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'This ain't mere genius, this is rock 'n' roll...' (Kerrang, October 1984)

U2's fourth album, The Unforgettable Fire, has been remastered and is now released by Mercury Records.

Check out the microsite and watch a rather wonderful period video here.

This special edition marks 25 years since the album's original release in October 1984. Recorded at Slane Castle, Ireland, The Unforgettable Fire was the first U2 album to be produced by Brian Eno and Danny Lanois, and spawned two top 10 UK singles - 'Pride (In The Name Of Love)' and 'The Unforgettable Fire'.

Special formats of The Unforgettable Fire feature bonus audio material, including two previously unheard tracks from the Slane Castle sessions: 'Yoshino Blossom', and 'Disappearing Act' (a track which the band recently completed), and a DVD including music videos, a documentary and unreleased live footage from the Amnesty International Conspiracy of Hope Tour in 1986.

Details on the bonus material here. Get the album and formats here.

The Unforgettable Fire has been remastered from the original audio tapes, with direction from The Edge and the album is available in four formats:

* Limited Edition Box Set: containing 2 CDs (remastered album and bonus audio CD), a DVD with live footage, documentary and videos, a 56 page hardback book with liner notes by The Edge, Brian Eno, Danny Lanois, Bert Van de Kamp and Niall Stokes, and 5 photographic prints

* Deluxe Edition: containing 2 CDs, the remastered album, and the bonus audio CD which features B-sides and previously unreleased material, a 36 page booklet with liner notes by The Edge, Brian Eno, Danny Lanois and Bert Van de Kamp

* CD format: featuring the remastered album

* 12" vinyl format: 16 page booklet with liner notes by Brian Eno, Danny Lanois and Bert Van de Kamp

