U2 Live at the Apollo is landing !

19 Aug 2021101

Unos, dos, tres …

And the wait is over! If you've renewed your U2.com subscription for 2021, this year’s physical gift-set for U2.com subscribers is in the post and should be with you shortly (if it's not already). As one subscriber put it, 'It was like Christmas in August opening my mail today!'


We're busy sending out the double-CD collection of U2's historic performance at the Apollo Theater, New York - together with a photo book of that unforgettably intimate show, a specially designed cloth face covering and five commemorative cards.


On top of all that,  you can now download every single track from the show which was first broadcast on Sirius XM. The whole electrifying set is available both in MP3 format and hi-res uncompressed WAV files (for those who can support it). The full track list is below.

Simply log in as a subscriber as a subscriber for this offer, visit your account info page and start downloading.

‘All of this, all of this can be yours!’

And if you’re not already subscribed to u2.com, or you still need to resubscribe for 2021, there’s absolutely no need to miss out on our unique gift-set offering (and plenty more besides, including exclusive online editorial and video content). Here's what you need to know.

Thank you for your patience. The time is come. Turn it up loud, captain!

U2 – Live at the Apollo

1. I Will Follow
2. The Electric Co. 
3. Out Of Control 
4. Red Flag Day
5. All Because Of You
6. Vertigo 
7. Elevation
8. Beautiful Day 
9. Pride (In the Name of Love)
10. Get Out Of Your Own Way
11. American Soul
1. Angel of Harlem 
2. Desire
3. When Love Comes To Town 
4. Stuck In A Moment You Can't Get Out Of
5. Every Breaking Wave 
6. Who's Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses
7. Love is Bigger Than Anything in its Way

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Is there a video or DVD for this? I've seen phone videos from this concert and there are actual professional video camera people filming it. So, I assume there is such around somewhere? Would love to have that in addition to the music.
beautiful day
thank you,i received the gift yesterday. Fantastic
Suggestion for next gift
Have to agree with this comment!! «Suggestion for next gift Thank you for the great subscriber gift. If I may propose a suggestion for the next gift: a CD/DVD version of the "U2 At The BBC" one-off special december 2017. That was a terrific performance.»
Leave the USPS out of the equation going
Still waiting.. 08/11/2021 1:54 A.M. Shipment Received, Package Acceptance Pending XXX, XX, United States
Great CD, shame about the face cloth
I love the CD - beautiful quality presentation and U2 live are the best. But the face cloth is designed for a child! Please save money, and the environment, by not including such items in the future. Love you guys!
gift 2021
my gift arrived yesterday and my wife and i listened twice. it's straordinary
Merci pour pour ce super double CD. PS: la taille du masque est un peu juste.
Suggestion for next gift
Thank you for the great subscriber gift. If I may propose a suggestion for the next gift: a CD/DVD version of the "U2 At The BBC" one-off special december 2017. That was a terrific performance.
Got an e-mail from Portuguese Post Office (CTT) that I have to send some documents like Commercial Invoice, Proof of Payment and Print Screen of the Purchase Site. How can I do that if it's a Gift from you? Also it's valued in 10 USD plus 3 USD wich means that I'll have to pay customs taxes. They will send you back, so I'll expect that you send me again as a gift.
Gift arrives in Amsterdam
What a great surprise, my gift arrived Saturday :-) The cd's are magnificent. What a beautiful sound! Maybe you can perform for your subscriber fans in Carré some day. I hope next time "The Joshua Tree Tour" on dvd will be the next gift!
Thor u2
Very pleased
Although I've been critical of SOE I have to say Live At The Apollo really hits the mark and a really very nice item. Well done with getting the subscription gifts consistently right and giving fans what they really want for collecting physical formats. Same goes for the RSD releases as well. Now how about a coloured vinyl issue for Achtung Baby's 30th anniversary for RSD Black Friday? Many thanks Des
EU tax issues
Many thanks again to U2.com for another beautiful gift. There's not many artist fan sites that do this and the quality of what we receive every year is never skimped. It's funny that some of my fellow EU fans are complaining about paying customs tax. This is standard on imports from the US and depends on the *value* of the product and not necessarily how much we pay for it. A free gift still has value so we have to pay customs tax and there's nothing that U2.com can do about that. Well, they could ship a consignment over here for distribution within the EU, then they would be paying a hefty customs bill themselves and that would mean a lower quality gift.
In Belgium this is not a gift ...
In Belgium we have to pay 20,53 Euro taxes in order to obtain our "gift", this is very disappointing en frustrating. @ U2.COM : On the package this should be marked as a (free) gift and not a value of 10 USD !! We as Belgians are all paying unnecassary taxes of more than 20 Euro which could be avoided by clearly mentioning (free) gift and 0 USD value instead of 10 USD...
Yes! We got our two subscribers gift-set
My husband and I are both very happy with the gift-sets
U2 live
Thank you for such a great recording of the band that we all love.it.....it will be lovingly treasured.....thanks to the band and everyone behind the scenes ...cheers.....
The gift arrives in South America
The gift arrives in South America to Peru
Awesome Cds & book, Mask Missing
Kinda bummed, because Mask was missing from my package, but...... OMG, WHAT A PERFORMANCE Please release a Dvd and or Blu Ray for the Apollo show, and consider the U2 at BBC also.
Free gift?
I also reveived a mail from the Belgian post saying that i have to pay€ 20.53 to get my free gift throughout the customs and taxes. This is not fair! And you are not answering the complains
Cloth face is a bit small!!
I tried the cloth face. Does not fit. Way to small. Rest excellent! Henri
Hellooo, Hellooo…..Hola!
‘It was like Christmas in August opening my mail today!’
Very to board in this trip
It is great
Great gift!
Apollo landed today in Warsaw Poland today and I am listening this amazing concert now. Unfortunately, had to pay 5 EUR tax and duty and there was no mask inside...Anyway - thanks a lot!
Best fan gift in years!
Of course I would have loved to be there, but this is darn close. The only thing I can imagine better would be a Joshua Tree 30th concert film. Maybe soon?
hi res download?
I only see a lossless 16bit 44kHz download but no high res?!
The gift arrived today!. Great package, marvelous photos and cards. Dying to get back from Office and put it into a player!
Out of control
, ‘It was like Christmas in August opening my mail today!’
Saludos a la banda u2
Espero tenerlo ya para escuchar lo y más q es gratis para mi
Gift + custom fees
Got e-mailed by Belgian Post I have to pay € 20,53 extra for costum fees + taxes, otherwise the package will be "returned to sender"... All of this because the gift is shipped from outside the EU....
You're amazing
in spite of the years the music they make is as good as at the beginning and I could say that even better
The Ricker
Patiently waiting!!
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