U2 Live at the Apollo is landing !

19 Aug 2021101

Unos, dos, tres …

And the wait is over! If you've renewed your U2.com subscription for 2021, this year’s physical gift-set for U2.com subscribers is in the post and should be with you shortly (if it's not already). As one subscriber put it, 'It was like Christmas in August opening my mail today!'


We're busy sending out the double-CD collection of U2's historic performance at the Apollo Theater, New York - together with a photo book of that unforgettably intimate show, a specially designed cloth face covering and five commemorative cards.


On top of all that,  you can now download every single track from the show which was first broadcast on Sirius XM. The whole electrifying set is available both in MP3 format and hi-res uncompressed WAV files (for those who can support it). The full track list is below.

Simply log in as a subscriber as a subscriber for this offer, visit your account info page and start downloading.

‘All of this, all of this can be yours!’

And if you’re not already subscribed to u2.com, or you still need to resubscribe for 2021, there’s absolutely no need to miss out on our unique gift-set offering (and plenty more besides, including exclusive online editorial and video content). Here's what you need to know.

Thank you for your patience. The time is come. Turn it up loud, captain!

U2 – Live at the Apollo

1. I Will Follow
2. The Electric Co. 
3. Out Of Control 
4. Red Flag Day
5. All Because Of You
6. Vertigo 
7. Elevation
8. Beautiful Day 
9. Pride (In the Name of Love)
10. Get Out Of Your Own Way
11. American Soul
1. Angel of Harlem 
2. Desire
3. When Love Comes To Town 
4. Stuck In A Moment You Can't Get Out Of
5. Every Breaking Wave 
6. Who's Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses
7. Love is Bigger Than Anything in its Way

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Same here: I received a mail from the Belgian post saying they had a package comming in from outside of Europe. I have to pay €20,53 to get my 'free' gift through customs.
Thank you!
I´m so happy that I received the subscription gift today! With the postcards, face mask, photo book and CDs this package is wonderful. Some pictures in the book reveal what an intimate atmosphere both band and audience enjoyed in that historical venue. From U2´s early material to more recent songs the music sounds incredible and passionate. Accompanied by the Sun Ra Arkestra especially "Angel of Harlem", "Desire" and "When Love Comes To Town" were played so powerfully and perfectly in this place. What a fascinating performance!
Unfortunately it will be sent back by Be
I've been looking forward to receiving this live set. Unfortunately, today I got an invitation from the Belgian Post to pay €20.35 in customs duties, or it will be sent back. I haven't the slighest inclination to pay this, so expect it to arrive back in the US of A in the near future. U2 are an EU-based band. I am an EU citizen. I expect not to pay custom duties on U2 fanclub items, period. I urge you to improve your logistics so that EU citizens are no longer punished. Suggestion: Why not ship from Ireland? I will contact customer support and invite them to come up with a proper solution.
Awesome but…
What an amazing CD of fantastic music. One problem….most of us don’t own a CD or Blu Ray player anymore. Is there a way to get this in the iPhone?
Here we go…….
I’ve got mine- can’t wait to here it now
It’s about time!
Finally I cannot wait but I will believe when I see it! Trying not to get excited.
I've received it today, but ....
I think with the wrong facial mask :-)
Got my gift today and for test of the week I’m gonna pour myself literally musically all over with U2’s performance in the Apollo! Thanks! Greetz from Garry in Appingedam (Netherlands)
Amazing performance!
It´s wonderful to listen to these songs that were played in such a unique venue. U2´s performance is full of joy, tremendous energy and sincere passion. I can feel the magic of this special concert and Bono´s voice is great. It´s moving to hear the audience clap hands and continue singing when the band finishes with "Love is Bigger Than Anything in its Way". Can´t wait to receive the double-CD collection!
Michel T
A beautiful gift, it has arrived in Winssen Netherlands. Will there be a DVD of it, I hope so!!!
Michel T
A beautiful gift, it has arrived in Winssen Netherlands. Will there be a DVD of it, I hope so!!!
Not got mine
Hi! I am in England and am still awaiting my gift. Keeping patient though :-)
kurt asselman
I also reveived a mail from the Belgian post saying that i have to pay€ 20.53 to get my free gift throughout the customs. This is not fair!
Fabulous gift
Just received mine today. What a gift! The complete set list from the one-off show. Great photo book and postcards too. Here’s to seeing them again in person soon!
U2 Apollo
I received a mail from the Belgian post saying they had a package comming in from outside of Europe. I have to pay €20,53 to get my 'free' gift through customs.
Amazing gift!
This set is one of the best subscriber gifts of the 16 U2.com gifts. Nothing cut (full show), great picture book and linear notes. Awesome postcard pictures and a mask which is a nice touch. Only thing better would have been to be able to be at this amazing show, but this is an awesome consolation to it. Hoping U2.com continues this roll in great gifts in 2022 along with a U2 Tour!
U2 Apollo
Comment voir video editorial et video en ligne svp ??
Haven’t received mine yet and no email. I’m in St. Louis, MO. Anyone else still waiting?
TY for the gift greatly appreciate it. I'm looking forward to the JT anniversary DVD. Now that would be awesome. Again thank you ✌
Great gift choice
I love these gifts from U2.com, especially when it concerns live music. The concert in the Apollo is therefore a great choice for our annual treat. I'm also looking forward to the booklet with pics of the gig in this wonderful setting.
I LOVE my gift. But, I'm trying to figure out what to do with the downloaded 9 tracks. I can play them in my download FILE, but, is there anyway I can move them into the MUSIC app on my Ipad or iPhone? I've also got a Spotify subscription, but, not sure if I can add my own personal downloaded file into a Spotify list. Thanks In advance
Frank 356
I'm eager to have it.
This gift is amazing. What a show! Great gift,
Many thanks boys!!
Was like Christmas in August opening my mail today! Thank you to the entire U2 team for putting this together for us to enjoy! What a gem of a night and so good for the soul!! Cheers!
Still waiting for my delivery!!
Looking forward to receiving the package, I've got the email to say its on its way but............?
Headache in a Suitcase
full show download?
the gift is great and all but it's 2021 and I don't own a CD player (or a DVD/blu ray player for that matter). any word on when the full show will be available for download?
Thank you for this gift but cd2 is missi
I am so glad for this gift and I know I will hear cd2 by downloading, however I would like to notice if this badge is maybe defective. Sorry, I could not find which badge is. However, I am enjoying the album art, postcards, and facial mask. So thankful with you guys. Julio
Sooooo Shiny!!!!
Look what just came in the mail! It’s truly gorgeous, sooooo shiny and I haven’t even got to pop it in to listen yet. Might have to go for a drive. Stand out line from the liner notes - “U2 incline toward not doing what’s reasonable”. Amen!
Get in there
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