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25 Mar 2010659
Speaking to Dave Fanning of Irelands's 2FM a few weeks back, Edge said the band had begun thinking about this year's shows. Dave mentioned that in 2009 there was always five or six songs from No Line on the Horizon: 'Would you keep that many?

'We were talking about adding more,' said Edge, in a decidedly enigmatic tone. 'Changing out some of the songs...'

And that was it, the subject was closed, he was giving nothing else away. But we can dream can't we ? So here's the thing: if you could add in a song from 'No Line' which wasn't a regular in the set last year ... what would it be?

And while you're musing on that one, what song from any earlier album, which didn't feature in 2009, would you love to hear in the mix this time around ?

Answers in the box below please. One different track from No Line, one other track from any earlier album. (And why, if you have the time...)

(If your memory needs refreshing on the songs the band were performing last year, check the 2009 dates and click on any city to see the set list.)
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Mike from Belgium
Making a choice is giving something away... From NLOTH: White As Snow (Song of hard poetry); from OCTOBER: Tomorrow (my favourite ever); Kisses from Belgium!!
Fez Being Born + Stand Up Comedy
2 of the besst songs from the last album. I could be wrong but I think that Stand Up Comedy live could be a great peace of music like Sunday Bloody Sunday is.
Set list 360º 2010
I would like you play Acrobat, some song of Boy, October or War, for example; 11 o` clock tick tock, and Fez(Being born) for ''No Line''. I will see you to Coimbra. Thanks U2
Electrical storm! and water nymph on the stage, please....
Fez/Being Born & All I Want Is You
I love the World Music sound of the intro "Fez" and Bono's cries from "Being Born." I imagine the stage lighting being bright yellow sunlight or glittery silvers or a strobe light, then lush purples & velvety burgundy lights during the chord changes near the end (3:16-3:26 and 4:28 into the studio recorded song). Old song: I'm with sound engineer Joe O'Herlihy on this favorite - "All I Want is You." Personally, I've always liked "Wire," which is the song that got me hooked on U2.
TURIN - I forgot 2 albums, sorry...
It's too difficult to choose! Anyway, let's try... From NLOTH: Fez - Being Born!!!!!!!!!!!! From B: I Will Follow / Out of Control / Into The Heart From O: Gloria From W: Seconds From TUF: A Sort of Homecoming From TJT: Running to Stand Still / Trip through Your Wires From R&H: HEARTLAND!!!!!!!!!!! From AB: ACROBAT!!!!!!!!!!!! From Z: Lemon / The First Time From P: Gone / Please From ATYCLB: Kite From HTDAAB: All Because of You / Love and Peace or Else
A choice is too difficult..! Anyway... A
From NLOTH: Fez - Being Born!!!!!!!!!!!! From War: Seconds From TUF: A Sort of Homecoming From TJT: Running to Stand Still / Trip through Your Wires From R&H: HEARTLAND!!!!!!!!!!! From AB: ACROBAT!!!!!!!!!!!! From Z: Lemon / The First Time From P: Gone / Please From ATYCLB: Kite From HTDAAB: All Because of You / Love and Peace or Else
Does it really matter?
I would say add more to the concert, like another hour worth of concert would be nice.... yes, very nice indeed muhahaha.... but seriously, more achtung, some pop, and bullet the blue sky.
SHOW OPENING ZOO TV / NUMB looks good on the 360screens / LOVE AND PEACE remember U23D / OUT OF CONTROL / MAGNIFICANT remix from artifical horizon and let's hope, they play CRAZY also in 2010...
Love Original of the Species, also would like to see Stand Up Comedy
please, please
stand up comedy and Exit!!!!
Athens 2010
please play 11 o'clock tick tock in Athens!!!!!!!!!!!!
Stand Up Comedy, The Fly, Lemon!
Definitely In God's Country.... And this time in Torino, San Sebastian and Roma I will be sporting a huge sign asking for that song so pweeeese Edge take a look at the sign and play it !
16th of August in Denmark
When you come to Denmark the 16th of august please play the songs: Electrical Storm + Bullet the blue sky!
Favorite songs
Bullet the blue sky Sometimes you can't make it on your own
Fez + Exit
Everything is said
Being born & Lemon
