I had not really gravitated to the first fews songs on the "B side", but getting hold my physical copy today the acoustic versions reveal something more textural. Looking forward to 2015 and the intimacy that will hopefully follow the low earth orbit of 360?
The extra tracks make an amazing album even greater. I have found a new love for Invisible. Thank you again for all ypur hard work.
"Hidden Track" Question
I loved the inclusion of the "Hidden Track" (no spoilers); the question is, can the band release this as a separate track? I'm not a fan of combining two songs in one so they can't be separated. Otherwise, no complaints, and a great album!
So excited to buy this
Earlier today I was out on a brisk, beautiful day playing SOI on my U2 iPod (still going strong, just like the band) and again thrilling to the beauty of this album. These songs make my heart soar. I'm so looking forward to buying the deluxe CD later today. -Jeremiah H.
Breaking wave
Breaking wave acoustic version......... just wauw !!!!!
One word
Brilliant - this album is superb the more you listen to it the more it grows on you. So looking forward to hearing this all on Tour 2015 and to celebrate my 50th with U2 couldn't think of anything better. : )
"U2"or "me"or "me too"
yesterday i was on my way to get the new album and i say to my daughter "i'm going to get the new U2" she answer me "me too?" i say "no U2" she said "me",then in car i ask her "do you like the music of U2?" she answer "yes i like the music of ME" And this morning when she saw the U2.com page she said "oh this is ME". So guys for my daughter you are not "U2" but "ME" or "ME TOO". she's 3 years old, that's why!!! The new album is incredible,i got the double cd and LP, acoustic version are fantastic,can't wait for "songs of experience" and for a new tour,love U2......"me too?"
I got it!!!
There is a skip in my step today! I just got the Deluxe version and have driven the long way back to work just to pump it out in my car...so much better on CD!!!! Love you boys what an album!!!!
EBW Acoustic
My fave song on the album and such a beautiful, haunting rendition. Love it!
keep your production team
Got the free down load bought the deluxe cd. Greatest u2 music to date me thinks love it. The bonus disc is great very happy cheers
Just Two words
Fuck yeah!!!!
Invisible no more
Thank you sooo much for the best album since Pop. Have been listening to the extra material - Invisible fits beautifully in with the rest of this amazing record.
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