Magnificent, Vertigo, Angel of Harlem.. who knows ? Tell us three songs you're hoping the band will feature when the tour opens. That's what we asked fans outside the venue in Barcelona yesterday.


29 June, 2010
one year on
great memories of the opening concert and days around it ...... my first pic on ... im de guy who wants larry to sing dirty auld town lol
06 July, 2009
hope to hear
.....drowing man, tomorrow , two hearts beat as one
06 July, 2009
One Tree Hill Red Hill Mining Town and God Part II
06 July, 2009
2 songs for Zagreb 10.8.
Please play Deep in the heart and Heartland. I was in Dublin a year ago when I was 15 and those song reminds me about those days. Miss those days. Thank you guys for everything :) <3
04 July, 2009
My concert
I was at the second show in Barcelona, and felt it was my concert when they played Electrical Storm. I've always wanted to ask them why they had not played it given that it's a beautiful song (IMHO perfect for props). Since they did play that one I'd say Summer Rain (perfect for acoustic), Window in the skies and my all time favorite Until the End of the World.
02 July, 2009
I hope they play...
Top 3 songs I want to hear is ACROBAT (PLEASE PLAY), Running to Stand Still, and Bullet the Blue Sky. From the new album: No line, Fez and Stand up Comedy
30 June, 2009
My favourites ever
Sometimes you can't make it on your own Desire Where the streets have no name
30 June, 2009
I love Barcelona!
I Will Follow, Bad, In Gods country
30 June, 2009
Songs wants to hear in Dublin
Pride (In the name of love), Where the streets have no name and Magnificent!
30 June, 2009
Im coming on both shows in Zagreb and what I would love to hear is All i want is you, with or without you and miss Sarajevo. But no metter what songs guys will play, it will be perfect!! Im sure of that! Kisses to the band and all fans :)
30 June, 2009
My Hope
Unforgettable Fire, Ultraviolet and Please
30 June, 2009
3 Songs
One, Two Hearts Beat As One and Three Sunrises (Get the theme???)
30 June, 2009
Never heard them Live
The Drowning Man, Love Comes Tumbling and Acrobat. But I won't complain. Just to hear them sing Mary Had A Little Lamb would be great.
29 June, 2009
Please tour Australia!!
Great to hear Wire, Bad and Out of Control.
29 June, 2009
3 songs
Miss Sarajevo, Bad, and a tie between No Line on the Horizon and Red Hill Mining Town
29 June, 2009
3 songs
Streets Electrical Storm Zoo Station But I love just about EVERY U2 song, I'll be thrilled at whatever they play. But Streets is my all time favorite. Can't wait until Chicago and Toronto.
John Bartholomew
29 June, 2009
Balboa Jack
Only Three? Moment of Surrender, Ultraviolet and Boots!!! YEAH, YEAH, YEAH, YEAH.........Native Son would be very cool.
Jay Ipipipi
29 June, 2009
3 songs?????
I'ts difficult to choose but...... 1) All I Want Is You 2) Original of the species 3) Party Girl That would be great, can't wait untill Amsterdam and NY
29 June, 2009
My favourite song
I will not be in Barcelona but in London and it will be my first U2 concert and I'm looking forward to it soooooo much. I would like to hear "Magnificent" and "One" and, most of all, "Miss Sarajevo", I absolutely love this song :o)
29 June, 2009
Songs I want they play!
One, With or without you, vertigo, new years day, original of species, etc... It's really hard to choose the best one. Can't wait for the concert on Thursday!
29 June, 2009
hidden gems
Heartland,A Sort Of Homecoming,Gods Country
29 June, 2009
Nothing else matters...
Breathe, one, Bad By Elvis
29 June, 2009
My 3 songs
Original of the species, Fez-being born, Two Hearts Beat as One
29 June, 2009
Three songs
I´m from Portugal and i´m going to be there. Bono please sing this songs: - Bad - One - Please Jonas U2
29 June, 2009
only 3 ??
29 June, 2009
Ultraviolet (Light My Way) Acrobat Always (B-Side Song)
29 June, 2009
opening night
BAD, Love is blindness, Exit
29 June, 2009
3 songs
in god's country, original of the species and end the show with 40
29 June, 2009
3 songs
Larry singing Dity Old Town, now that's a great idea ;) I'd love to hear "Until the end of the world", "Please" + "Kite".
29 June, 2009
I'm hoping for
Crazy Tonight, Moment of Surrender and good old Streets
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