Love both and neverd had the chance to hear Lemon in Live
Stand Up Comedy and Miracle Drug Please
I would loooooove to hear Stand Up Comedy in a stadium under the claw!!!! WOW that would be awesome. And during the time that we still had no news on Bono's condition immediately following his surgery, I had Miracle Drug playing in my head the whole time. Would love to hear that one too. Can't wait to see you guys happy and healthy on stage again soon. Love you! PS. I reeeally would like to see you play The Fly and Mofo too. OH and Rejoice!!! Now that would be cool :)
i would love to hear White As Snow, the beat and the lyrics are just amazing I can feel the band through that song. I would also like to hear Acrobat, what can I say great jam!
The Greats
Exit, The Fly, ZooTv era Bullet, Fez, Electric Co, Full version of Bad
S2 U2
I absolutly love u2!I dont even remember how i get to konw them,my parent dont like them,and my friends were to young for that!But since i was a kid,i loved to watch to the video clips and lising to the songs,even not understanding a word!I got older,and i remember that i could go to their concert in sao paulo Brazil,cause it was sold old!I watched it live on television!It was almost like i was there,it make me imagine how it would be if i really went to a concert one day!Later that year,i was in new york,and i missed the concert cause everybody i knew didnt wanted to go,and i could go by self,i was 15.Years later wen u2 got back to make concerts,i realized my dream!Went to the concerrts in milan,both days!I cant really say how i felt,was jumping and screaming like a crazy,i was it the red area,pretty close to the stage!It was the best day ever in my life!And for sure i will go to many corcerts yet!Bono wish you get better very soon,to make all your fans crazy at the concert!And thanks for the band,for doing such good music,and make peoples life better!If im a bit sad,and i listen or see something of u2,get totally another mood! Thanks for that!Love you all
U2 Brussels
a song i've realy missed in paris was elevation so please play it in brusselsin september! see you in brussels!
Bono for Salt Lake please do Exit, Vertigo, and Beautiful Day! THANK YOU!
Cedars of Lebanon to close the set. And from an earlier album it would have to be PLEASE - from Pop. Absolutely moving in its incarnation for the Live in Mexico DVD, not so effective when played acoustic on the Elevation tour.. When played live at Mexico, this song really conjures an emotion at such a stratospheric level it is rarely seen, even by this band. It is finally time to bring it back, even with the sadly prophetic line "September.. Streets capsizing.."
Discotheque and Please
...But anything from 'Pop' will do!
Minneapolis - Beautiful Day w/ Grace sni
Taking my 9-year old daughter Grace to the Minneapolis concert. She's the new generation of U2 fans. The song Grace describes her and we'd love to hear at least a snip.
more requests for anaheim!!!
dear u2..wd love to hear..crumbs from your table..bad and hold me/kiss me..along with so many others..but no matter what you play..it's going to be pure enjoyment!!! looking forward to seeing you in anaheim..love you guys!!! <=
When's the new Countdown beginning?
For the first time in my life I'll be attending a U2 concert. Salt Lake City is less than a month away. When will a new Countdown to 360 begin? Come on, give me something to keep me occupied while I'm waiting for June 3rd. I can't wait!!! No Line track: Fez-Being Born. I just love this track because it's all about the journey we're about to take...and I'm getting ready for my first U2 journey. Achtung Baby track: Love is Blindness. This song just gets me at the deepest part of my soul. Each instrument is played in such harmony with one another. They're all supporting one another in making such an amazing piece of music. It's truly a connection between us all.
stand up comedy
Please add stand up comedy, this is an exquisite rock and roll song full of strength and freedom. I really enjoy the mix of Please and Where the Streets have no name in Mexico is very emotional and powerful at the same time. I will remove moment of surrender and add Velvet dress or original of the species.
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