The Unforgettable Fire track listing is as follows: A Sort of Homecoming, Pride (In The Name Of Love), Wire, The Unforgettable Fire, Promenade, 4th Of July, Bad, Indian Summer Sky, Elvis Presley and America, MLK.
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Londongirl favorite album!
This is my all time fav....U2 and beyond. I love every track and can't wait to buy it again 25 years later and fall in love with it all over again.
The Unforgettable Fire
The Unforgettable Fire was my first album that I had purchased by U2. Back in the 80's my brother owned a cassette of "War"(which became mine) and after hearing that album, I was an instant fan anxiously awaiting the release of their next album, " The Unforgettable Fire." This album was the surge the preceded, "The Joshua Tree", if you were alive and into their music around this time then you understand that life with U2 in it is an awesome experience! The energy was just incredible! Rock 'n' Roll can change the world.
One of U2's best!
Of course, Joshua Tree is their masterpiece, but it would not exist without this album! From 'Sort of Homecoming' to 'MLK', this work of art holds onto you and grabs your soul!
My Unforgettable Fire
well this is the greatest album the boys have ever made, been looking forward to this since i bought the original 25 years ago, now i know i am getting old. wire should be played live this tour would not be out of place. BAD the greatest song ever written. 5 stars.
Finest Hour
I remember being initially disappointed when I brought it back in Dec 1984. In that it only had 6 fully formed songs. It was after about six months that I realised that the lesser songs added to the overall feel of the album. Since then it has been my favourite album. The Unforgettable Fire has always been ranked highly among the old school U2 fans. (I am sure that in one poll (in the 1990's) of the Top 100 albums this album was voted higher than the Joshua Tree) I think this album is not so popular with the newer fans since the 90's for the reason of my initial reservations. Plus Three Sunrises and Love Comes Tumbling are my favourite B sides.
The Album That Shaped My Life!
I was only 6 when my big brother brought the Album home, but I instantly fell in love with the band.I don't know if it was the beret Bono was wearing on the cover or Pride's Oh,oh oh oh's that stuck in my head.I played the record constantly, and still do.I was lucky to have the record with the remix record of Two Hearts Beat As One.Well 24 years later and I am still an Obsessed U2 Fan.Well done Boys
My Album
For years I have thought of this as "my" album - the one that only I knew about, since most of my friends only knew of U2 from The Joshua Tree on. Imagine my surprise to discover the legions of fans who also love this amazing work! I still have my original cassette and look forward to having a remastered CD to pair wth it :-)
Unforgettable Record
That's amazing! One of their top albums, the first recording with the super duo Lanois/Eno.
With Many Great Works of Art...
Some critics have written that U2 does not have a single work that is greater than the sum of its parts. As with many great works of art since they are ahead of their time they are not given full justice in their time. History is going to show this to be the case with "The Unforgettable Fire" as it is truly a seminal U2 masterpiece. This is the recording where U2 showed the world its willingness to not only push the boundaries of rock and roll but their willingness to redefine it on their terms. This is also the one that is continually returned to by all true U2 fans who have been in it for the long-haul and have loved every minute of the ride.
muddy grey wolf
No Pride?
I have seen the track lists for the bonus disc but it seems to be missing out the single version of Pride in the name of love.
My first!
Fantastic news!!! TUF was my first U2-album, bought late spring 1985, and I'll never forget the feeling I had when I listened to it in the local record store. 14 years of age with a back catalogue consisting mostly of Duran Duran and Nena albums, A Sort of Homecoming was a sonic explosion in my ears. Even now, 24 years later, it is still a special thing to me, to put TUFon the stereo... guess it will always be *my* U2 album and I'm looking forward to getting my mits on the remastered album!
Eddie Anderson
I got hooked on the band when I heard New Years Day when I was 17 in 1983.I wasnt able to see the band until 04-01-85 at MSG in NYC.What a show.Bono was AMAZING.AS were the rest of the band.They did an 18 min version of BAD that night.Amazing.I will of course buy the Super Deluxe version.Cant wait for both nights at Giants Stadium 09.23 and 09 24.09.The Unforgettable Fire is back in the setlist this tour...what more could you want??..maybe WIRE??????..Peace.
I'm very excited and can't wait to hear it remastered. Also looking forward to hearing the extra tracks!!
sweet 16
My first ever gig at manchester apollo 10-11-84 when I was 16. As people have said this was a change of direction for U2 at the time and it stood them in good stead for the years that followed. an album of it's time that stood out from the dross. this remaster will be the best one yet until achtung baby gets the treatment!!
Landmark Album
Incredible album....I think it's when they 1st changed their sound and evolved from a club band to stadium show
It was 1985 and a bunch of high school kids had twisted my arm to take them to see U2 at the San Francisco Cow Palace on their Unforgettable Fire tour(they had an extra ticket and their mothers wouldn't take them!). I can still remember Bono walking out on stage and yelling "Tonite we're going to turn this cow shed into a palace!" By the end of the night, they did just that and I was hooked! Unforgettable Fire is one of the best albums ever by one of the greatest bands of all time! Can't wait to get the remaster..
Martin Thompson
wow! what an album, cant believe its been so long. yet still so fresh,if the remaster is as good as im hoping then this will be an amazing offering. I have had mine ordered since day one and am really excited about this one, the other remasters are gr8 but this is the one!!!!!! love & peace.
U2"s Pivotal Album
Without Doubt..."The Unforgettable Fire" Was U2"s Most Important Record, Without This "The Joshua Tree " Wouldnt Have Been The Success It Became, So I"m Thrilled That This Is being Given Recognition In its 25th Anniversaty. I Have Pre- Ordered The Super Deluxe Box Set Version Already, And Im Very Excited About This More Than I Was "The Joshua Tree" Last Year.
No footage from Dortmund?
I wonder, if there's also some footage from the concert in Dortmund in 1984. This one was partially broadcasted on the German TV . It would be nice, if the full concert is included!
No footage from Dortmund?
I wonder, if there's also some footage from the concert in Dortmund in 1984. This one was partially broadcasted on the German TV . It would be nice, if the full concert is included!
The best
My favourite album, can't wait
All I Want Is You 2
The Unforgettable Fire Remastered
I ordered mine from Amazon for $62.99. For that price I'll get free shipping & it will arrive by 2 November!~)
Aaron Govern
Truly Great Album
Fantatic that this gets its 25th Anniversary remastering, and probably the most important album in U2's career as it placed them on the path of new sonic and new direction; after this album U2 were able to record what they wanted to and when they wanted to.
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